‘The Uncanny Counter’ Season 2 Episode 12 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Does So Mun Go Abroad?


The end of The Uncanny Counter season 2 was simple and uncomplicated, yet as sweet as we expected it to be. It has been a long journey, one that seems to have concluded for good. While we wish the Counters well, it makes us a tiny bit sad to see that some of them (Ha Na and So Mun) did not get the happiest of endings. They are content and grown up, but they deserve a little bit more. If there is ever a third season of The Uncanny Counter, we hope they get it.

Spoiler Alert

How Do The Counters Fight Hwang Pil Gwang?

The Counters are all fighting against Pil Gwang, but he is still proving to be too much for them. That is when they decide that as long as Mun can take Ju Seok’s help, they can defeat Pil Gwang. But for that, Mun would have to enter his consciousness, and that would mean that he could not fight Pil Gwang right now. But the others tell him to go ahead and that they will take care of things outside. Mun goes into his consciousness, but even there, he is unable to find Ma Ju Seok. Meanwhile, Pil Gwang finds him, and he is intent on killing him there as well. It is a game of chasing each other and fighting multiple battles at the same time.

Finally, just as Pil Gwang is about to kill the Counters and So Mun, a bright light fills his mind and overpowers Pil Gwang’s spirit, giving Mun a chance to summon him from inside his mind. Pil Gwang is gone, along with the other spirits there, but Mun is still looking for Ju Seok. He is waiting in the memory of his own house, where he had spent the happiest days of his life with his wife and unborn child. Ju Seok doesn’t want to wake up at all, but Mun convinces him to try and live for himself and the people who still love him. Ju Seok is moved, and he finally wakes up in his own body.

Mun is alright, and Mae Ok erases all of Ju Seok’s memories from when he was possessed by the spirits. He is arrested by the police, and while he cannot be declared innocent, there is a possibility that he will get out after a long fight that has been started. Jang Mul has some great lawyers up his sleeve, and he can work with them. But the bottom line is that Ju Seok looks peaceful. All that anger in him has gone, and no one else can take advantage of him the way the evil spirits did. Additionally, as a favor to him, Mun asks Wi Gen to help Ju Seok meet his wife’s spirit one last time. Wi Gen agrees after some hesitation, and Mun summons the territory to facilitate this meeting. Ju Seok meets Min Ji one last time in his dreams, and she asks him to live a happy life from then on.

Meanwhile, Pil Gwang is being sent to where he should be, and much like the villain from The Uncanny Counter season 1, he is just as overconfident. He goes to the black pit as expected, but we are wondering what could have happened to him there. It is not as if he could be killed again by the hungry spirits. Also, he had willingly let go and passed through the door, probably with the intention to fight again later, as per the opportunity. We are assuming he won’t have that anticipated chance, but just in case, this could be the plot of The Uncanny Counter season 3, which hasn’t been announced yet. Maybe Pil Gwang will meet Cheong Sin, and they will come up with some sort of twisted and powerful plan that will prove to be an impediment to the Counters in the future. It’s all just speculation, but it could very well be the plot of season 3. We also imagine that they will team up with other dangerous spirits to permanently break that door, allowing an avalanche of evil spirits to descend on earth, which the Counters will have to fight with their new skills.

Why Does So Mun Go Abroad?

Mun has seen the devastation that Pil Gwang and the other spirits have wrecked on everyone around them. This was proof of how strong the evil side of things had grown and how much the Counters needed to catch up in terms of their skills to be able to keep fighting them. At the beginning of season 2, the spirits end up killing some counters in China. So Mun wants to make sure that the other Counters around the world are not as defenseless as them in case there are more such powerful spirits. Therefore, Yung came up with the idea to send Mun across the world to train other counters. Initially, Ha Na, Mae Ok, Jeok Bong, and Mo Tak do not react well to the news. While the men do so because they want to go with Mun, the women are more concerned with his well-being since he has just fought some very hard battles. But Mun is ready, and he doesn’t want to waste more time. Therefore, the counters resume their duties while dropping Mun off halfway to the airport and letting him catch a cab.

The Uncanny Counter season 2’s ending takes place six months after Mun left for Europe. He is in Germany, where he meets a girl who happens to be Wi Gen’s daughter. With his territory, Mun helps the mother and daughter meet, fulfilling Wi Gen’s long-held wish. As for the counters in Korea, Mo Tak is still working two jobs, while Mae Ok has semi-adopted Jae Yeol, who has gotten his life back on track. Additionally, we don’t know for sure whether Mae Ok and Jang Mul are dating, but the indication is that they have gotten very close to each other. As for Ha Na, we don’t believe she will get back together with Do Hwi, but she still runs into him from time to time. Meanwhile, Mun’s grandmother has found a new “oppa,” which is Jeok Bong. We would have loved to see how this friendship developed, but it is still a sweet relationship. Basically, it is a happy ending for everyone, especially since they finally have some good uniforms instead of tracksuits. If there is a third season, we hope that the upgrade is even better.

Final Thoughts

The Uncanny Counter season 2 was the cherry on top of the cake that was season 1. It got better with each episode, and we are happy with the ending, which teased a season 3 with Pil Gwang but left it on a note that we don’t expect one. The kind of end credits that each character got sends the message that a third season is really not in the cards. On a different note, this was an excellent watch and a welcome addition to Netflix’s Korean drama content.

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