‘Tomorrow’ Episode 7 & 8: Recap And Ending, Explained: Choi Jung-Woon Deals With Disorder And Scammers


Previously, in “Tomorrow,” Choi Jung-Woon, Koo Ryeon, and Lim Ryung-Gu set out to help a runaway soul save her husband. They shielded her from the escorts she ran away from, and Koo Ryeon had to sign a Reaper’s Guarantee of Responsibility Contract with Park Joong-Gil to give Heo Na-Young uninterrupted two hours in the hospital to save her husband. After she talks him into living out his life, she happily goes back to the escorts who escort her to the afterlife. During this case, Ryeon’s past comes to light, and later on, the team is assigned the case of an old man whose last wish is to die just the day before his destined death. Turns out he is the forgotten war veteran of the Korean War and had to live a harrowing life. They helped him let go of his regrets and stayed with him till his last breath. All of the Jumadeung’s Grim Reaper escorts, as well as the Head, Park Joong-Gil, and the Jade Emperor, personally came to give him a proper send-off for his courage and brave efforts to save his country. He was escorted with respect and love, well deserved for a war veteran.

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‘Tomorrow’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending

Jumadeung faces the first power outage in decades. The electronics malfunction; even their phones do not work either in Jumadeung or outside of Jumadeung. Chaos rises but is quickly settled down by backup protocols. The souls are escorted in a line so as to not disrupt the flow of things. The information and names of the souls are noted down by hand. The Jade Emperor has to sign every document by hand. There is a sense of crisis everywhere, and the IT department gave out the verdict that it would take two days for the entire server to be back up and running. Our risk management team was assigned a new case just before the malfunction. The only information visible is the month of birth, the company their next target works for, SP Beauty, and the negative percentage.

Due to the malfunction, it becomes next to impossible for the team to forge new identities. They have to rely on the internship offer from the company to know who they are looking for. They arrive at the company and clear the interview round to get a pass into the company. The manager of the company seems to harass the female employees. He is a lazy person who shirks off his duty to his employees. Koo Ryeon, Choi Jung-Woon, and Lim Ryung-Gu devise a plan to teach this manager a lesson and also invade his office to find out which employees have registered their birth month. They found four employees who were born in the month of April. The ones who were born in April are Shin Ye-Na, Jeong Bo-Ram, Kim Yong-Jun, and Lee Dong-Ja. Ryung-Gu shadowed Kim Yong-Jun and Shin Ye-Na while Ryeon focused on Lee Dong-Ja and Choi went to talk to Jeong Bo-Ram. Lee Dong-Ja was a single mother who was taking care of both her daughter and her job. She quite liked it, and even after being humiliated on the job by her manager, she did not lose her zeal and fought for her job. This ruled her name out of their list. Kim Yong-Jun had his dream, and he was thinking of quitting the strenuous job and focusing mainly on his start-up, with his friends potentially ruling him out as well. Only Jeong Bo-Ram and Shin Ye-Na were left, and they were their top suspects. Because of her chubby build, Bo-Ram was constantly harassed by her manager. She never let anyone’s comments deter her and was a strong woman who was comfortable being in her own skin. Shin Ye-Na, on the other hand, had a difficult time dealing with the comments about her body.

After the team found out that their target was Shin Ye-Na, the network returned online, and their phones started working, confirming their suspicions. Ryeon found out that Ye-Na had a habit of making herself vomit out her food whenever she felt full. She starved herself and had a food disorder. When Bo-Ram approached her with a chocolate in goodwill, the comments had taken such an effect on her that Ye-Na had shouted at Bo-Ram, calling her fat. She lost her composure and ran away from the company dinner she was forced to attend. The team ran after her but lost her quickly. They split up to search for her, and only Choi found her heading toward her home. When he reached her home, he witnessed nitrogen gas cylinders leaking gas, the windows tightly fixed, and Ye-Na unconscious on the floor. He quickly rushed her to the hospital, where she confessed to being bullied for her weight. She was so conscious of herself that she starved herself to lose weight. She forced herself to vomit whenever she felt full and only ate enough to not die. She had a skinny frame and still got comments about her figure. These memories constantly affected her and bound her to a prison with no bars. Choi listened to her and also shared a memory of his sister being affected by the comments as well, when she had gained weight while studying for her exams. Finally, after a talk with Choi, Ye-Na realised that she had indeed let herself be influenced by all the people and had forgotten herself. She let her inner self out of the prison she had built for herself and started to learn to love herself as she was. Meanwhile, Ryeon teaches the manager a lesson for harassing the female employees after calling him to the roof after leaving the internship.

The episode ends with Shin Ye-Na and Bo-Ram bonding over coffee, and Bo-Ram teaching her to love herself slowly after she reveals her sorrows to her.

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‘Tomorrow’ Episode 8: Recap And Ending

Episode 8 begins with a glimpse of Park Joong-Gil, the head of the grim reaper escorts, discussing his nightmares with Ryeon while she was still working under him. He confides in her about the nightmares. In the present timeline, Choi has to fill out the report on the Shin Ye-Na case after they solve it. While filling it, he searches for the intriguing case of the gas tanks, and he comes across a site on SNS that is selling gas tanks for the sole purpose of helping people commit suicide. Choi backtracks to Shin Ye-Na and asks her where she had gotten the tanks that were in her home. She tells him that when she used to update her feelings on SNS, she got a direct message from a person named Grim Reaper. She bought the tanks after he told her they would help her die a painless death.

Choi reported this to Ryeon and got told off by her and Ryung-Gu to not interfere with the ways of the mortals. This was not their jurisdiction, and they were not to intervene. But, they admitted that in the first episode, they had come across a similar experience, where four people were going to commit suicide together by inhaling the gas in a car. Choi was not a person to listen to, and he went off to search on his own. He presented the site as evidence to the police. But while he was presenting the site, it turned out to be a fake because the site had been deleted to save the person behind it. Choi, not deterred, set up an SN account to bait the scammer. He did not want him to go unpunished. The scammer sent him a message when he updated his feelings. He was then added to a group where they were supposed to commit suicide together. He agreed to meet them up at the place where they were setting up a suicide point. He took some weapons and then headed to the place. On arrival, he meets BetaMale, Sunset, and Goodbye. He listened to their stories and then urged them to leave after a group discussion and he had spotted the GrimReaper arriving with the gas tanks. Both Sunset and Goodbye left, leaving BetaMale stuck on his decision. Choi attacked the supposed Grim Reaper only to be struck down by BetaMale, who was the actual Grim Reaper. He then tied up Choi, put on a gas mask himself and unscrewed the knobs on the gas tanks. While the room filled up with gas, the scammer put Choi in a chokehold to make sure Choi inhaled the gas and died. Choi’s consciousness was dwindling while in that chokehold. Meanwhile, not finding Choi in the office, Ryeon and Ryung-Gu set out to find him. Ryung-Gu had set GPS on Choi’s phone, which helped him find Choi. On reaching the scene, they quickly hit the Grim Reaper and set Choi free.

While chasing the scammer down the road, Ryeon eventually makes him stop his car. He gets out of the car to confront them, and while confronting them he fished for a little container stored in his pocket to guilt them. He begins to drink the concoction before they could stop him and to further increase their guilt he claims the concoction to be poison. The screens of the phones light up, and the new target assigned to them turns out to be the scammer. Park Joong-Gil arrives at the scene to provoke Choi into finally helping him and preventing Choi from quitting the team. 

Choi was upset that they had to save this scammer who was the reason behind people giving in to their demons. Choi reluctantly saves him, and the scammer gets his retribution at the hospital where he was admitted. He lost his voice, and, after trying to escape the hospital and the police, he fell down and hit his head. This resulted in his mind remaining intact, yet he got stuck in a paralyzed state for his remaining lifetime. This serves as a punishment to the scammer.

The episode ends with Ryeon counselling Choi about the decisions he had to make. He understands his mistake and realises that, whether he likes it or not, he has to save people and not judge them, because judgement is not his to serve. After scolding him, Ryeon gets confronted by Joong-Gil, who wants to know the reason for her appearance in his nightmares.

Choi Jung-Woon, Koo Ryeon, Lim Ryung-Gu And A Little Comic Relief.

“Tomorrow” Episode 7 shows the sorrows faced by a distraught Jade Emperor who had to sign all the documents of Jumadeung. She is seen groaning in pain while Park Joong-Gil and his team of escorts bring in more documents for her to sign. Woe betide her and she decides to set up a backup grid so that she never has to face this again. The epilogue of Episode 8 ends with Choi handing out Ryung-Gu’s number to the people at the suicide point, asking them to contact him when they feel bad. People start contacting him after that, and Ryeon chases him around while Ryung-Gu calls HR to change his evaluation grade of Choi to F.

Words cut through like a knife. Words can equally hurt someone as they can make them feel good. Words can make people self-conscious, or it can increase confidence. In this society, there are people who use words to uplift others, whereas some use it to drag them down. Sometimes they forget the impact their words can have on others. People may develop certain disorders due to the harshness of the words spoken. Feeling self-conscious about themselves is very natural, but sometimes it becomes blatant. Making fun of the insecurities of another is one of the worst things anybody can do. Bullying somebody for how they look makes the victim self-conscious, and they start developing conditions to change themselves. It’s easy to degrade, but it’s harder to make somebody love themselves. Even when people are comfortable in their own skin, there are others who will constantly judge them and harass them with their comments. But disorders are something that takes time to cure, so when you’re having a hard time, do get help and love yourself. There are many people who will take advantage of your weakness and scam you. Taking the stance of loving yourself and not letting it affect you is how you should deal with it. In life, there are many decisions that one has to make, be it good or bad. It depends on the situation at hand. Life is very small to care about the opinions of others, so a person after making a decision should stand by it, unabashedly and without the fear of being judged.

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