‘The Impossible Heir’ Episode 11 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Is Closer To Taking Over Kangoh?


I guess after ten episodes, The Impossible Heir is making some sense now. I’ve had my share of bad K-dramas, and in my early years, I’d watch shows just for the actors; however, it’s been a long time since I stopped doing that. Still, I was excited to see this show for Lee Jae-Wook, who is on his way to become one of the finest younglings in the industry. However, for the most part, even his great acting skills couldn’t save this show from going into my top 10 “worst K-dramas” of all time (it’s a personal list; don’t come at me). In episode 11 of the show, we finally get a glimpse of a smiling Jae-Wook for what feels like the first time in the show. Yet his dimples last for a minute before things get messed up for him again. This show already had the problem of trying to do way too many things at once; however, the whole storyline with Tae-Oh’s parents is too criminal to be added to the mix. Anyway, let me quickly wrap up the penultimate episode of The Impossible Heir.

Spoiler Alert

How Does Tae-Oh Win? 

At the beginning of The Impossible Heir episode 11, we see Tae-Oh visit the Chairman, saying he’s returned (so much has happened in this show, I forgot it was his comeback). In a few minutes, In-Ha shows up trying to kill the Chairman, as we know from episode 10, and Tae-Oh stops him from removing the oxygen mask as the credit rolls in. I suppose I was wrong to think that these two are still in cahoots with each other because Tae-Oh is simply shocked by how low In-Ha can stoop to get the Kangoh group. It seems none of the work they put in together matters at all anymore. Tae-Oh tells In-Ha to watch out because he, too, has his claws out for Kangoh now. After all, he’s done most of the hard work all these years. For some strange reason, In-Ha has killed Gi-Jun in prison because he seems to have lost trust in his closest soldier. Gi-Jun was the guy who promised to take the fall for everything, but he claims he’s afraid of the death sentence, and apparently, this is enough reason to have him killed. 

On the other hand, Seong-Ju promises his mother that he will succeed his father well and makes plans to take over. On the other hand, In-Ha works closely with his father’s partner, who tells him that he’ll let go of In-Ha’s hand in seconds if he knows he’s failing. They both decided to contact Gold H Investment so they could have more shares in the company and, hence, become chairman. To their utter shock, it’s Han Tae-Oh who shows up to meet both In-Ha and Seong-Ju and his mother in the same room. Tae-Oh tells them that he’s the co-founder of Gold H Investment. After the meeting, In-Ha tries to angrily threaten Tae-Oh, but Tae-Oh calmly tells him that he’s bringing his all to this fight. A mini-success for Tae-Oh and Hye-Won. Later that day, In-Ha gets invited by his sister-in-law (In-Ju’s wife), who gifts him a painting titled “Cooperation.” See, she doesn’t know that In-Ha is the one who got her husband killed, so if she has to take sides between In-Ha and Seong-Ju, she will choose the former. 

What Happens to Tae-Oh’s Mother? 

It’s a shame that Tae-Oh is so caught up with Kangoh that he doesn’t realize that his stepfather has been released from prison. The man receives a picture of Tae-Oh’s mother in the monastery, presumably sent by In-Ha himself. Earlier, we saw a flashback where In-Ha and Tae-Oh discussed their past, and In-Ha claimed that Tae-Oh and he were the same because Tae-Oh’s mother was killed in such a way. How he found out that his mother was still alive is still a mystery, but of course it’s probably through Gi-Jun. The stepfather immediately visits Tae-Oh’s mother after getting out of prison, and she’s on a flight of stairs when he approaches her. She’s so shocked to see him that she whimpers in fear and tries to take slow steps backward. He tells her that he’ll forgive her if she cooperates with him, but she, of course, says no. When he takes a step forward, she lunges back and falls to her untimely death. 

What Happens to Seong-Ju’s Mother? 

On the one hand, Seong-Ju’s mother and a man working closely with her get arrested while they’re meant to be giving a press conference; this is yet again In-Ha’s doing. He had his close associate deliver some papers to the police on his behalf. In-Ha replaces Seong-Ju and tells the media that he’s taking over as the temporary Chairman of Kangoh. A troubled Seong-Ju simply watches the whole thing unfold on a screen from the station. Later, Hui-Ju attempts to understand from In-Ha what’s going on and is too late to realize that he doesn’t care about anything but taking over the Kangoh Group. It’s a shame because they were actually like real siblings. On the other hand, Dong-Uk is trying to get a Blue House connection for In-Ha’s reign as Chairman. 

Will Seong-Ju and Tae-Oh team up? 

Tae-Oh learns of his mother’s death and goes to identify her body. He’s completely devastated and blames himself for not keeping in touch with her all this time because he was trying to be an ambitious young man for her sake. Later, at the funeral, in a shocking turn of events, Seong-Ju shows up to pay his respects. He tells Tae-Oh that both their mothers have been hurt because of In-Ha. (though one of them is dead, but sure). 

At the end of The Impossible Heir episode 11, In-Ha is having dinner with Dong-Uk and some officials as Dong-Uk toasts to the collaboration of the Blue House and In-Ha. However, when In-Ha goes to work the next day as the “acting chairman,” all smiles, he’s stopped in his tracks by the prosecutor, Ha Myung-Jin. He has an arrest warrant for In-Ha, who was accused for Gi-Jun and In-Ju’s murder. In the last moment, Tae-Oh shows up from the side, making sure In-Ha knows that he’s the reason he’s going to prison. 

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