‘Queen Of Tears’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Hae-In Get Better?


I love Kim Ji-Won, Kim Soo-Hyun, and Park Sung-Hoon, but even for an avid K-drama fan like myself, each episode being over 80 minutes long simply feels impractical. I mean, sure, it’s a good show; it has a lot to say, but this is 16 episodes; many have done it in less than 10 now, so can we please cut down the runtime by just a bit? All I’m asking for is a crisp 60 minutes; it’s definitely enough time for all the drama! In Queen of Tears episode 7, Hae-In and Hyun-Woo reconcile in Germany, and it’s like their little paradise until Hae-In’s family finds the divorce papers in Hyun-Woo’s safe. They’re only found because Hae-In’s grandfather was bugged by someone, and the transmitter was found in Hyun-Woo’s room, making him the biggest suspect. So, immediately, Hae-In’s mother calls her and tells her about the divorce papers, leaving her in utter dismay. They were just getting along again, but it seems the little bubble is just as easily burst. So, here is the recap of Queen of Tears episode 7.

Spoiler Alert

What Happens Back in Korea? 

Queen of Tears episode 7 takes off right at the end of episode 6. Hae-In confronts Hyun-Woo about the image and begs him to say that the divorce papers weren’t his doing, but Hyun-Woo decides not to lie to his sick wife. She even realized he was going to do it right before she told him she was dying, so she thinks he’s taking advantage of the situation. Which is partially right. Though Hyun-Woo decided to cancel the divorce because he simply had to be with Hae-In for another 3 months, he’s now been reminded of his feelings for her. Hyun-Woo tries to console Hae-In by telling her that their lock is still there, but when they return to the hotel, she simply walks out on him. Suddenly, she finds herself in the middle of the street, right in front of an oncoming car. Hyun-Woo saves her in the nick of time, and she tells him that there’s no point saving her now, so the next time something like this happens, he should just let her die. In the hospital, Hyun-Woo learns that the treatment hasn’t worked, and the fact that Hae-In is walking into the streets just like that means her will to live isn’t strong, making it difficult for her body to heal as well. Seeing as she doesn’t want to listen to anything Hyun-Woo has to say, he instead tells her that she has to live on to watch him suffer. He claims she can’t give up so easily because that would mean victory for Hyun-Woo himself. Though it breaks his heart, he tells her the truth about how he felt living in that house for the past few years.

Back home, Da-Hye seems to be having second thoughts about her husband. It’s almost as if she’s got real feelings for him now. Innocent Soo-Cheol thinks his aunt and his brother-in-law have teamed up to “dethrone” him because he found them secretly meeting at night. This was when his aunt confronted Hyun-Woo about sending Hae-In to Germany alone. Back at home, in the chairman’s office, a discussion about who should take the fall for the embezzlement case is being discussed. Apparently, it’s an experience nobody can teach, so Soo-Cheol is considered the top candidate. On the other hand, the deal between Soo-Cheol and Eun-Sung is finalized just as Hyun-Woo and Hae-In return home. Eun-Sung’s plan is materializing perfectly. At home, Hae-In and her family discuss how to make Hyun-Woo suffer for even considering getting a divorce. Firstly, they must find out everything he’s been doing, so they have him followed and get his business audited, too. On the other hand, Soo-Cheol reminds Hyun-Woo that he’s not going to replace him, but Hyun-Woo takes the opportunity to remind him to stay wary of Eun-Sung. 

Hyun-Woo is quick to catch on, and when he’s asked to meet the chairman, he has pictures ready to inform him who might be involved in the embezzlement. But the only problem is that he doesn’t know who bugged the chairman, though he’s close to finding the answer. Being close is, of course, not close enough. In the meantime, Beom-Ja is on a mission to get Seul-Hee to confess that she has a son or that she’s been scamming the family for the last 20 years because there’s no other way Beom-Ja can get rid of her. 

Does Hae-In sign the papers? 

In the meantime, Hae-In signs the divorce papers, but she makes the rules here, so Hyun-Woo has to stay put until she decides when she’ll file the papers. Innocent as he is, Hyun-Woo is okay with it all if it means Hae-In’s safety, but he also tells her to stay away from Eun-Sung anyway. She says she’s not an easy woman to impress, but he reminds her that he himself impressed her rather easily. At work, Hae-In dresses in her most glamorous and extravagant outfits (no, but the red outfit with the gold jewelry is to die for!), making all the employees fear for their lives. It seems she only dresses fancy when she’s truly furious (oh, I like it!). For the next few days, Hae-In does everything in her power to make Hyun-Woo’s life miserable at work. So much so that even the two teams start to worry and make sure they don’t cross paths on a daily basis. In the meantime, Director Jo, the guy responsible for the embezzlement, leaves the country thanks to Grace’s help. 

Eun-Sung has slowly put the puzzle pieces together, and now he knows Hae-In is sick. Da-Hye sees a new side of Soo-Cheol, who wants to do everything he can to look after his son right, so she’s having second thoughts about her move to New York, which is meant to happen in two weeks. Through the private detectives, Hae-In’s father learns that Hyun-Woo has no “other woman.” He simply hangs out alone and spends money in the same places every day. He feeds stray cats and likes to eat alone at a restaurant that sells “grandma’s homemade food.” On the other hand, Hae-In learns that he’s been sending flowers to funeral homes in her name for Queen Group’s employees. Though she is actually impressed by it, she tells Hyun-Woo that he can try whatever he likes to make himself seem like a good person, but she’s still never going to forgive him or forget what he’s done to her—letting go of her hand when she needed him the most. 

What Happens to Hae-In?

Despite Hyun-Woo’s warning, Hae-In meets Eun-Sung for dinner, and after some discussion about work, he tells her to divorce Hyun-Woo, claiming he’ll be his replacement. He then says it was a joke, and he’d be crossing a line if he actually said something like that to her. However, it doesn’t land, and Hae-In tells him that she can’t digest her food when she’s offended and leaves. However, on her way out, she starts to feel ill, and when she looks in her bag for her medication, it’s missing. On the other hand, Hyun-Woo learns that Eun-Sung was an orphan, and he was adopted at age 12 and went to prestigious schools. However, both his adoptive parents died in a drunk driving accident; interestingly, they both never drank. Later, at home, Eun-Sung thinks someone’s breaking into his house, but it’s finally revealed (as we predicted) that Seul-Hee is Eun-Sung’s biological mother, and she planned this whole thing to give them a happy life. Her final goal is for them to take over the Queen group and household so they can live happily ever after and the privileged can rot at the bottom. We see how she suffered in the house before she became the chairman’s lover. But the chairman is still stuck with his family and doesn’t truly see her as his own. To seal the deal, Eun-Seung tells her that she should offer to go to prison instead of the chairman, which she does. 

At the end of Queen of Tears episode 7, Hyun-Woo finds Hae-in feeding the stray cat he likes in the pouring rain. She’s holding an umbrella, but he warms her up with his blazer and asks her where her car and secretary are. She doesn’t know where they are, but suddenly, she doesn’t appear mad at all. When she sees Hyun-Woo getting wet from the rain, she brushes the drops off his shoulder. He starts to bawl his eyes out because she says he shouldn’t worry because there’s a chance they can go to Germany, and she’ll get cured. All he can do is apologize, though she doesn’t know why. She embraces him and tells him not to worry. Ah, so now Hyun-Woo has received a second chance, and this time he will probably not blow it and make sure Hae-In is safe with him and gets the treatment she requires. But additionally, he’ll probably make sure to stay by her side all the time. 

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