‘Hijack’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Did Sam Find Out About The Guns?


The first two episodes of Hijack set the tone for the series, and we got to know how Sam Nelson found himself amidst a huge crisis. The plane he had boarded was hijacked, and nobody had any clue about it until a woman named Alice from the U.K. air traffic control center found that the plane was not running in its normal course. Nobody knew who these hijackers were or what their demands were. The English law enforcement authorities and the air traffic control center needed to find a lot of information to be fully aware of the situation before the plane landed in their country. Meanwhile, Sam Nelson, together with Robin Allen and others, was trying his best to communicate as much as he could with the ground staff and make them aware of their situation. So let’s find out what happened in the third episode of Hijack and what Sam and the other passengers planned on doing.

Spoilers Alert

What Did Daniel And Zahra Find Out About The Hijacker?

After Alice found out in the previous episode of Hijack that Flight KA29 was not following the normal route, the Swanwick air traffic control center issued a warning, and other agencies started looking into the matter. Zahra Gahfoor, from the counter-terrorism department, informed her seniors about the issue and gave them whatever little intel she had on the issue. She told them how the Iraqi air control center had identified some anomalies, and Alice had found substantial evidence through which they could conclude that something was not right on the flight. Zahra told her seniors how the pilot had issued a warning, which he later suspiciously withdrew by saying that it was a false alarm. She then told about the message that Sam Nelson had sent to his wife, Marsha, informing her that there had been an incident on the flight.

Zahra was in touch with DI Daniel Farell, as he was the one who had informed her about the message that Sam had sent Marsha. Zahra checked if their national database had any information about the 216 passengers, and though she got a hit on one person named Jonty Collins, who had been convicted in the past for serious crimes, there was nothing dubious about any other passenger. Zahra didn’t know what to do next so she sent the passenger names to Daniel to see if he could find anything about them. Daniel found out that there were five people on that plane on whom no information existed in any database, and he was pretty sure that these people were the hijackers. We know that there were five hijackers on the plane, so Daniel is probably right about his speculation.

Zahra finally got the breakthrough she was looking for, and now the law enforcement agencies were geared up to find more information on these people and ascertain the motive behind their actions. Until now, no call or communication had been made by the hijackers that tells us why they were doing it in the first place. The leader of the hijackers contacted somebody, and we came to know that they, too, were acting on the orders of some people who were probably the masterminds behind the entire charade. It did feel like the hijackers were also quite nervous, and it was probably the first time they were committing a crime of such magnitude.

What Did Sam Find Out About The Guns Of The Hijackers?

People were getting restless on the flight, and they didn’t know if they would ever live to see another day. The hijackers found out that Robin Allen, the pilot, and Sam Nelson had been talking through the game that was installed on their screens. The leader of the hijackers brutally assaulted Robin and then came to Sam Nelson. He asked him to keep smiling while he hit him with the handle of his gun. The female hijacker pointed a gun toward another passenger, and Sam was told to keep smiling if he didn’t want the passenger to get shot. The hijacker didn’t hit Sam, but the kind of fear and mental torture he went through at that moment made him realize that they were treading on thin ice, and there was no certainty about what the hijacker would do next. They did not have the luxury to waste another minute, and by making the plane take a different route, they had tried to inform the ground staff about their situation, but they couldn’t depend on that and needed to do more.

A passenger sitting just behind Sam said that the guns that the terrorists were using were fake. Hugo, the passenger right next to Sam, wanted to take down the hijackers, but Sam told him that it was not a wise thing to do. Sam wanted to be sure before making any move because if it turned out that the speculation was wrong and the guns were real, then there could be dire consequences, and someone might lose their life. But Hugo was restless, and he pretended to be sick so that he could go to the washroom and pass a message to the passengers sitting in the economy to look for a bullet on the floor. The hijackers had fired one round earlier, and Hugo was of the opinion that if all they had were black shells, then no bullet would be found on the ground. The passengers did not find any bullets, but Sam still didn’t want to act based just on that information. He asked the Egyptian traveler to make a drawing of a fake and real bullet so that he could show it to Naomi, the girl who had found the bullet in the washroom, and she could ascertain if what she found was real or not. Somehow Arthur, the flight attendant, was able to pass the paper to Naomi, who confirmed that the bullet was fake.

Sam told Hugo that they would have to take their chances and take down the weakest of the hijackers. He found the old hijacker to be the most vulnerable target and asked Hugo to attack him, but Hugo was too nervous to even move, and he told Sam that he wouldn’t be able to do it. So Sam took it upon himself and attacked the old man. At the same time, we saw the leader of the hijackers, who was in the cockpit, loading his gun with what seemed to be actual bullets (though we cannot say for certain). It is possible that, though all the guns were fake, there was one that was real. It could have happened that Sam and others were wrong in speculating that the hijacker didn’t have real bullets on them. The end of Hijack Episode 3 left us on a cliffhanger as Sam stood in front of the old man and asked him to shoot, presuming that the shells were blank, but just then, he heard a loud bang.

In the upcoming episodes, we will get to know if someone actually got shot or not. Also, we found Justin Salinger’s character, Alec, to be very suspicious, whom we had seen boarding the plane with Sam Nelson in the beginning. We had seen that he was late, and Sam Nelson had asked the ground staff to let him in. Though he has not done anything as of yet, in the database, it did come out that he was convicted of VAT fraud in the past. We don’t know if he was with the hijackers or not, but we do feel that he is involved in some capacity.

Sam Nelson and others were in huge trouble, and though in the first two episodes, it seemed like they would get the better of the hijackers, the third episode made us realize that it was not going to be as easy as it seemed.

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