‘Justified: City Primeval’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Boyd Crowder Meet Raylan Givens?


Throughout Season 1 of Justified: City Primeval, Raylan Givens had never expected that his stay in Detroit would become so menacing. Raylan already had plans to go to Florida with his daughter, but the arrival of Clement Mansell spoiled everything and turned his life upside down. Raylan had witnessed some hardened criminals during his time in Kentucky, but Mansell was one of a kind. No matter how much Raylan and the Detroit Police Force tried, they were not able to find a single piece of incriminating evidence against Clement Mansell.

Mansell went about his business in an unabashed manner, and he treated everybody around him with utter disregard. The man considered himself superior to everybody else, and probably that is why he didn’t even think twice before killing an important personality like Judge Guy. Mansell knew that Judge Guy was no commoner and that the entire law enforcement machinery would come chasing him, but still, it had no effect on him whatsoever. Mansell had this belief that he could come out of any situation, probably because of his past experiences where he had always been able to find some loophole in the legal justice system that benefited his cause. But things were different now, as Raylan was not one of those who would give up so easily. Mansell had really stretched the limit, and he was treading on thin ice. So, let’s find out if Raylan Givens is finally able to catch Clement Mansell in the Justified: City Primeval season finale or not.

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How Did Clement Mansell Escape Captivity?

Toma Costia took Clement Mansell and Raylan Givens to his safehouse, where Carolyn was already waiting for them. Carolyn had told Toma earlier that she would give him Mansell if he promised to leave Raylan unharmed. Toma was the kind of guy who generally kept out of the way of the law enforcement authorities, and so he agreed to the deal. Raylan Givens went with Carolyn, and Clement Mansell was confined in the same room where earlier he had assaulted Skender. Everything was going according to plan, but Besnick committed a blunder, because of which the scales once again tipped in Mansell’s favor. Skender didn’t have any clue where Toma had hidden Mansell, and he was asking Besnick about it, who was also not giving him any information. Skender had told Toma that he wanted Mansell dead, but the latter had told him not to worry about it as the issue was being taken care of.

In Justified: City Primeval Episode 8, Skender got really agitated, and he told Besnick that if nobody was going to tell him where Mansell was, he was going to find him himself, and he would not leave him alive. Something changed inside Besnick when he saw Skender so desperately wanting to take revenge. Besnick gave Skender his gun and asked him to go and kill Clement Mansell for his honor. We didn’t understand why Besnick would take such a risk when he saw that Skender was not even able to walk properly, and moreover, everybody was well aware of how dangerous Mansell was. Obviously, he was not going to sit there waiting for Skender to slowly open the shutter and then shoot him. As soon as Skender entered that room, Clement Mansell pounced on him and beat him to death. Mansell was out on the streets once again, and when Raylan came to know about it, he asked Carolyn to leave her house and go someplace safe because he assumed that Mansell would go to meet her as he didn’t have anywhere else to go.

Was Raylan Givens Able To Catch Mansell?

Before coming to Carolyn’s house, Mansell went and killed Toma and his men. Raylan Givens was already waiting for him in Carolyn’s house, and even Mansell wasn’t too surprised to find him there. Mansell had really stretched the limits, and there was no way Raylan was going to leave him now. For some reason, Mansell thought that Raylan would let him leave from there, as the arrogant man probably always considered himself to be infallible. His confidence didn’t work this time, and Raylan shot him point blank and killed him. Strangely, Mansell had brought a music cassette for Raylan that had songs that the latter liked. Mansell, in his last moments, was in disbelief at the fact that his life was going to end while Carolyn and Raylan stood there, seeing him bleed to death.

Raylan Givens had achieved what he wanted, and he decided to take a voluntary retirement because now he wanted to give all his time to his daughter, Willa. Raylan’s wife was happy about the fact that he was able to leave his job as she knew that Willa needed him. She had never expected that Raylan was capable of taking such a step, but he proved her wrong. Meanwhile, Carolyn went and met Adriane, who probably worked in the governor’s office, and told her to tell the governor that favoring Diane Rogers was not going to go down so well, as her name was there in Judge Guy’s diary. The intimidation worked in her favor, and Carolyn finally achieved her goal and became the judge. She informed Raylan about it, sent him her best wishes, and told him that she was looking forward to meeting him in the future. Raylan took Willa out on a boat, and for once, he was able to enjoy the calm and not think about anything else. It felt like from here, everything would go according to what Raylan had planned, but just then, he received a notification on his phone that once again changed the entire dynamics and made us aware of the potential storm that was going to cause havoc in the near future.

Will Boyd Crowder Meet Raylan Givens In Season 2?

In Justified: City Primeval Episode 8’s ending, we are taken inside Tramble Penitentiary, Kentucky, where we are made privy to a familiar face, one who had been missing from this entire season. It was the arch nemesis of Raylan Givens, the head of the Crowder crime family, a hardened criminal who now preached sermons but hadn’t really given up on his vices. Boyd Crowder was preaching about the power of love, and he became really sentimental, telling the other inmates that he never took life for granted and that this could probably be the last time they heard from him. Boyd was being taken to a hospital as he was suffering from some kind of illness (which we later came to know was all a sham). Ramirez and Charlene were given the responsibility of taking Boyd to the hospital, but midway through, the fugitive started making a lot of noise, and the officers had to stop to take a look at what had happened to him.

We came to know that, once again, Boyd Crowder was able to get the better of the law enforcement authorities as the woman posing as a cop was his lover. They locked Ramirez in the van and, together, escaped in a car that was already parked at that spot. Well, we believe that season 2 of Justified: City Primeval is definitely on the cards, and with Boyd Crowder out of prison, things are going to get a bit complicated for Raylan Givens. In all probability, Boyd and Raylan would once again cross paths with each other, and it is quite possible that Raylan would end up revoking his retirement to finish this one last job and find a permanent solution to this problem.

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