‘Justified: City Primeval’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Does Carolyn Go To The Albanians?


Clement Mansell changed the power dynamics in Justified: City Primeval the moment he killed Sweety. Judge Alvin Guy might have been a high-profile person, but Sweety had a loyal bunch of people who owed their life to him and were ready to go to any extent to take revenge for his death. We can surely at this point in time that Clement Mansell had a god complex because the way he did things made us realize that he felt invincible. People feared him, and that was the reason why Sandy was never able to muster the courage to leave him. But Clement had gone way too far this time, and the reality was that sooner or later, he would have to face the consequences of his actions. Clement was walking on thin ice, as everyone from Raylan Givens to the Albanian gang was looking for that one opportunity to pin him down. Carolyn also, until now, was putting up with him because she knew that Sweety was involved in the scheme of things, and she didn’t want to put his life in jeopardy. But now with that aspect removed from the equation Carolyn would definitely want to do something. So, let’s find out what Raylan Givens’ plan of action is in Justified: City Primeval Episode 7 and if he is able to put Mansell behind bars.

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Why Did Maureen Betray Raylan? 

Sweety’s bar had been burned down, and Carolyn stood there looking at the ruins and remembered when she had seen the place for the very first time back in 1988. Sweety was like a father to Carolyn, and often, he used to babysit her when her mother was not there. Sweety felt happy whenever he got to spend time with Carolyn and so he didn’t mind taking on the responsibility of babysitting her. Sweety always wanted to open his own place where he could play his kind of music and decide what and who he served. He took a young Carolyn there to show her the place, and he was excited for what the future had in store for him. All those memories flashed before Carolyn’s eyes, and she could feel the rage brewing inside her. She wanted to take revenge on Clement, and given the option, she would have shot him herself. Raylan Givens understood what she was going through, and they were both standing in front of the bar when they saw Trannell looking at them from his window.

Much like Carolyn, Trannell had also lost a friend and a confidant, and he was ready to do anything to make Clement face the consequences of his actions. Trammell had the gun with which Judge Alvin had been murdered, and he asked Raylan to use it to put Clement behind bars. Later, Raylan went to the police station, gave the gun to Maureen and told her to give it to the ballistics team so that they could find some evidence that implicated Clement. Raylan believed that this time, he would get the better of that arrogant criminal, but once again, there came a twist in Justified: City Primeval, and instead of Clement, Maureen brought in a guy named Darrold Woods, and she was adamant on pinning the blame for the twin murders on him. Raylan didn’t understand what was happening, and he asked Maureen to tell him that it was all a joke. Maureen told Raylan to head to Florida, as he was no longer needed there. Maureen wanted to secure a win for the department at all costs, and she would have decided that if she couldn’t catch the real killer, then she would create a false narrative in front of the whole world so that they wouldn’t question the credibility of the Detroit Police Department.

A disappointed Raylan was about to leave when Bryl met him in the parking lot, gave him the gun and said that he was not as corrupt as Raylan thought him to be. Raylan now had a chance to make things right, and he knew that if he missed this opportunity, no one would be able to catch Clement Mansell.

Why Does Carolyn Go To The Albanians?

Raylan had gone to meet Sandy when Clement was not at home, and he told her upfront that it was in her best interests to testify against Clement Mansell. Sandy was petrified of Clement, and she had no trust whatsoever in the law enforcement authorities. She told Raylan that if, by chance, Clement was able to escape the clutches of the law, like he had been doing his entire life, then he would make sure that Sandy was condemned to a horrifying death. Raylan agreed with her but said that even if Clement came to know that the police had the gun, which he had told Sandy to dispose of, he wouldn’t be happy. Sandy understood that she was trapped, and she had to hope that after she helped the police catch Clement, they were able to keep him inside.

Clement went to Carolyn’s house to threaten her, and the latter felt helpless and angry for not being able to kill him after what he had done. When the news of the Detroit Police Department taking Darrold under custody came out, Carolyn lost all hope, and she realized that she would have to do something about the situation herself. Sandy had decided to leave Detroit and go to someplace where Clement wasn’t able to find her. She had taken all her belongings and cash with her and reached the airport to take a flight and start afresh. Clement called her and told her that Del, the owner of the flat they were living in, was in his custody, and if she didn’t come back, then he would kill him. Sandy met Raylan Givens, who told her to make a call to Clement and tell him that she had changed her mind and that she wanted to meet him if he promised to make things right. Clement asked her to meet her in a hotel near the airport, and instead of Sandy, Raylan went there to comfort him.

Clement was a bit taken aback, as he hadn’t expected Sandy to go behind his back and betray him. He knew that she was scared of him, and that is why it hadn’t crossed his mind that she could have had the audacity to pull off such a feat. Raylan Givens met Clement, and he kept the gun that had been used to kill Judge Guy on the table and, in an intimidating manner, told Clement to grab it and shoot at him. For the first time, Clement looked a bit nervous because he wasn’t able to realize what Raylan was up to.

But before anything could happen, at the end of Justified: City Primeval episode 7, the Albanians arrived at the scene, and Toma, their leader, asked both men to hand over their guns. Carolyn had approached the Albanians earlier and told them about where Raylan and Clement were going to meet because she probably didn’t believe that Raylan would be able to find incriminating evidence and put him behind bars. Carolyn had lost her patience, and she wanted results quickly. Toma stopped at the bridge, threw the gun in the water, and then took both Raylan and Clement to his safe house.

We don’t know if the Albanians would let Raylan go or not, but right now, the odds don’t seem to be in favor of the US marshal, and moreover, he would be disappointed when he would get to know that it was Carolyn because of whom he was in that situation. Clement still looked very confident as if he knew that once again he would be able to deceive death. In the Justified: City Primeval season finale, we will get to know if the Albanians kill Clement or if he is able to once again get the better of them and manage to escape.

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