‘Jagged Mind’ Ending, Explained: Will The Crystal Start Another Time Loop For Billie?


If you enjoy time loops and the mind-bending confusion that they offer, Jagged Mind will surely interest you. Hulu offers its audience a twisted lesbian thriller to celebrate Pride Month. At the center of the plot are Billie, an art curator, and her lover, Alex. Alex offered Billie a drink, and that was how their conversation started rolling at a bar in Haiti. From the very beginning of Jagged Mind, we are told that Billie is suffering from memory loss. She often finds herself in the same situation over and over again, making her believe that she is living in a sort of Deja Vu loop. Her mother suffered from dementia, and Billie was worried that she would inherit the condition. What led to Billie’s memory loss? And why did it all seem like Deja Vu? Let’s find out.

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‘Jagged Mind’ Plot Summary: What Happens In The Film?

Alex approached Billie when she noticed that she was sitting alone at a bar. Billie accepted the drink she offered and indulged in a conversation with her, but she was not interested in taking things forward. She had an art exhibition to attend, and she left the bar in a hurry. Christine hosted the event and introduced the audience to the works of Rose Porter, a talented artist from Haiti. Billie was in an on-and-off relationship with Christine, but she intended to put an end to it. At the exhibition, when Christine cozied up to her, she tried to stop but ultimately gave in. They rushed to the washroom to make love, but Billie suffered from a blackout, and the next thing she knew, she was back at the bar with Alex. She repeated whatever she did the first time, but she noticed Rose Porter stare at her in a strange way. She seemed to know about the blackouts and asked Billie to try to remember. She went to the washroom, and Christine followed Billie to comfort her. Billie started to make out with Christine, and once again, she suffered a blackout.

Billie was back again at the bar with Alex, but this time the conversation was different. Billie was confused about her reality, but after repeatedly imagining meeting Alex at the bar, she felt that she knew her. This time, she did not receive any messages from Christine. She and Alex ended up having a great time, and she invited Alex to the exhibition. Surprisingly, Christine was not present at the exhibition either. Billie could not believe that Christine would miss her own show, considering that she was always punctual. Alex diverted Billie’s attention and invited her to her house. They spent the night together, and the next morning, Alex was cooking her breakfast. Billie was a little taken aback by how desperately Alex wanted them to be together. Billie had just met her, and she wanted to take things slow. Alex respected her opinion, but clearly, there was a connection between the two. Billie continued to suffer from the blackouts, and strangely enough, she would often imagine that she was dying. At times, she saw blood oozing out of her abdomen, and sometimes she was drowning in a pool. She did not know what was going on, but according to the doctor, she was losing memory, and surprisingly, he did not believe it had anything to do with Alzheimer’s or pre-dementia. Instead he feared that there was something else that was affecting the area of her brain that was involved in the experience and perception of time.

Who Was Rose Porter? What Did Alex Want From Billie?

There were times when Billie would often imagine Alex behaving rudely with her. She created a scene at a restaurant because the drink was not served cold; she hurled abuse at Billie when she did not agree with her decisions; and she shamed Billie when she arrived late on a date because she had spent the night before with her best friend, Kim. But those memories were quite blurry, and every time Billie came to her senses, she realized that Alex was gentle and caring, unlike the person she subconsciously imagined her to be. We start to understand how problematic Alex is when she lied to Kim about Billie to create distance between them. Alex wanted Billie all for herself, and Kim, in a way, threatened her. 

Billie was admitted to the hospital after she suffered another blackout. Before phasing out, she remembered seeing Alex’s dark side again. After getting discharged from the hospital, Billie decided to find out where Christine was. She noticed that Christine did not update her social media after the exhibition. She tried to contact her via email, but she received an automated reply stating that she had gone to Bali. Billie felt that the world around her was crumbling in some way or another. She called Alex for support, but instead, she tried to convince Billie to live with her. Billie wanted some time before taking the next big step, but for some reason, Alex seemed impatient. At the hospital, Billie found a picture of Rose Porter in her handbag with “Remember” written behind it. She searched for Rose on the internet and, surprisingly, found a picture of Alex that she had previously seen at her house. After digging around on the internet, she found pictures of Rose and Alex that indicated that they used to be in a relationship. Billie tried to make sense of it all, and she decided to have a word with Rose. Upon reaching her apartment, she found Rose lying in the bathtub with her wrists slit. She noticed a wooden container with symbols that she had seen before. She brought the container home. The container contained pictures that implicated Alex in the sudden disappearance of Christine. Along with the pictures, there was a diary and a flash drive.

Meanwhile, Alex came to Billie’s house to check on her. Billie asked her about her relationship with Rose. Alex initially denied knowing her well enough, but she was forced to admit that they used to be together when Billie stated that she had seen their pictures on the internet. Billie was surprised when she found out that Alex knew about Rose slitting her wrist. When Billie tried to question her, she simply stated that it was not her fault that Billie did not remember saying it. Billie was triggered and asked Alex to leave after she revealed her aggressive side. Alex agreed to leave because she knew that they would end up together anyway.

There was a video of Billie and Rose with a Haitian man stored on the flash drive. Rose recorded it to guide Billie. Rose informed her that Alex performed a blood ritual (this explains the cuts in Billie’s body) using a magical crystal that helped her turn back time. Alex turned back time whenever the outcome was not what she desired. Every time she revealed her abusive self, she tried to fix the situation so that she could have a perfect relationship with Billie. Whatever Billie believed was in her imagination turned out to be incidents that had actually happened. Rose requested that Billie destroy the crystal using a magical spell and hand it over to Papa Juste to keep it safe. We also learn that Rose was the one who discovered the crystal and used it to get Alex back. She and Alex were in a relationship, and after Alex broke up, she used the crystal to win her back. When Alex found out the truth, she stole the crystal and later used it on Billie. The wooden container was not affected by the magical crystal, and whatever was stored in it remained intact. While Alex performed the blood ritual at her house, Billie scribbled down in the diary whatever she learned about Alex.

‘Jagged Mind’ Ending Explained: What Happened To Billie & The Crystal?

After Alex turned back time once again, Billie noticed the wooden container and read the diary that was kept in it. She remembered who Alex was and that she needed to find a way to destroy the crystal. Billie intended to act on her plan once they reached Alex’s parents’ luxurious house. Billie noticed the crystal lying on the table by the pool. She requested Alex get her a bottle of wine, and as she went away, Billie got hold of the crystal. When Alex returned, she was not surprised to see the crystal in Billie’s hand. She explained that Billie had done this before, and each time she had to take a tough step to stop her. Billie realized that Alex had killed Christine because, in some way or another, she was the one interrupting her plan. We also learn that Billie cheated on Alex with Christine when they were together. Alex brought Billie to her parents’ house because that was the place where she had once proposed to Alex, and she desperately wanted to get there as soon as possible. Now that Billie had found out about the crystal, Alex stated that she had no other option but to kill Billie. She had killed Billie several times; this explains why Billie often saw herself dying. Billie believed that she imagined her death in her dreams, but at the end of Jagged Mind, we find out that Billie was actually killed multiple times. While Alex got hold of Billie, Billie tried to free herself and stabbed Alex into her abdomen with a broken wine bottle. As Alex bled to death, Billie used her blood and chanted the spell to turn time back to the point when Rose had not met Alex.

At the end of Jagged Mind, Billie hands over the wooden container to Papa Juste, but as it turns out, she does not leave the crystal in it. This time, when Alex offered Billie a drink at the bar where they had first met, she rejected her offer. Instead, she went to the art exhibition, where we found Christine alive and well. Billie breaks up with Christine on good terms. The portrait of Rose Porter at the exhibition was no longer a black-and-white image of her crying; instead, it was a colored portrait that exhibited confidence. Rose was in a better place because Alex never came into her life this time.

In the end, when Billie discusses her love life with Kim, she mentions that she is keeping her options open. We find out that Billie is carrying the crystal with her in her purse. It is possible that she wants to keep it safe, but at the same time, she can have sinister intentions as well. Rose mentioned before that the crystal had a negative impact on those who possessed it, making them all the more obsessive. Since Jagged Mind ends with Billie and Rose smiling at each other, it is possible that Billie might have fallen in love with Rose after she saved her life, but the crystal lying in her purse could negatively impact their relationship and start the time loop once again. The ending of Jagged Mind is open to multiple interpretations and leaves us with a dose of suspense.

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