‘Invasion’ Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Mitsuki Contact The Aliens?


The Apple TV+ original, Invasion, is back with another season, and this time, we hope that we get to know a little bit more about why the aliens decided to wage a war on planet Earth and, apart from the terraforming, if there was something specific they were seeking. The aliens had been wreaking havoc for more than four months now, and the entire world was in a state of chaos. Approximately 30 percent of the world has been destroyed by aliens, and the coalition government was trying its level best to tackle the situation at hand. The alien ship that we had seen at the end of Invasion season 1 was still in the Amazon rainforest, and an observatory and research center had been established there to look into the matter and establish contact with the extraterrestrial beings. Apart from the coalition government formed by the world leaders, there was an anarchist group operating inside the United States of America that called itself The Movement. Aneesha was still on the run with her kids, Sarah and Luke, while Mitsuki Yamato had made it her mission in life to take revenge for her lover’s death and find a way to come out victorious in the epic war between aliens and human beings.

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Will Aneesha Join The Movement?

Aneesha had started considering the government a bigger enemy than the aliens. After her husband was killed in Invasion Season 1, she stopped trusting the government machinery and was constantly on the run with Luke and Sarah. She had made certain rules and adopted a “guerilla warfare” kind of method for her survival because she knew that the odds were not in her favor. She had started stealing from shops for resources, and she had no qualms about it because she knew that she could go to any extent to keep her kids safe. Aneesha still had the alien claw with her, and a warrant had been issued in her name as the government was desperate to get that claw. Nobody knew what the claw did, but the government knew that it could probably be used to stop the aliens. Aneesha didn’t have any problem giving them the claw, but she didn’t know what they might end up doing with Luke, as they had seen that the boy had some strange connection with the aliens. Luke could hear their voice, and we had seen in the last season how the aliens did not attack their house, whereas the entire neighborhood was razed to the ground.

Aneesha was having a hard time dealing with Luke, and she always kept reminding him that the rules she had made were for a reason and that breaking them could have serious consequences. They had this 17-second rule in which whenever they went to steal anything from a shop  they had to make sure that they escaped from there as soon as the shop owner came to know about their real intentions. But this one time, in Invasion Season 2 Episode 1, Luke took forever to come out as he was trying to steal some tools that they needed. Aneesha became furious, and later she told Luke that he was putting all their lives in danger by not listening to her. There was a lot of anger inside Luke as well, and he was done living his life like a nomad, where every 48 hours, they changed their house.

Aneesha had decided to head north now and find a secluded place where nobody would be able to find her. On her way, she saw a shop and went inside to get some food and supplies. There was a military truck parked right there, and Luke could see that it was stocked with gas. Aneesha had told the children to wait in the car, but Luke, as usual, didn’t listen to her and snuck inside the truck to steal a can or two. A soldier caught him red-handed, and Aneesha had no option but to request that he let him go. The officers checked Aneesha’s vehicle, and when they found the alien claw, they realized who she was. They took Aneesha, Luke, and Sarah into custody and made them sit inside the truck. They found another prisoner was also sitting there, and for someone who was handcuffed, he looked way too calm and composed. The military truck stopped on the highway because a severely injured girl was lying on the road, and it seemed like she had been brutally assaulted by someone. As soon as the soldiers stepped out of the vehicle, a few masked men bearing weapons came out from behind the bushes and attacked them.

We came to know in Invasion Season 2 Episode 1 that the man was Clark, probably the leader of the rebel group, The Movement. He asked Aneesha to come with him, but she was hesitant, as she had always believed that making connections could prove detrimental for her family, and moreover, she barely knew that guy and so couldn’t trust him. Clark told her that, contrary to the general perceptions, he believed that connection was the thing that could make them thrive in such tough times. Aneesha eventually went to the camp, and she saw that they had quite an elaborate setup and there was no shortage of resources. Aneesha had thought that she would spend just a night there and then move out first thing in the morning, but we believe that she would change her mind and stay with the rebel group. It would be interesting to see where her journey leads her and for how long she is able to hide from the government. 

Was Mitsuki able to establish contact with aliens?

Nikhil Kapur, an influential businessman and owner of Dharmax Technologies who had strong ties with the government, had set up a base in the Amazon Forest near the alien spaceship. His scientists were trying to establish contact with the aliens, but they had been unsuccessful in their attempts so far. Through their research, they had found out a lot of things about the spaceship, but there was still a need to communicate with the aliens so that they would come to know about their purpose. Nikhil found Mitsuki Yamato and asked his men to bring her to the base. Mitsuki was the only person to date who had been able to communicate with the aliens, and Nikhil wanted her to once again wave her magic wand and procure some information.

Dr. Maya Castillo psychoanalyzed Mitsuki as per the protocol and found her to be extremely unstable. She told Nikhil that Mitsuki was not fit to go inside the spaceship, as they had seen what had happened with the scientists who weren’t in control of their emotions. But Nikhil was ready to take the risk, as he knew that he was running out of options. Mitsuki was briefed by Dr. Maya that the alien spaceship was like an operational limb, and through their research, they had gotten to know that its walls were like neural pathways that were constantly transmitting some information. There was a power source inside, beyond which no scientist was ever able to go. Mitsuki went inside, and surprisingly, the power source started responding to her. Nikhil couldn’t believe what he was seeing, and he went against protocols to let Mitsuki stay there for more than the specified time. As soon as Mitsuki made contact, Luke started hearing those strange, high-pitched noises once again.

At the end of Invasion Season 2 Episode 1, we get to know that Casper is still in the hospital, and as soon as Mitsuki makes contact, Casper starts experiencing rhythmic tremors, and the doctor who was supervising him got surprised as it has never happened before. A lot still has to be deciphered by the residents of planet Earth, and in the upcoming episodes, we will come to know if they are able to get the better of aliens and find a way to emerge victorious in this crisis.

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