‘Tokyo Vice’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Did Jake Leave For The US?


An unprecedented incident shook everybody in the previous episode of Tokyo Vice Season 2 when two masked individuals entered Samantha’s club and fired shots at Ishida and his men. Ishida was in a critical state, and though Sato prayed that the man didn’t die, deep down, he knew that this time he wouldn’t be able to survive. The mafia landscape was seeing some rapid changes, and Detective Katagari was well aware of the fact that the authorities would have to be prepared for a gang war. So, let’s recap the events of Tokyo Vice episode 6 and see if Jake and Katagari are able to find out who was responsible for the shootings.

Spoiler Alert

Is Ishida dead or alive?

Ishida was fighting for every breath, but Sato and all the others knew that he wouldn’t be able to survive this time around. Sato was really worried about him, as he knew that after he was gone, Hayama wouldn’t stop until he destroyed everything. Ishida wanted Sato to lead the Chihara-kai gang, as he believed him to be a man of ideals. Hayama, on the other hand, was an arrogant and reckless person who could throw anyone under the bus for his own vested interests. In a flashback sequence, we saw what happened when Sato met Ishida for the very first time. Ishida liked him from the onset, and he knew that he was a dark horse who would do great things in the long run. In Tokyo Vice episode 6, Ishida finally took his last breaths, and Hayama took charge of the proceedings. Katagari came and warned Hayama not to take any reckless steps as he didn’t want a gang war to happen, but clearly, Hayama had other plans. Ishida’s death not only changed the power dynamics within the Chihara-kai organization, but it also had an impact on the other yakuza gangs. Tozawa knew the kind of man Hayama was, and most certainly, he already had a plan in mind to tackle anything he did. In the previous episodes of Tokyo Vice Season 2, Tozawa made it very clear that he wanted to change how things were done in the syndicate. He wanted the yakuza to legitimize their business and look at the bigger picture. The syndicate had wholeheartedly accepted his proposal, and Tozawa had started laying the blueprint for what the future would look like for the mafia.

Who was behind the shootout?

Everybody in the beginning believed that it was Tozawa who had carried out the shootout, but the truth was not so simple. Firstly, Tozawa himself went to the police station and provided a very strong alibi. He told Katagari that at the time of the shooting, he was with the other members of his gang. He showed Katagari pictures of the event where he was at, as he knew that he would be made the target and the entire blame would be put on him. A very strange thing happened at the police station that made Samantha realize that she was stuck in an extremely precarious situation. Tozawa met Samantha, and that’s when she realized that he knew her name. Something was brewing inside Tozawa’s mind, and Samantha didn’t know what she should do or who she should ask for help. Samantha was also interrogated by the police officers, but she did not reveal any information and stuck to the narrative that she had no clue who was behind the shooting. She said that Ohno-san was a regular at her club and didn’t reveal that he was there for a meeting with Ishida.

Hayama was playing his own games and the way he was behaving made it feel like he might have something to do with the shootout. Hayama met Keito, Sato’s brother, and he gave him the false information that Tozawa’s next target was Sato. Keito got all paranoid because he loved his brother. He requested Hayama to let him be a part of the Chihara-kai gang so that he could protect his brother. Keito had walked straight into the trap that Hayama had laid for him. Hayama knew that he probably wouldn’t be able to kill Tozawa, but he still believed that it was worth the shot. Sato knew that Hayama was up to something, so he asked one of his men to follow him. Sato got to know that Hayama had met his brother and that he rushed to his brother’s house to stop him from doing whatever he had been told. Sato realized that his brother was on the way to kill Tozawa, but before the latter could do that, Sato came and stopped him.

In Tokyo Vice season 2, Sato went to Hayama and told him that he didn’t want his brother to be a part of the gang. Hayama was impressed by the fact that Keito had the courage to actually go and do what he was told. Hayama told Sato very bluntly not to meddle in his affairs in the future. He threatened him by saying that if he interfered in his work again, then it wouldn’t be good for his close acquaintance, Samantha. Sato had no option but to apologize and leave his room. Jake went to meet Samantha, and he got to know from her that the shooters had tattoos on their hands. Samantha was able to draw it for him, and he took it to one of his sources, who was a former yakuza. Jake was told that the men belonged to the Hishinuma-kai gang, and he immediately went and communicated the same to Detective Katagari. It didn’t make sense, as Hishinuma-kai had nothing to achieve by killing Ishida. It was very clear that the members of the gang were hired by somebody to carry out the dirty work. It could have been Tozawa who was behind it, or probably it was Hayama’s treacherous intentions that made him do so.

Why did Jake leave for the US?

At the end of Tokyo Vice episode 6, Katagari found out that one of the two people who had shot Ishida was brutally killed by someone. At that juncture, Katagari believed that it was probably Tozawa who was tying up loose ends, as he must have learned that the police had gotten a whiff of things. But Katagari was totally unaware of Hayama’s intention, and they were not looking at him as a suspect. Jake, on the other hand, got very angry when his colleague Kurihira’s article linked Samantha to the recent shootout. In the article, it was stated that Samantha had ties with the yakuza world and that she had conspired with others to kill Ishida. Jake lost his control and shouted at Kurihira, telling him that he was connecting the wrong dots, but the damage had already been done. Jake, disappointed at everything that had happened, decided to finally board the flight to the United States and take some time off. Jake didn’t want to leave the case and go back to the US, but he saw no point in staying. Once again, in episode 6, he met Misaki, and they both shared an intimate moment. Tozawa was probably tracking Misaki’s movement, as the moment she came out of Jake’s house, a car was waiting for her to take her somewhere. Misaki could sense that she was in trouble, and in the subsequent episodes, we would get to know if she was in trouble.

Tokyo Vice Episode 6 left us on a cliffhanger, where we found out that the second shooter was hiding in Katagari’s home. The shooter was scared and probably knew that the person who had hired him wouldn’t leave him alive. Katagari had met Hishinuma-san earlier, and he was told that the members of the gang were in desperate need of money and they could do anything for it. In the next episode, Katagari will most likely get to know who hired these two shooters. As for Jake, I believe that very soon he will come back and follow the lead that could help him incriminate Tozawa.

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