‘From’ Season 3 Theories: The Burning Questions That Might Get An Answer In The Next Season


With season 2 of MGM+’s mystery thriller series From finally ending, a number of the bigger questions remain unanswered, along with a few new ones that have been thrown into the mix as well. A third season for the show has already been announced, and it is reported to be coming sometime in early 2024. So far, the series has really been established as one that would perhaps take its own sweet time, meaning many seasons, to reveal the entire truth behind the mystery. But with season 3 coming, we can hope to find answers to at least some of the questions that have been haunting us for quite some time.

Spoilers Alert

Who Is The Boy Dressed In White?

The young boy dressed in white has been an important character from the very beginning of From, even though we know almost nothing about who he is or what exact role he plays in the strange town. The boy is evidently the most powerful individual, or entity, at the place because of the simple fact that he knows and understands the place and its happenings more than anyone else. In season 1, we saw the boy appear to Sarah a few times, most importantly towards the end, when she and Boyd were lost inside the forest amidst the raging storm. It was he who had guided Sarah towards safety, telling her to step inside the trunk of the faraway tree to get magically transferred somewhere else. The boy had also appeared to Ethan after the Matthews first arrived in the town, and it seemed like he wanted to befriend Ethan. It had also been mentioned that Victor, too, could see the boy and had communicated with him.

In season 2, the boy is mentioned by Elgin, who remembers him from the dream he had seen while coming to town aboard the bus. Just like Sarah and Ethan, Elgin also seems to have some special powers that make him different from the ordinary townsfolk around him, and he keeps trying to remember the dream. Finally, when he does, he recalls the young boy in white warning him about the predicament of the town that was about to come. Then, at the very end of the season, we see the boy once again appear at the lighthouse, where Tabitha goes to save the children. But in a very unexpected twist, he throws Tabitha out of the tower and back into the real world, stating that there is no other option for him.

Initially the boy did seem like a helpful character, or presence, which guided and helped some of the people who could see and interact with him. He almost seemed like a guardian angel of sorts, who protected Sarah and Boyd and then warned Elgin much before the cicadas infiltrated the town and people’s dreams. However, the boy’s action, in the end, raises questions about his intentions and about whether he is actually on the good side of things. It could be that the boy was actually somehow responsible for keeping the children hostage at the tower and, in turn, maintaining the strange town as it is. When Tabitha started to believe, or understand, that she was supposed to rescue the children, the boy in white did not want that to happen and instead pushed her back into the real world, and she was taken far away from the town and her family.

On the other side, if we are to still believe that the boy is actually a helpful entity, then it can be that he purposefully helped Tabitha get back to the real world so that she could somehow help the townsfolk from the outside world. This does seem like a bit of a stretch, as there must have been hundreds of people (friends and families of the townsfolk) who had looked for the missing people, but nobody had found anything about the town at all. But it is also true that Tabitha is the first person to have lived in the nightmarish town and then traveled back to the normal world. Therefore, it can be that the boy sends her over to find some clues and help the people escape the town.

We can expect this question to be answered in From season 3, and along with it, there will hopefully be more revelations about the boy in white. At one point towards the end of season 2, Sarah notes that he might not have been a young boy after all, perhaps suggesting that she saw the entity as something other than what we see him as. Either way, more needs to be shown with regard to who he is, how he came to the town, and how he knows so much more than everyone else. Along with this, the exact powers of Sarah, Victor, Ethan, and Elgin, and why exactly they are the ones with such powers, also need more revelation in the next season.

Will Tabitha Be Able To Help Her Family?

Tabitha is shown to be in utter disbelief and grief after realizing that she is back in the normal world, and this is clearly because of the fact that her family is still stuck in the strange town. Tabitha’s character has been developed as one of immense curiosity but also as a dedicated mother who prioritizes her children above everything else. Her curious side is evident from season 1 itself when she became obsessed with trying to find the electric cables that brought power to the houses. Taken over by the immense need to solve the mystery, she even dug a deep hole under their house and eventually reached the underground tunnel network while also realizing that the power cables led nowhere. This curiosity of hers eventually led to their whole house collapsing and Jim getting stuck under the debris.

Similarly, in season 2, Tabitha gets curious to essentially find out where Victor’s mother had gone on the night of her disappearance and what plan she had for rescuing everyone from the town. However, this time there is a sense of urgency to get her children out of this dangerous place, arguably more than the last time. Digging to find the power cables involved more knowing than acting, but this time around, she decides to find the tower and help the children only because she wants to help Julie and Ethan get back to a normal life. The plan ultimately gets her back to the normal world, but only alone, and she now has a very important task at hand.

Tabitha is expected to work from the outside world now and find some way to contact and help her family members in the town. In this regard, it is expected that From will present two different places, if not two different realities, from now on, as one side would cover Tabitha and the other the rest of the Matthews family. But how Tabitha can establish contact with the people in the town, or whether she can even do it, remains to be seen. If the lighthouse is indeed like a portal of sorts, then all Tabitha has to do is inform her family about it so that they can jump down from the tower as well, but From is hardly ever that simple.

Also, if we are to consider that Tabitha has returned to the normal world in the form or body of someone else, based on the fact that her reflection on the window glass at the end seems different than her real face, then that would make things even more difficult. Either way, From season 3 will hopefully feature Tabitha even more now that she has been elevated to a crucial character.

Is There Any End To The Horrors In The Strange Town?

At the beginning of From, the terrors in the strange town are fairly simple and restricted to the nighttime. Hordes of monsters would come out after sunset and kill people initially before the protective amulets were found, and people shut themselves up after dark. After that, the monsters would act like relatives and friends to lure people into opening up their doors and windows so that they could reach their prey. There had been a number of deaths because of this, too, as some people were won over by the false promise of getting to meet their loved ones. Then, when the cicadas appeared, the monsters seemed to take notice of that, too and arrange their attacks accordingly. What controls these monsters, which seem apparently mindless but are also quite organized and planned in their attacks, is not yet clear.

There came one moment when it seemed like the monsters could be killed with the help of Boyd’s infected blood. It did kill one of the monsters, which in turn also brought about the grave danger of the cicadas. But when the infected bile from the killed monster was laced on bullets, and these bullets were fired at the other monsters, it became clear that this method had no effect on the monsters. Therefore, as of now, the remaining monsters remain unharmable and dangerous. But it is perhaps more important to understand the monsters and their origins before they can be fought off.

In season 2, Sarah once mentions a theory that the biggest fears of the people killed in the town add to the forest of terrors and get included in the horrors of the place. Although her idea is mostly linked to the death of her brother Nathan (who was extremely scared of cicadas), it does make some sense because all the horrors are actually like fears that people might have. Monsters killing people at night, then monsters posing as loved ones, to cicadas swarming people and killing them, to a music box creepily playing and bringing horrific attacks on the listener, can all be thought of as very personal fears of people. Whether more about this is revealed in the next season remains to be seen, though.

Is Jim’s Theory That The Town Is A Cruel Experiment True?

Lastly, the entire matter of what exactly the strange town is and how exactly people come into the place remains unsolved. This is also the biggest mystery in From, and it would perhaps not be too intelligent to hope that we will get an answer to this in the next season, but still, one can always hope. In season 1, Jim and Jade were of the opinion that the town was a part of the real world, so they could contact someone for help via the radio. While the setup had been made at Colony House, things did not go according to plan because of the sudden storm that blew everything away. Therefore, in season 2, Jim starts to believe that they are being watched and monitored by people who are creating these scenarios and then see how the townsfolk react in a sort of reality TV show manner.

There are perhaps quite a few valid reasons for Jim to believe this, starting with the fact that someone had indeed spoken to him over the radio at the end of last season. This man on the other side of the radio knew Jim’s name, and he even knew what Tabitha was up to. This definitely makes it seem like someone or a group was watching every movement of the townsfolk as if studying their decisions. There was also the fact that food and meat came to the town from some unknown source, and that too became scarce in the middle of season 2, as if the shortage was intentionally created by someone. The scarcity then also seemed to go away, or at least it was no longer mentioned, and this is even more suspicious. The bullets and ammunition must also be coming from an unknown source, as it seems unlikely that whatever Boyd and the others had brought to the town was still in stock.

With the specific ending of season 2, From probably opens up the possibility of the mysterious town being near about anything, from a real secluded town to an alternate reality. The possibility of the town being a set for some experiment is perhaps as great as that of it being an alternate dimension where people from the real world somehow travel and get stuck. Hopefully, season 3 will shed some much-needed light on this matter, and we will know more about the mysterious town.

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