‘Only Murders In The Building’ Season 3 Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Kimber Kill Ben Glenroy?


Mabel had made it very clear to Charles and Oliver in the previous episode of Only Murders In The Building that the murderer was from the cast of Death Rattle itself. Oliver didn’t like the idea of investigating his cast members, as he was scared that if any important character came out to be the murderer, he wouldn’t be able to carry on with the play. Oliver didn’t have any problem as long as Mabel’s suspects were not the main characters in his play. Mabel found this behavior ridiculous and told him that this was not how she could go about things. Mabel wanted to find the killer before the law enforcement authority did, and for that, she needed to have an unbiased judgment. She knew that she had to keep each member of the cast on an equal pedestal and not have any preconceived notions about them. Mabel knew that she could base her judgments purely on facts, as only then would she be able to get to the crux of the matter.

Cinda Canning, who had taken a break from the world of true crime podcasts was all set to make a comeback and she approached Mabel and asked her if they could collaborate and investigate Ben Glenroy’s case together. Mabel turned down the offer (as of now) and she told Cinda that she had no intention of partnering with anybody else since she had Oliver and Charles with her. 

By the end of Episode 3, we had seen that Kimber had become suspect no. 1 because she had told Charles that she didn’t have the handkerchief that was gifted by Ben to everybody. Ben held onto the handkerchief of the person who had pushed him down the shaft, and Charles and Mabel had come to the conclusion that whoever the killer was wouldn’t have the handkerchief with their possession. Mabel knew that she would have to talk to Kimber, see if there were any inconsistencies, and try to decipher if she had a strong alibi or not. So, let’s find out what happened in Only Murders In The Building Episode 4, and if Mabel is able to come any closer to exposing the identity of the killer.

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Did Kimber kill Ben Glenroy?

The nonchalant manner in which Kimber had told Charles that she didn’t have the handkerchief made it look like either she didn’t have a guilty conscience and she had nothing to do with the death of Ben Glenroy, or she had such a strong alibi that she was very sure that no one would be able to gather any evidence against her. Charles and Mabel went to talk to Kimber, aiming to keep the conversation very casual so that she did not feel that she was being investigated. Oliver also tagged along, pestering Mabel and giving her reasons as to why Kimber couldn’t be the killer. Kimber could sing quite well, and Oliver was desperate to have her in the play. Kimber told Mabel that, firstly, she didn’t have an affair with Ben, contrary to what others believed, and she was only in touch with him for professional reasons.

Kimber wanted Ben to endorse her line of beauty products. Ben Glenroy, after he came back from the dead the first time, apologized to Kimber for making things messy, and seeing the way he said it, everybody assumed that she was having an affair with Kimber, and something might have happened between them. Ben, even after promising Kimber, did not endorse her products, and that made her lose her temper. Kimber also revealed to Mabel in Only Murders In The Building Episode 4, that she had sold the handkerchief that Ben had given her on eBay. Though it was never explicitly stated, we believe that it could be possible that the real killer bought it, knowing that it could prove detrimental for his case if someone came to know that he didn’t have it.

Kimber also told Mabel that, keeping her professional conflicts aside, she felt that Ben Glenroy was a good man, but at times, he was way too hard on himself. It always felt like Ben wanted to prove his worth, and he had a very insecure state of mind where he lived with the fear of being replaced by someone better. Kimber said that he was very anxious before the night of the play, and he started panicking even more when he realized that he had a red mark on his face. Ben called someone in his dressing room, and that person made sure that the red mark was concealed with makeup. Mabel asked Kimber if she had seen who this person was, but the latter didn’t know anything about it.

What happened between Charles and Joy?

Charles had the hardest time performing his song, and every time he sang, he went into this subconscious state where he didn’t know what he was doing. It was almost as if he blanked out, did some bizarre things, and then snapped out of that state and didn’t remember a thing he had said or done. Charles was stressed, and he didn’t know how he should tackle the situation. Moreover, Joy, the hair and makeup artist, had moved in with Charles and started interfering in every aspect of his life. Charles loved the women, but he was not used to someone poking their nose into everything he did. He knew that Joy’s actions were coming from a place of genuine affection and care, but still he was not able to get accustomed to it and neither was he able to tell her the issues that he was having.

Moreover, the performance anxiety had made things even worse for him. One time he was making an omelet, and he performed the entire thing without getting zoned out. Charles realized that if he kept doing something else and distracting his mind, he would be able to sing the entire song without any problems. Charles tried that on stage, and he mimicked the entire action of making an omelet, which made it look very weird but he was able to deliver his lines without getting zoned out. Oliver didn’t understand what he was doing, and he told Charles that he couldn’t do it like that and would have to find some other way to execute the scene.

In Only Murders In The Building Episode 4, Mabel, Oliver, and Charles saw that someone had written something obscene on the mirror in Ben’s guest room. The person had used lipstick, and all three of them agreed that whoever the lipstick belonged to could possibly be the killer. Oliver had realized one thing: Joy’s presence had a role to play in whatever problems Charles was facing during the performance. He had known Charles for many years, and never had it happened that the man became so nervous and did such bizarre things. Oliver had a conversation with Charles and told him that he was not ready for commitment and was having issues that were impacting him so adversely that he should inform Joy about them and try to reach a solution.

Charles had decided to talk to Joy, but just before initiating the conversation, he once again went into that hallucinatory space, and when he came to his senses, he was down on one knee and holding a ring in his hand. Charles accidentally proposed to Joy, and she gladly accepted the offer as she had been waiting for it for a long time. Just then, when all this was happening, Oliver and Mabel also walked in, and they saw whatever had happened.

During Only Murders In The Building Episode 4’s ending, Joy saw the lipstick in Mable’s hand, and claimed that the lipstick belonged to her. Charles, Oliver, and Mabel stood there shocked, fully understanding what it meant. Though it was a shocking revelation, we believe that Joy didn’t have anything to do with the murder; if she had then definitely she wouldn’t have said that the lipstick belonged to her. Most likely, some other person would have stolen it from her and written those words on Ben’s mirror. In the upcoming episodes, we will get to know if Joy was innocent or not, and it will also be interesting to see what Mabel decides to do regarding the offer given to her by Cinda Canning.

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