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Since we have another series that we cannot get over, it only makes sense that we compile a list of shows that will help us walk off the need for more of the story, Burn The House Down. So, let’s start with this and go in the order given below for the best experience.

Kohrra (2023)

Burn The House Down and Kohrra are two thrillers that were released the same week, and both rank high on quality. While the former is about the secrets that were buried in a house, Kohrra is set in the heartlands of Punjab and explores the clash of personal desires with societal expectations and how the triumph or loss of either leads to disastrous consequences. Both are investigative thrillers that take the process step by step, with a twist in the end that is completely heartbreaking and makes you wonder about the very simple things that could have been done for everything to turn out differently. Kohrra is a must-watch if you cannot get over Burn The House Down.

Paatal Lok (2020)

If Kohrra is on the list, Paatal Lok cannot be far behind. Released in 2020, Paatal Lok quite literally brought freshness to the crime thriller genre, and it must be noted that the creators of this series as well as Kohrra are the same. This is yet another investigative thriller that discusses the disparity between the haves and have-nots, something Makiko Mitarai keenly felt during her days as a so-called social climber in Burn The House Down. In a lot of ways, Paatal Lok makes much more sense because in the Japanese series, Makiko had been painted as a villain through and through, but the Indian show takes the time to explore whether aspiration and the means to achieve it in an unequal society are really worth judging someone over. This is a must-watch regardless, but in the interest of fair warning, be prepared for some very uncomfortable scenes of violence against women. Apart from that, the story is a winner.

The Glory (2022)

Revenge has become synonymous with this Korean drama that was released only recently. There is no investigation here; all the answers are already present. It is the revenge that takes center stage with some really despicable villains, without any room for gray areas. Just like Burn The House Down, Dong Eun in The Glory returns many years later with an elaborate plan in place to set right everything that had gone wrong with her. Unlike the Japanese series, where all Anzu Mitarai wanted was an apology for her mother, Dong Eun has gone far beyond that and wants to give back the same horrific grief to her perpetrators that they had given her. Looking at these two series side by side, we even begin to understand the nature of revenge itself. Anzu was aware that the Mitarai house was no good for her mother, so she settled for an apology. But Dong Eun’s entire life was destroyed, and only just desserts could bring her peace.

Celebrity (2023)

We have started noticing a trend lately: if you have a sizable social media following and care about them, you must be a villain. Unlike Makiko Mitarai in Burn The House Down, Seo A Ri in Celebrity has plenty to say, and that makes the rest of the influencers jealous of her. We experienced some of the social media politics in the Japanese series, but the Korean series makes them its focal point. A lot of it is entirely silly and laughable, despite the seriousness of the situation, but there is something binge-able about the show, and it must be watched.

Remarriage And Desires (2022)

In the interest of full disclosure, we haven’t watched this drama, but the blurb of it on Netflix was enough to catch our interest and note the similarity between it and Burn The House Down. This Korean show is also about a woman looking to take revenge on her ex-husband’s new wife, who was probably the reason for the woman’s “downfall.” In the Japanese series, Osamu Mitarai was simply shown as a man without a backbone who couldn’t think beyond the most selfish and easy way out for himself. However, since we are talking about a Korean drama here, we expect a lot more depth from the characters and the plot itself in terms of the complications that warrant a long-drawn-out revenge saga.

King The Land (2023)

This recommendation is here for a very specific reason, and that is to show what a love story with a brooding man should look like. Anzu being with Kiichi after the way he kept treating her was simply annoying. Their relationship lacked development, and it was an absolute disappointment that they ended up together. But when we talk about King the Land, we see why the leads make sense in a relationship, and Gu Won really goes out of his way to win Sa Rang’s heart. It is quite visible what she sees in him, and that is why you root for this love story with all your heart.

Flower Of Evil (2020)

This particular drama will leave you feeling all sorts of things and debating the pros and cons of the characters’ motivations for days to come. There are a lot of similarities between both shows, except that we can guarantee that Flower of Evil is far more intense. In fact, Burn The House Down is the show to watch if you cannot get over Flower of Evil and not the other way around. Fake identity, a decade-long mystery, false accusations, a proper love story that starts out gray, and a real villain who made it all happen—this Korean drama should be right on your list. Additionally, while Kyoka Suzuki was the one to deliver the hard-hitting performance in the Japanese series, the Korean drama is chock-full of powerful actors, right from Lee Joon Gi to Moon Chae Won and Kim Ji Hoon. If anybody missed the cuteness of Yuzu Mitarai from the manga to the drama, know that Flower of Evil has Jung Seo Yeon, the protagonist’s daughter, who takes complete care of that department. This show is a must-watch.

Hangovers from good shows often lead us down a rabbit hole of similar content and thank God for that because that upgrades our expectations going forward. On that note, we recommend reading the manga of Burn The House Down as well for a more detailed telling of the story.

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Divya Malladi
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