‘Extraordinary’ Season 3 Theories & Expectations: Will Jen Finally Find Her Power?


Comedy-sci-fi show Extraordinary is nothing short of spectacular, with a perfect blend of humor, family drama, self-drama (yeah, I made that up), and all the romance. You get the sense this is for youngsters, but it’s a late-bloomer coming-of-age series with two seasons full of self-discovery tactics that may interest, in my opinion, anybody at any age. The series, set in a universe where everyone has a superpower that comes alive with adulthood, is more than just your drab old superhero show. The show centers around 25-year-old protagonist Jen, who hasn’t found her powers just yet. A late bloomer as she is, the first season takes us on a journey of growing up with Jen. While for most people, with age comes maturity, it seems Jen’s a little stuck behind in these specifics. She’s not unintelligent; she’s not naive or innocent; however, she’s stuck in the past. Season 1 is like an introduction to her superhero crew. At this point, I feel like I’m best friends with Carrie, Kash, and Jizzlord as well. To take notes from Chris Nolan himself, if season 1 was The New Hope, season 2 is Empire Strikes Back. Okay… I know this isn’t an accurate comparison; however, what I want to imply is that season 2 takes what season 1 did best and refines it into something even better. 

Spoiler Alert

In season 2, Jen finds herself at the Discovery Clinic, where she’s supposed to learn about her innate power. However, as the season progresses, we realize Jen has to look inward (this is not subtle) to find her power. Whatever she tries doesn’t work. At the end of the season, she’s left heartbroken, with no powers, no dead dad to talk to, and the burden of failure on her head. Ironically, this is the ideal time for her to want to jump into the void. But she accidentally falls in (I don’t mean she’d want to kill herself, but at least she has some regrettable thoughts). Although there is no confirmation of a third season of Extraordinary just yet, we can imagine that with that cliffhanger, the makers will be sure to give us more of our favorite, out-of-control extraordinary human. 

Where is Jen?

In Extraordinary season 3, we can expect to discover a new world that Jen has just arrived in. The possibilities are endless. No, really… It could be a time jump, or it could be a universe where people are ordinary like us (I just mean with no superpowers; don’t worry, you’re all special), so Jen fits in, or it could just be a universal trash can. Either way, this means we’ll get to see Jen come closer to finding her true power. On the other hand, Carrie, Jizzlord, and Kash will be on the lookout for Jen back home. Maybe they could find a way to communicate between the two worlds, or maybe this could simply mean Jen is in her mind again. Additionally, Jen’s self-discovery train has only taken a halt for a bit because of some unforeseen obstacles. As soon as she’s able to get rid of them, she will have discovered her power. 

What will Carrie do? 

Though Carrie is the most selfless person to exist in this world, she finally finds her voice at the end of season 2 (let’s go, Carrie!). However, with the loss of her best friend, we hope she doesn’t go back to her old self. Carrie and Jen have a very symbiotic relationship. In all honesty, I don’t think one can function without the other. Which is why season 3 will be especially exciting, seeing as they’re physically away from each other. On the other hand, once Jen comes back, which should be soon, Carrie can possibly find a new match for herself now that Kash has moved on as well. In addition, it’ll be really interesting to see the famous personalities that take over her this season (special shoutout to that Halloween episode, even if it is just March). 

What Will Happen to Jizzlord? 

Although it is established that Jizzlord is Jen’s boyfriend and not her pet, he still feels like she’s his owner. As if he isn’t already enough of a worrier, the separation anxiety will really get to him (and the poor guy just got rid of all his kittens). I suppose the alternative could be that he comes into his own and does exactly what he needs to do to find Jen. Additionally, this could set off a series of events that would help Jizzlord find his human self better. At least we know that Nora is out of the picture. 

Will Kash reunite with the Vigilantes? 

Extraordinary‘s very own Arrow has finally realized that he is happy being imperfect. However, since he is the reason Jen’s in the void, it is possible that he finally learns to take responsibility for his misgivings. I suppose this would be a good time to reunite with his vigilante-turned-musical-stars to actually do some superheroism. On the other hand, at least he’s got his new boyfriend, Clark, to help him out. We’ll surely get to see more of them together. 

How will Jen’s mom react? 

Of course, she’s going to blow her top after hearing that her daughter has disappeared from the face of the earth. They just found their love for each other, and already something crazy’s happened! Anyway, there’s a chance she’ll be in charge of whatever mission there will be to find Jen again. I suppose it’ll be Jen who finds her way back to Extraordinary land herself, but she’ll need all the help she can get.

At the end of the day, there’s a chance we’re taking this all too seriously, and maybe Jen’s return will only be a one-episode thing. Though season 2 was announced even before the arrival of season 1, we hope the show will be revived for a third season as soon as possible, because it’s like a gift that keeps giving. Extraordinary seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream on Hulu and Disney+. 

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