‘Behind Your Touch’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Kidnapped Si A?


We suppose it is safe to say that episodes 1 and 2 of Behind Your Touch unnecessarily let down our expectations because episodes 3 and 4 seem to suggest that this is a decent show. And while we have been smitten by Bong Ye Bun’s bunny-like body language throughout, it is only now that we have noticed that even Jang Yeol has a wide-eyed quality to his character. Other than that, maybe this show could use a faster pace. We are not sure about that opinion and would like to wait for a few more episodes to be sure of it. We also suspect that Ye Bun and Jang Yeol might not become a couple after all. Nothing in the trailer for Behind Your Touch suggests it, and we are also not getting that vibe from them, despite the hints of chemistry. Nevertheless, this is the recap of the episode.

Spoiler Alert

How Do Ye Bun’s Powers Fluctuate?

Letting go of Ted Chang’s case gives Jang Yeol major regrets because that is being covered by the media and could have easily been his ticket to Seoul. Therefore, he wants to solve as many high-profile cases as he can so that he can repair the damage done by his missed opportunity. He threatens Ye Bun to help him; otherwise, he is going to reveal a video where she was trying to touch Seon Woo. The convenience store man is interested in Ye Bun and even takes her out on a date, which was nothing short of romantic. They find something in common since both of them have lost their mothers, so they have a similar outlook on life.

Seon Woo also tells Ye Bun that he likes someone at that time, and Ye Bun is sure that it must be her, so she tries to touch him to confirm her suspicions. However, she finds that she is unable to see anything, and it could be because of how Jang Yeol tried to exercise her hands with hot sand. Therefore, in a panic, Jang Yeol buys every hand product that is there and gives Ye Bun’s hands massages to set things right again. However, he gets a complimentary lip balm with his purchase, which he hands over to Ok Hui, causing her to fall in love with him.

Jang Yeol’s new case has to do with Assemblyman Cha. His list of donors has been stolen, and that could cause quite a scandal if released to the public since it shows that some people have donated more than what is allowed, flouting the election rules. Mr. Cha says that he planned on returning the extra cash, but the list went missing before he could do that. Right now, Jang Yeol plans on solving the case with Ye Bun and then getting Mr. Cha’s recommendation to go back to Seoul.

While healing Ye Bun’s hands, Jang Yeol discovers that she cannot lie while looking someone in the eye, so he knows that she has gained back her power. During the election rally of both candidates, Jang Yeol wants Ye Bun to touch people to let them know who the thief is. But Ye Bun is hesitant to do that, so Ok Hui steps in to create a distraction. She uses her “followers” to create chaos, and in the fight that follows, Ye Bun gets the chance to touch people. She finds that Mr. Cha’s aide lied about being in the office on the day of the theft. But the true revelation is when she touches a woman and sees something that connects the whole mess to her grandfather, specifically his shoes. This woman had seen someone walk out of a room, and that person had the same shoes as Ye Bun’s grandfather, making her suspect that he might be the thief. She successfully lies to Jang Yeol that she saw nothing, though she needs to know now what is going on with members of her own family.

Who Kidnapped Si A?

Si A has been a surprise in episode 4. It is not her rudeness or work ethic, but her very obvious lack of empathy. She was just rescued from a life-threatening situation after being kidnapped and confined by a dangerous man for so many days. Yet she seems completely unaffected by it all. In a way, it was her choice that she chose to live stream immediately while still in the hospital. We really don’t have a right to call her insensitive or terrible since it wasn’t she who harmed someone. But the indications are that she may be a sociopath.

In the elevator, when she runs into Ye Bun’s grandfather, she is decidedly rude. But note here that she did not accuse him of being a “pervert” like we expected or even create a scene for attention. She said it was annoying that he ran into her. It is like her world is very selfishly limited to herself. Next, we see her when she is driving home and stops at the convenience store for some drinks. We definitely agree that the shaman holding her hand without asking her was crossing a line. Si A’s annoyance there was totally justified. She just pretended for the sake of the camera and got on with her business.

In the store, her interest in Seon Woo was that he would look good on camera, meaning that she may want to use him for her live streams. However, in the next scene, she tells her boyfriend that she wouldn’t get donations and sponsorships if she were in a relationship. Does that mean that she is setting the stage for a breakup with her current boyfriend? Regardless, another incident that makes us think that she may not be completely evil is when she has an accident and doesn’t really bother with the man who was there. We thought she would blame him for it, but she just asked him to go away. Si A may be an unpleasant person, but we are getting the impression that she is not harmful.

At the end of episode 4 of Behind Your Touch, as she is waiting for the tow truck, she sees someone walk towards her, and she definitely recognizes them. It isn’t the vet who kidnapped her because Si A looks surprised, not shocked. The man could be Seon Woo because he is fishy, or he could be Assemblyman Cha, who is looking suspicious as well. The girl has a lot of bad luck, and she is kidnapped again, though she is still breathing. We just hope that the police don’t think of it as a publicity stunt and investigate her case without prejudice.

Final Thoughts

Behind Your Touch is not laugh-out-loud funny, no matter how hard Ye Bun’s facial expressions work since she doesn’t have enough material to work with. Regardless, this is a 16-episode series, so it desperately needs to tone up the comedy if it wants to create enough filler moments. Our doubts regarding Ye Bun and Ok Hui’s friendship continue, and there better be a tearful confrontation or revelation going forward. Until then, Behind Your Touch continues to be alright.

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