‘Indian Police Force’ Ending Explained & Series Summary: Did Kabir And Shetty Catch Zarar?


Rohit Shetty’s Indian Police Force once again tries to recreate what it did in earlier films like Simmba, Sooryavanshi, and Singham, but miserably fails. The credits boast of Hussain Zaidi as being the “contributing writer,” but that, too, couldn’t help the series from becoming mundane and difficult to watch. So, let’s find out what was happening in the cop-verse and if the police force was able to get the better of the terrorists.

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Why did Zarar join the Indian Mujahideen?

Zarar was the son of a perfume (Ittar) manufacturer from Kanpur, and the family owned a small factory from where they carried on production. They were not well off, but the family was happy with what they had. One day, communal riots broke out in the city, and the angry mob destroyed the factory owned by Zarar’s family. Zarar’s father, Mudassir, wanted to bring some important documents and money that were stashed there, but his brother stopped him and asked him to stay with the family. Zarar’s uncle, who was a good man and who had never even lifted a finger against anyone, was also killed. Mudassir was able to accept the loss, but from that day on, something changed inside the young boy. The incident filled him with hate, and he sought answers desperately. He wanted to know why bad things happened to good people and what his family’s fault was.

The innocent boy often saw his burned factory when he passed that way, and somehow, he could never make peace with whatever had happened. His parents told him that this was how life was and probably it was just a bad time, but he was not satisfied with that answer. He started going to a madrasa where a guy named Rafiq used to teach. He liked the way he spoke, and one day, Rafiq noticed him and called him to talk. Rafiq knew that the little boy was like clay, and he could mold him in whichever shape he wanted. He instigated him against the country and made sure that he was soaked in hate. Rafiq told him that the people who had killed his uncle believed that their community was cowardly and that somebody needed to show them what they could actually do. That was the beginning of the end for Zarar, and he joined the terrorist organization Indian Mujahideen, thinking that he was taking revenge for the death of his uncle by waging a war in his own homeland. Zarar climbed the ranks, and soon, he became one of the important members of the organization. Before the Delhi bomb blast, he led a similar mission in Ahmedabad too. Not being caught by the ATF in Gujarat filled him with confidence, and he knew that in Delhi, too, he would be able to repeat history.

What happened to Vikram Bakshi?

In Indian Police Force, we saw that Vikram Bakshi was Kabir’s senior, but both of them were like brothers. After Kabir’s wife had passed, Vikram was there for him, and he provided him with all the support he could. Kabir was very close to Vikram’s wife, Shruti, and his son, Aayush, too, and they all considered him to be a part of the family. Vikram had taken a vow that he wouldn’t stop unless and until he caught the perpetrators, and their boss, Jaideep Bansal, had given them all the freedom to carry out the investigation in the manner they wanted. Tara Shetty, who was Vikram’s batchmate in the academy and was now the chief of ATF in Gujarat, joined the team. Tara and her department had done a lot of research back in the day, and they shared all that information with the Delhi Special Cell. Vikram and Tara were very close, but they were competitive too, and they had a third friend, who was in R&AW and posted at a discreet location. The Delhi police had been able to procure one bomb, but they couldn’t stop multiple blasts from happening in the city. They got a sketch made of Zarar and another young member named Shadab, but they still didn’t have a clue about their identities. They had found a mobile phone, and through that, they found out where Shadab lived. Vikram sent his officers to check if he was really the guy they were looking for. Shadab obviously was not at home, and his parents had not been in contact with him for several months. But still, the Delhi special cell didn’t have any leads, and they were waiting for the terrorists to make some mistakes.

The Indian Police Forces were in luck as Shadab got ill, and because he was missing his family, he gave a call to his mother. His mobile was tracked, and Vikram, Kabir, and Tara got to know their location. The team had their hideout, and there was a forceful battle in which four terrorists—Abbas, Riyaz, Mohsin, and Faraz—were shot dead by the Delhi special cell. Kabir caught Shadab alive, who was shivering and crying with fear as he didn’t want to die. Kabir was talking to him when he heard a gunshot. Zarar threatened to kill a child, and that’s when Vikram handed over his gun to him. Zarar did not harm the kid, but he shot Vikram. The doctors tried their level best, but Vikram succumbed to his injuries. It was an irreparable loss for the family and even for Kabir, who, on that fateful day, lost a brother.

Was Sikku able to escape from Goa?

After Vikram’s death, Kabir was transferred to another branch and given a desk job. Jaideep Bansal had to take certain measures as the mission had failed, and they hadn’t been able to catch Zarar or his brother Sikku. A few months later, similar bomb blasts happened in Jaipur, and Kabir couldn’t help but go there to check if they were the same people and organization behind it. Kabir’s suspicions were right, as the modus operandi of the perpetrators was similar to the earlier bomb blasts. Jaideep didn’t like that Kabir went there unofficially without asking for any permission, but Kabir convinced him to put him back on the case as he had made significant findings in Jaipur and knew the names of the perpetrators. The Delhi Special Cell was now being spearheaded by Tara Shetty, and she welcomed Kabir back into the team, told him that they were not going to fail this time, and put Zarar and the masterminds of the bomb blasts behind bars. A drug lord named Goldie Rodrigues was contacted by Sikku, and the local police got to know about that fact. Goldie gave Sikku a sum of Rs 10 lakhs, and that’s when it was revealed that the next target of the Indian Mujahideen was Goa. Kabir and Tara together with the team reached Goa and started their investigation. This time, Zarar had two new boys with him, named Imran and Shoaib. Saaed, who was Zarar’s father-in-law, was also in Goa helping the boys. Just before leaving for Goa, Zarar had married the love of his life, Nafeesa, and the poor girl had no clue what her husband did in real life.

The twist came in the Indian Police Force when Kabir realized that Goldie had given fake currency to Sikku, and it meant that if they used the cash, they could be tracked down. Shoaib and Imran paid in a restaurant using the same counterfeit currency, and additionally, they brought nails and other hardware materials for making the bomb. Kabir informed the cafe that if they saw Imran and Shoaib again, then they needed to give a call to the police immediately. On the day of the bombing, Zarar and Sikku were going to plant the bomb at different locations, and Shoaib and Imran were told to leave the city together with Saeed. But it was not their day, and they committed the biggest mistake by stopping at the same restaurant where they had gone earlier. The waiter informed Kabir, and he came to the scene together with his men. Saaed saw them coming, and he started firing shots at the police officers. Saaed was killed in the crossfire, and then Kabir caught both Imran and Shoaib and took them into custody for further investigation. The local police saw Sikku leaving his bag in a public place and caught him in the act. Sikku tried running away, but he got hit by a vehicle and died on the spot. Sikku’s bomb was thrown into the sea by Rana, and by doing so, he saved many innocent lives on that day. But Zarar’s bomb went off in the cafe, and it killed all the people who were sitting there enjoying their meals. Zarar was able to escape from Goa and Kabir; Tara and the entire unit once again failed to capture him.

How Did Kabir And Shetty Catch Zarar?

Kabir and Tara got to know that Zarar had crossed Indian borders and was hiding in Bangladesh. That’s when Srinivasan and Jaideep activated their asset in Bangladesh and asked him to be a part of the mission. That asset was none other than Jagtap, Vikram, and Tara’s friend. Kabir met Zarar’s parents, who came to collect Sikku’s boy, and they were shattered to find out what their boys had done. Zarar’s mother even refused to take Sikku’s dead body, and she told Kabir that for her, both the sons had died the day they decided to wage a war against their own motherland. Kabir also found Nafeesa, and he revealed to her that her husband was no perfume seller but a terrorist. Nafeesa couldn’t believe her ears, and she had the hardest time accepting the fact that Zarar had lied to her for so long. She didn’t even know that his name was Zarar, and not Haider.

During Indian Police Force‘s ending, Kabir finally caught Zarar, and he would have killed him on the spot if others hadn’t come to stop him. With Jagtap’s help, they were able to cross borders and reach India safely together with Zarar. The Bangladeshi intelligence agencies tried their level best to stop them, as they wanted to take credit for catching India’s most wanted, but they couldn’t. Though Zarar was caught, and it was a huge victory for the Indian police force, the war wasn’t over. Rafiq and the other mastermind, who had planned the entire operation, were still on the loose. Jagtap got to know that Rafiq was in Nepal, and together with Tara and Kabir, he took a vow to not stop before they eliminated each and every person who was a threat to national security. In case there is a second season, we would get to know what challenges await the Indian police force and how they tackle them.

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