‘Queen Of Tears’ Episode 13 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Is The Surgery A Difficult Choice For Hae-In?


Queen of Tears episode 13, is yet another filler episode, or at least that’s what it feels like to me. What’s fascinating about this show is that, though it feels like there’s a lot happening and every second of the episode counts, at the end of it, barely anything’s happened. I don’t know how to explain it, because I’m not trying to say that the show doesn’t progress at all. It does, but almost like an illusion. Episode 12 was quite the hard-hitting episode with the chairman dying, or essentially killing himself, because he felt tortured living on with the mistakes he made and the company he kept. He was under the misconception that his family didn’t really care for him, but in truth, they did, and Seul-Hee was the one who cheated him. Seeing how the family completely broke down hearing what happened to the chairman proves that they all did love him dearly; they just never had the chance to express it, building up Queens Group and all of that. Anyway, let’s quickly jump into episode 13 and find out if Hae-In can, in fact, save herself. 

Spoiler Alert

Does the Hong family find the money? 

At the beginning of Queen of Tears episode 13, we see a young Hong family enter the new house (the one in which they’ve been residing all this while) when the chairman shows the family the way to his secret panic room. In the present day, when the family makes it there, there’s no money left, which means Seul-Hee’s already got to it before them. After an argument with Seul-Hee as to what’s going to happen with the house, Hae-In finds the pen that she had given her grandfather. In there, he has saved a message for the family, his gratitude for them, and his regret for spending his whole life worrying about money. At the funeral, Hae-In tells Hyun-Woo that she feels like this is a rehearsal for her own death. Once she’s in the soil, she’ll be all alone; she doesn’t even know if people will mourn her. However, Hyun-Woo assures her that her family does care for her deeply. Hae-In has finally come to the realization that she wants to enjoy life now, and she wants to create good memories. Additionally, she’s finally expressing her feelings, basically crying when she feels like it, because it’s like this whole time she’s been resisting the urge to feel, so she’s finally exploding with emotion. On the other hand, we see Seul-Hee show Eun-Sung the money that the chairman had stored away. She tells him that this will keep them safe, basically a fight they can put up with the Hongs. 

Back in Yongdu-ri, Hyun-Woo gets a call from Germany telling him that Hae-In can be saved. However, there’s one minor problem with the procedure. Since it has to do with the brain, there’s a chance that Hae-In will forget all her long-term memories. Hyun-Woo tells Hae-In’s father and his own the news because, at that moment, they’re the ones with him. Hae-In’s father tells Hyun-Woo to keep the memory loss a secret because they all know that Hae-In would rather die than survive with memory loss. Hyun-Woo listens, and the whole family rejoices when they learn that Hae-In can be saved. It seems like things are finally coming back to the way they were, and the family can now go back to Seoul. 

Before leaving, Hae-In and Hyun-Woo spend a day out together, and Hae-In promises to tell Hyun-Woo three secret truths. She tells him that she’s now going to make good memories with him because they have a future ahead of them. The first secret is about the MP3 player, and Hae-In tells Hyun-Woo that it belonged to her back in the day. To her surprise, Hyun-Woo actually remembered her but just didn’t know that the girl was actually Hae-In because she left the country the next day. Essentially, they’ve both just realized that their unison was fate. 

In terms of Hyun-Woo’s plan regarding Eun-Sung, it’s finally working, and Eun-Sung takes the bait, using the secret fund. On the other hand, Hae-In and Hyun-Woo plan on living separately from the family in Hyun-Woo’s tiny Seoul apartment before they go to Germany. At the same time, Soo-Cheol decides it’s best if he and his family stay back in Yongdu-ri for the time being. Grace learns about Da-Hye’s return, and Seul-Hee is furious that the girl betrayed her for mere “conscience” after everything she’d done for her. 

Does Hae-In learn the truth? 

Hae-In’s mother tells her that she’s going to try and behave like a normal mother, but it’s going to take her some time. Hae-In agrees that it should be a gradual process because they will now have all the time in the world, and it would be like whiplash if it happened overnight. Back in Seoul, Hae-In and Hyun-Woo start living like newlyweds. They’re finally doing the kinds of things they missed out on the first time around. Hae-In is also wearing the ring Hyun-Woo bought her to “withdraw” the divorce. Hae-In also spends time with her assistant, looking at the department stores and making plans for when she comes back. What once used to be a task for her is now time well spent with a good friend. After they do some shopping, Hae-In realizes that she’s looked at the store all wrong because she only saw it as a money-making tool. She’s finally got the heart to actually consider customers as humans rather than just vapid consumers. 

The other two secrets Hae-In tells Hyun-Woo are: First,  he was her first love, and she used to follow his bus around when he left work back in the day because she was madly in love with him (this is somehow not creepy, okay?). The other one is that the raccoon on their office roof was made up. Eun-Sung also learns about Hae-In’s surgery and tells Hyun-Woo that he better keep the memory loss a secret from Hae-In because he has feelings for her and so she must survive. This guy still thinks he has a chance with her, and he’s going to pray she forgets all her family and Hyun-Woo. 

At the end of Queen of Tears episode 13, Eun-Sung follows Hae-In and Hyun-Woo to Frankfurt, and the broker is found dead in a remote place in Seoul. Just before Hae-In can go into the hospital, Hyun-Woo tells her the truth about the procedure because she deserves to know. Hae-In can’t believe he’s asking her to make a choice between forgetting her loved ones and dying, but Hyun-Woo tells her that he’s not, and he simply wants her to listen to him and survive because he’ll make sure he brings back her memories of them. In the epilogue, we see Hyun-Woo make a video for Hae-In after the surgery. He begins to cry at the end of the video (because he’s Kim Soo-Hyun). Whatever happens, Hyun-Woo will make sure that he and Hae-In are together, because it’s literally fate for them. 

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