‘Percy Jackson And The Olympians’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Hermes Help Percy?


In Percy Jackson and the Olympians, we saw how Annabeth, Grover, and Percy were headed to Santa Monica when they crossed paths with Ares, who told them that the war between the gods was inevitable. When Annabeth and Percy left to bring back the shield, Grover sat with Ares, and he got an idea, after listening to Ares, that who could be the person who had stolen the master bolt. Ares, as promised, sent the kids in a cargo truck to the Lotus Casino, where he told them to meet Hermes. He had said that Hermes’ personal driver would take them to the realm of Hades, and from there on, they could do whatever they wished. We also saw how Annabeth stood up for her friend when the time came. She told Hephaestus, the god of craftsmen, that for Percy, power and glory didn’t matter, and at that moment, she wanted to be more like him than any of the gods and demigods. Hephaestus released Percy because he saw resilience in Annabeth’s eyes, and he knew that she probably wouldn’t be able to bear the loss. So let’s find out what happened in Percy Jackson and the Olympians episode 6 and if the trio was able to reach the Underworld.

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What did Percy see in his dream?

While Annabeth, Grover, and Percy were in the truck, they talked about who could be the lighting thief. Grover, while talking to Ares, figured that he was desperately trying to cover up for somebody, and knowing the kind of man he was, he wouldn’t have done it for anybody else other than his daughter Clarisse. Their assumption was validated when Annabeth contacted Luke back at the camp, requesting the god of rainbows, Iris, to help their cause. The kids escaped from the truck because they didn’t trust the intentions of the driver, and then they finally reached the Lotus Casino, where they were supposed to meet Hermes. While on their way, Percy opened up about the vision he had been getting lately.

Percy used to have these strange dreams that felt like reality, but this time around, they were very eerie and weird. He was in the dream of another man, and he was eavesdropping on him when he was talking to the person he had ordered to steal the master bolt. The man we saw at the beginning of episode 6 was Hades, God of the Underworld, and he was telling his disciple, Clarisse, how the war between Zeus and Poseidon was just the beginning. The plan was much larger than the fight between the gods, and Percy couldn’t get to know what it was exactly that Hades had in his mind. Percy told Annabeth about it, and that’s when they realized that even the gods didn’t know what fate had in store for them. The entire universe felt like the war between Poseidon and Zeus was the end game, but it was not so.

Did Hermes help Percy?

The kids reached the casino, and now the biggest problem they had on their hands was to find Hermes and convince him to lend them his driver. Annabeth and Grover both knew that Hermes wouldn’t listen to them at all, but the former had something in mind that she knew could help their cause. Annabeth told Percy that she had spent a lot of time with Luke when Grover wasn’t around, which was why she knew a lot of things about him that others didn’t. Luke’s mother was a seer, and sometimes, she saw scary things that had the potential to scar her for life. Luke always blamed his father, Hermes, for not helping her cause and abandoning them when they needed him the most. Annabeth knew that if she told Hermes that they were friends of Luke, then there was a chance that he would listen to them and help them reach the Underworld. But it was not going to be easy to do that, firstly because the lotus fruit, which made people forget their memories, was infused in the air, and secondly, because time functioned differently inside the facility. Every minute on the inside was equivalent to many hours in the outside world. Grover met Augustus, one of his uncle Ferdinand’s friends, and he thought that the man would help him find Hermes, but it was not so. Grover forgot everything, and he started playing a game, unaware of the fact that they were all on a timeline. Percy and Annabeth were able to find Hermes, and when the former told him about Luke, he couldn’t say no to the kids, so he gave them his magic car.

Was Percy able to reach the Underworld on time?

Though Hermes gave the kids his car, he told them that they would have to drive it on their own. Also, unfortunately, the summer solstice had passed, and since time worked differently inside the casino, the kids never realized that. But still, Percy wanted to give it a shot, as his mother’s life was at stake. As soon as they exited the parking lot, the car took them in front of a beach. Percy realized that he would have to go inside the water and see if his father was there. Poseidon waited for his son for the longest time, from when he turned up until the summer solstice, to prepare for the battle. Percy met Nereid underwater, and he told him what he saw in the dream and how the war between Zeus and Poseidon was not the end game. Nereid told Percy that his father had left a message for him, and he wanted her to stay back and drive it to him. Poseidon wanted to tell his son that he was proud of him and that he should go back to the camp and wait for further orders. But Percy knew that he couldn’t stop unless and until he saved his mother. He told Nereid that he was going to the Underworld to save her. Nereid gave Percy four illuminated pearls, and she told him that they would help him buy a safe passage out of the Underworld. In the subsequent episodes, we would get to witness the kind of challenges Percy, Annabeth, and Grover would have to face going forward in the realm of a god who had made his life’s mission to destroy everything that stood in his way.

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