Black Mirror’s ‘Mazey Day’ Recap & Ending Explained: Is Mazey Dead? Did She Become A Werewolf?


Black Mirror returns after four years with season 6. There are five episodes in the new season, and in this article, we are going to discuss episode 4, titled Mazey Day. The year is 2006, Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes are still together, and the radio announces that they named their daughter Suri. We are introduced to our protagonist, Bo. With a camera in hand, Bo waits to secretly shoot a celebrity staying at a cheap lodge. She initially doubted her source, but when she noticed actor Justin Camley leaving with his secret lover, she knew she had the right information. The forty-minute episode Mazey Day revolves around a paparazzi photographer and the extent to which she was willing to go to get a scandalous shot.

Spoilers Alert

Why Did Bo Decide To Quit? 

Justin Camley noticed Bo secretly taking pictures from her car. He tried to pay her off, but she refused to stop. He repeatedly said that she was killing him, but Bo went ahead and submitted the pictures to her boss. She demanded $300 for each picture, and after some convincing, her boss agreed. Bo celebrated her success by indulging in an iPod. Within a day, while getting coffee, Bo watched the news of Justin Camley’s death on television. It was assumed that the released pictures of him cheating on his long-term girlfriend with a man led to his suicide. Bo blamed herself for the suicide, but her other paparazzi colleagues did not believe she had anything to feel guilty about. According to them, when one decides to become an actor, they must expect their life to be exposed to public scrutiny. Bo knew that she was just doing her job, but after watching how her colleagues invaded the space of an actor from a distance, she decided to walk away from her job. 

What Changed Mazey’s Life?

We are introduced to Mazey Day, a starlet shooting a film in the Czech Republic. Soon after delivering a shot, a crew member hands her her jacket and adds that there is a treat in the pocket. The next thing we knew, Mazey was getting high on mushrooms in her room alone. Upon realizing that she had run out of cigarettes, she decided to drive to a store to buy some. Mazey was high as a kite and ran over someone while driving in the middle of a storm. She did not know how to react to the situation and ultimately got out of her car to check on the victim. The next morning, while driving to the set, the driver took the same route where Mazey accidentally ran over a stranger. The road was blocked, and we got to know from the police that they were considering it a hit-and-run case and that the victim was a man. Mazey clearly seemed unsettled by the news, and she returned to her hotel room and took diazepam. 

How Did Mazey Become A Werewolf?

After quitting her job as a paparazzi photographer, Bo worked at a cafe, but the money she earned was barely making the cut. She had her rent and bills to pay, and when her paparazzi colleague offered her a job worth $30k, she immediately agreed to it. Mazey Day had gone missing for two weeks after she suddenly left the film set. She was last seen behaving completely erratically, but no one knew what had happened to her. Bo contacted her trusted source, JP, but even he did not have any information about her whereabouts. Bo started to read her interviews to find out where she might have gone. According to the magazines, Mazey Day ordered food from Master Tai’s every week, and she decided to confirm the claim. She met a delivery woman there who had been to the producer’s house, where Mazey was staying. Bo drove up to the house and waited for a glimpse of Mazey. 

Bo noticed movement the next morning and followed the black car that left the residence. She was confident that Mazey was seated in the car. Meanwhile, we get to know that Mazey is suffering from the trauma of the hit-and-run case. She consulted a doctor, who advised her to live in isolation for the next two days. The black car stopped at the parking lot of a diner, and a security officer punctured Bo’s tires after noticing that she was following them. With no other options in hand, Bo entered the diner and searched for a place to crash for the night. The server informed her that there was only a rehabilitation center nearby known for its rich clientele. He added that the center was rented out for the weekend by a client, and Bo could guess who it was. 

Bo immediately contacted Hector and asked him to come to the location. She got on his bike and traveled to the facility. Soon after reaching there, they noticed two other paparazzi arrive (they had fixed a tracker on Hector’s bike to gather information). The four entered the facility by crawling under the fence. As soon as they noticed that the doctor was gone, they walked up to the room Mazey was staying in. They initially took pictures from outside the room, but as soon as Bo noticed that Mazey was chained to the bed, she decided to enter. While Bo was busy trying to free Mazey from the shackles, the paparazzi flashed their cameras at the starlet. Mazey was lying on the bed; she was visibly ill. She repeatedly asked them to leave her alone, but they were busy taking pictures worth thousands. Soon after Bo freed her from the chain, Mazey started to transform into another being. The full moon, the goat kept in the corner of the room, and the chains all started to make sense. When Mazey got out of her car after accidentally hitting someone, she saw a werewolf lying on the road, and after it bit her, she too started to transform into the grisly creature. She begged to get through the full moon phase alone, but the paparazzi did not care. While Bo and Hector left the room and ran for their lives, the two other paparazzi were killed by Mazey in werewolf form.

What Does The Ending Shot Suggest?

At the end of Mazey Day, the werewolf hunts for Bo and Hector and it enters the diner where they are hiding. There was a policeman present, but before he could comprehend the situation, the werewolf attacked. When the officer’s gun was at a reachable distance, Bo got hold of it and shot Mazey in werewolf form. Mazey comes back to her human form and begs Bo to shoot her dead. Bo was not ready to pull the trigger, so she offered the gun to Mazey. While Mazey held the gun to her head, Bo positioned her camera to take the perfect shot of her suicide. The camera moves far away from the subjects, but we get to hear the sound of a gunshot, which confirms that Mazey shot herself. 

Bo chose not to pull the trigger because she did not want blood on her hand, but it was her camera and the madness of the paparazzi that worsened Mazey’s condition. The episode begins and ends on the same note. While Bo did not pull the trigger on Justin Camley, she was the reason his life fell apart and he hanged himself. Mazey Day comments on how paparazzi often invade private space and destroy careers for a sensational shot sold at the highest price.

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Srijoni Rudra
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