‘Invasion’ Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: What Did Jamila Find Out About Casper?


We had seen in the previous episode of Invasion, how life had changed for Aneesha Malik and Mitsuki Yamato, and in Invasion Season 2 Episode 2, we are made privy to what was happening in Trevante and Jamila’s lives. Both Trevante and Jamila, together with Casper, had fought the odds and come out alive after facing death, and the event left an indelible mark on their subconscious. They wanted to forget it and move on with their lives, but even after making several attempts, they were unable to do so. So, let’s find out what happened in the second episode and if Jamila and Trevante land in some sort of trouble.

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How Did Trevante End Up In Prison?

Trevante Cole was staying over at his sister Shiona’s place, but his mind was somewhere else. He was still dealing with the trauma of what had happened to him back in Afghanistan and also at the hospital, and though he had come back to his home, he felt distracted, and even his wife, Learah, had realized that something had changed within him. Trevante used to stare at the sky and think about what could possibly be the intention of the aliens. He got flashes of the time he had spent with Jamila and Casper, and he just couldn’t escape those visions. 

Shiona knew her brother, and that is why she was well aware of the fact that unless and until he goes out there and resolves his conflicts, he won’t be at peace with himself. Shiona had organized a party at her place when her son accidentally lost hold of his floater and started drowning in the swimming pool. Trevante immediately jumped into the pool and took the little boy out. The boy didn’t move for a few seconds, and everybody’s heart was in their mouth. Trevante gave him CPR, and the kid finally spat water and started breathing. But just then, something snapped inside Trevante, and he had an outburst. He didn’t realize that he was not in Afghanistan but at his home. He started shouting at the little boy like he was a soldier, and that’s when Shiona and others stopped him, and he snapped back to reality. 

Trevante was embarrassed, and he left the scene immediately. Trevante still had Casper’s book, in which he had made his sketches. Trevante wanted to find just that one lead—that one breakthrough—that would help him to solve the mystery. It had been months since he had come back to his family, but he was not able to find any clue, which was making him even more restless. 

That night, when Trevante came back, Shiona decided that it was high time to have a conversation with her brother. She told Trevante that she had packed his bags and that he needed to leave and go and find whatever he wanted. Shiona loved her brother, and she would have never asked him to leave, but here she knew that he was stuck, and the only way for him to come out of this conflict was to go and resolve it. Trevante was probably not on speaking terms with his wife, and Shiona tried to make him understand that she was not wrong on her part. Trevante asked Shiona how she could even think of throwing a party when the entire world was burning. Shiona replied that she was well aware of what was happening in the world, but she was still the kind of person who wanted to enjoy the limited time she had with her loved ones and she didn’t feel there was anything wrong with it.

In the second episode of Invasion Season 2, Trevante found that there were some strange sightings in Mccurtain County, following the clue that Casper had left in one of his sketches. Trevante wore his army uniform and infiltrated an army base camp, pretending to be a soldier who was newly posted there. Trevante was on the verge of making a discovery when he got caught by the guard and was taken to the local police station. The sheriff put him behind bars, and worst of all, he took his bag, which had Casper’s journal.

What Did Jamila Find Out About Casper?

Jamila, even if no one believed her, knew that Casper was still alive. She kept telling her mother that she had seen what Casper was capable of, and she strongly believed that he could stop the alien invasion using his powers. Jamila wanted to go out there and find out what had happened to her friend, but her mother would not allow her to do that. So one day, when Jamila had had enough, she decided to run away from her house without telling anybody. She left a beautifully written note for her mother, in which she stated why it was so important for her to go out and search for her friend. Jamila wasn’t somebody who could be influenced too easily, and that is why she believed what she saw, even when everybody else made fun of her and told her that she was hallucinating.

Jamila reached the hospital where Casper had been kept earlier, and by going through the records, she got to know that he had been shifted to a facility in Paris. Jamila had hope now; she knew that she was not wrong in thinking that Casper was alive. Jamila reached a refugee camp, where she met her friends Darwin and Alfie. Jamila told them about what had happened when Casper had come face-to-face with the aliens and how he had used his powers to shut them down. Darwin and Alfie decided that they wouldn’t leave their friend in this hour of need and that they would go to Paris together. Darwin and Alfie took Jamila to a garage where they knew there were a lot of cars kept, and surprisingly, it turned out that it belonged to none other than Monty Cuttermill.

During the ending of Episode 2 of Invasion Season 2, Jamila and Monty had a heartfelt conversation where she told him how she could still feel Casper in her head. She had dreams about him, and she had strong intuition, which told her that he was still alive. Monty and his sister also agreed to tag along with the trio and go to Paris together. Monty told Jamila that his father had a flat in Paris, and they could stay there and search for Casper. Monty was the only one who could drive, so even if Darwin and Alfie didn’t want him to come, they had no other option. In the upcoming episodes, we will get to know if Trevante is able to escape from the prison or not and if Jamila is finally able to find Casper and figure out what was happening with him.

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