‘Di4ries’ Season 3 Theories: What Will Happen To Pietro, Livia, And Isa?


Despite everything else, Di4ries season 2, part 2, had a rather unsatisfying end, and most of it was because of Livia, Pietro, and Isa. As for the rest of the kids, their troubles were limited to a single episode, and while there is nothing wrong with such a resolution of the storyline, it still lacks the complexity and depth of its preceding seasons. The hasty resolutions hinted that there may not be more seasons of the show, but there are still a few loose ends. There is no news of Di4ries season 3, though it may be likely to happen.

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What will happen to Pietro, Livia, and Isa?

The writers desperately want Pietro and Livia to be endgame. Isa was just a means to an end, to show why Pietro and Livia were meant to be together, because the other option did not make much sense. Pietro and Livia will likely continue as a couple into high school, but this is when they may start facing some conflicts. Livia’s change in personality has been perceived differently by Pietro at different times. In Part 1, season 2, he did not like that since he thought that it wasn’t like the Livia he liked before. This also had something to do with her new friends. In Part 2, once Livia ditched Katia and Sara, Pietro started seeing Livia differently, as someone unpredictable and exciting. However, a lot of these changes in Livia were the result of getting her heart broken by Pietro in season 1. Therefore, when they are officially a couple in season 3, would she still continue being the mysterious person or slip back into her old persona? Livia has discovered new sides to herself, and she may not ditch them anytime soon, but how will that react to her new relationship? Even Pietro has to do some soul-searching about what he wants. Why did he start liking Isa, and why did that change to Livia so easily? He needs to get his act straight.

As for Isa, she is a hopeless romantic who had her first real emotional setback in life. She is set to be fine, but trusting people will become an issue for her. The next guy to approach Isa will have to work through a lot of damage that he did not cause. Meanwhile, what is the view of the rest of the class about this love triangle? They have all said that Isa and Pietro are perfect together. Then what are Livia and Pietro? Will there be no blaming or judgment on their part, or is everybody’s life complicated enough that they won’t care for someone else’s transgressions?

Will Monica break up with Manuel?

Monica finds Manuel boring, but it is true that he never lied to her or sabotaged her the way Giulio tried to. He knew how important grades were for Monica, yet he selfishly manipulated her tests. Monica may like Giulio and find him exciting, but she can’t really trust him the way she can trust boring Manuel. Perhaps that is why she is not breaking up with him. Giulio is not the expert in relationships that he claims to be, so it would be interesting to see him navigate this.

What is happening with Mirko?

As Bianca pointed out, Mirko likes Daniele, but he still has to understand whether he is bisexual or completely gay. That could be a journey of its own, especially compared to Mirko’s partner, who has already figured out these things about himself. Additionally, the way to figure these things out could be laden with complicated situations. What if, just like Livia-Pietro-Isa, Mirko also has a love triangle with Daniele and Bianca? Bianca is trying to be graceful, but it is evident that her feelings are in turmoil. At the end of season 2, she joined Pietro in saying that it was all going to be well. Her inclusion could mean nothing, but what if it indicates that she may have a few moments with Pietro in Di4ries season 3? Daniele and Mirko wouldn’t be affected by it, but Pietro’s reputation is going to be irrevocably tanked if that happens. 

Will the fight between Marina Piccola and Marian Grande continue?

The kids are going to be in different high schools in Di4ries season 3, so if the feud is to continue, it won’t be as organized as season 2. Roby, Katia, and Sara would definitely not let go of their grudge, especially Katia, whose only happiness comes from bullying others. If she ever runs into anyone from Marina Piccola in her new school or even otherwise, she would not lose the chance to pick on them since they wouldn’t have the rest of the group for protection. Even if the class of 3D threatens to release the video of her, she can just say that it won’t hold sway over the different schools. Additionally, with high school comes responsibility and planning for college. Katia may have some contacts that she manipulates to her benefit and uses to lord over the other kids.

In Part 1, we observed how Katia was mostly ignored by her mother, and Sara was forced to be Katia’s lackey despite having different opinions. That arc has not found resolution in Part 2. There is no excuse to be made for Katia’s cruelty, but is she going to remain the unfortunate bully or experience some real growth in life? Even Roby has a lesson to learn in terms of accepting defeat and losses with grace without turning into a sore loser and playing ugly pranks.

There is so much more to be explored with the introduction of the kids’ high school lives. We still haven’t seen how Pietro and Katia’s relationship is going to be affected by their parents’ dating. The kids will also struggle to maintain old friendships as they meet new people in high school. These lessons are going to come to them earlier than the rest of the world, who have to wait until college to learn them. It is going to be an interesting change of scenery in Di4ries season 3, and hopefully, it won’t be as rushed as part 2 of season 2.

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