‘As The Crow Flies’ Season 3 Ending Explained: What’s Next For Asli And Lale?


Season 3 of As the Crow Flies once again made us privy to the challenges faced by people who are in the media industry, and how vengeance, stress, ratings, and everything else combined make life hell for people higher up the food chain. So let’s find out how season 3 ended, what final developments took place in the lives of the characters, and what’s next in store for them.

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Why did Muge quit her job? 

During As the Crow Flies season 3’s ending, we saw that Muge finally got her dream job, and she became the anchor of the show with Kenan by her side. It was Gul’s decision to make Muge the anchor, as she knew that the girl was aching for it for a very long time, so she would be dedicated to her work and wouldn’t take anything for granted. But Muge started feeling the pressure, and soon she realized that the job required a lot of effort, and with it, one needed to have the potential to absorb extreme stress. That was the kind of profession they were in. Every day, one had to check the ratings and do something to change the perception of the people if it was not in their favor. Muge lashed out at Kenan, and she told him that it was because of him that she was getting so anxious all the time. The worst possible thing that could happen to Muge was that she started experiencing hair loss due to some kind of infection. That lowered her spirits in a way that she could not have imagined. Muge became insecure, and finally, it all came down, crashing upon her. She realized that she would have to surrender because taking on so much stress was just not worth it. She knew that it was her dream job, and she had waited her entire life to be the host of a show, but a realization dawned on her that her life consisted of many other things other than her profession. Muge wanted to leave that obsession behind, and so, for better or worse, she walked out of the office for good. 

What happened between Lale and Kenan? 

Lale and Kenan finally met when Gul called the former to provide an expert opinion for her show. Lale met Kenan, and both of them broke down after talking to each other for a while. Kenan expressed how much he loved Lale, and the latter also told him that she had just wanted to get his approval for her entire life. Kenan felt as if Lale was telling him that they were in a toxic relationship, and I agree that it might have seemed like that at first, but she meant something very different. Lale loved Kenan more than anything else, and she just wanted him to understand her perspective. She knew that there were complications in her life, but she still knew that if they were both together, they would be able to deal with them. Kenan was Lale’s biggest cheerleader, and at the end of As the Crow Flies, we saw that he came to pick her up from the university where she was giving a lecture. I believe in the subsequent seasons, Lale will give Kenan another chance, and they will come back together. 

How did Guliz get to know about Yusuf’s affair? 

As soon as Asli joined the Mon5 network once again, Yusuf started feeling unlike himself. He loved Asli from the very beginning, and unfortunately, Guliz was a rebound for him, which, for the longest time, he also didn’t know. Yusuf and Asli got intimate with each other, and they hid this fact from Guliz for the longest time. Guliz knew that there was another girl in Yusuf’s life, but she was not sure who it was. The mystery was solved when Guliz saw a small string tied to Asli’s hair. That string came with the watch that Guliz had gifted Yusuf, and she knew that it was she who was having a secret affair with Yusuf. Yusuf had wronged Guliz, and in an ideal scenario, he should have gone and told her about whatever he felt. But the problem was that Guliz was not the kind of person who was very understanding. She wanted what she wanted, and she could destroy the lives of people if it came to that. In the end, Guliz initiated legal proceedings against both Asli and Yusuf. Asli knew that the woman wouldn’t stop unless she destroyed her. Asli’s lawyers told her to pay whatever debt claims were made by Guliz, as there was no point dragging the matter along. Asli sold off everything and went back to her hometown, but before going, she told Yusuf to go and apologize for the quiz and save his own life. But Yusuf was also a stubborn human being. He didn’t apologize, but he left the media industry and settled for a normal job. 

What’s next for Asli and Lale? 

Lale advised Yusuf that he should listen to his heart and do whatever he felt was right. Yusuf took her advice, and she didn’t apologize to Guliz. At the end of As the Crow Flies, Lale got to know that Asli had left for her hometown, and she went to meet her there. Lale had a very interesting conversation with Asli, which made it very clear that, firstly, it was not the end of the road for these two women, and secondly, that the makers have every intention of making another season of this series. Lale told Asli that this was not the time to go into hiding. She told her that they needed to fight back more than ever, and seeing Asli’s eyes, one could bet that she was going to agree to whatever her idol said. So it is quite probable that Gul, Lale, Kenan, and Asli will produce a new show together, and I won’t be surprised if Yusuf also becomes a part of it. But we would have to wait and watch to see what the future has in store for these characters and if they are able to resolve their internal and external conflicts. 

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