Brigitte Boisselier: What Was Clonaid? Where Is Brigitte Now?


Rael: The Alien Prophet made us privy to one of the most bizarre cults that ever existed, and after watching the documentary, any sane person would find it extremely hard to understand how so many people became followers and how the leader made them believe in his bizarre narrative that seemed to be stolen from a sci-fi film. Brigitte Boisselier was one of the important members of the cult, and she rose through the ranks after Rael figured out that she was a chemist and that she could help him in his ventures. So, let’s find out what Brigitte sought to achieve, if she was able to accomplish her goals, and where she is as of now.

What was Clonaid?

Brigitte Boisselier was one of those few members of the Raelian religious movement who was well educated, had two PhDs under her belt, and was working as a research chemist for a company known as Air Liquide. Brigitte had separated from her husband just before joining the movement, and she was looking for something that could bring meaning to her existence on Earth. Brigitte had three children, and, as she claimed, they meant the world to her. As soon as Rael, aka Claude Vorilhon, got to know about her, he realized that he could put her to good use and do something with her help that would create a sensation. Rael, anyway, didn’t miss an opportunity to take a dig at the Catholic Church, and he believed that attempting human cloning could be the first step to proving to the world that the entire philosophy of the church was based on a big lie and had no scientific basis. It was around the same time that the first mammal to be cloned, Dolly, the sheep, made a lot of waves in the media. Just after a year, in 1997, it was decided by Rael that a separate wing would be opened, which would be dedicated to doing research and experiments in the field of cloning.

The organization was called Clonaid, and Brigitte became its scientific director and headed operations. Together with other experts from the field, she began her experiments. Brigitte, from the very beginning of Rael: the Alien Prophet, was very confident about the fact that they would be able to achieve the feat and produce the first human clone. A US politician named Mark Hunt came to Clonaid and asked them to clone his deceased son. Mark Hunt backed the Raelian initiative by funding the project and making sure they had all the equipment they needed. But in 2002, Brigitte had to shut down her secret lab in the USA as the Bush regime put a ban on human cloning. Before this ban, Brigitte and Rael appeared in front of Congress, and they had to justify why they wanted to do human cloning and provide evidence that their experiments wouldn’t put human life at risk.

In 2002, Brigitte claimed that they had created the first human clone named Eve. Around this time, Bernard Siegal, a lawyer, initiated legal proceedings under the Child Welfare Act. Brigitte revealed to the judges that Eve was born in the lab in Israel, though she kept the identity of the parents a secret. No accusations against Brigitte could be proved in a court of law, though a lot of people considered her claims to be a hoax.

Did Brigitte make false claims?

Damien Marsic, who worked closely with Brigitte in Clonaid, said that he never found any evidence that could substantiate the claims made by her boss. He said that, according to him, Rael and Brigitte were both bluffing, and they were well aware of the fact that no such clone had been born. So when Brigitte and Rael were asked about it, they replied to the question in a very peculiar and absurd manner. Rael, during one of his gatherings, said that if he had been able to create a clone, then it was a great scientific discovery, but if there was no such thing and he was selling lies, then it was a brilliant advertising campaign that got them a lot of publicity. Rael always said that no publicity is bad publicity, and probably the entire venture was a sham. The way even Brigitte Boisselier replied in the end made me feel like she didn’t have any kind of knowledge about what was happening there. She said that if Rael came today and told her that it was all fake, then she would have a good laugh, as she enjoyed her time back in the day and was proud of the work she did. There was a point in time in Rael: The Alien King when we saw Brigitte very stressed as her own daughter decided to be a surrogate mother for the entire cloning initiative. As of now, Rael has entirely changed his stance, and he said that he had no clue what was happening in Israel and that it was Brigitte who was handling everything there. So basically, to conclude, there is no solid evidence that can prove that a human clone was born in Israel, and be it Rael or Brigitte, they were such unreliable people that it is better we not believe in their narrative.

Where is Brigitte Boisselier now?

According to the documentary, Brigitte is in Mexico as of now, and she is still an active Raelian. She said that she had no reason to give up on her beliefs, and apparently, she didn’t find that they did anything wrong. She has a huge farmland in Mexico where she lives a happy life, is content with the choices she made, and is proud of her work as a Raelian.

It is absolutely surprising for me personally to see how these people function. She was of a sane mind, and obviously, she knew what was happening in the name of the religion in their group. Rael was not a prophet. He was just a lecherous man who wanted attention, and that is why he created these baseless and absurd theories, which he knew would cause a sensation in the media. Brigitte very casually said that she would have a good laugh if whatever they had claimed was untrue. She testified in front of Congress that cloning was something that mankind needed, and then during the legal proceedings, she declared in front of the whole world that they had created history as the first human clone was born. At the end of Rael: The Alien Prophet, when Brigitte was told that the majority of the world considers her claims to be a hoax, she didn’t seem adamant to prove her point, and in fact, it felt like it didn’t concern her at all. It is as if she is proud of the fact that she was able to fool the world on such a large scale.

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Sushrut Gopesh
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