‘Silo’ Season 2 Theories: What Can We Expect Next?


The Apple TV+ original, Silo, left us on a cliffhanger at the end of its first Season, and there are still a lot of things that Juliette, Bernard, and all the other key players need to figure out for themselves. With the second Season already on the cards, there is a lot of anticipation among the fans as to where the storyline and the characters will lead. So, let’s try to speculate on what would happen with these characters in Season 2 and what more secrets we would come to know about the Silo.

Spoilers Alert

Will Martha Form An Alliance Of Rebels?

Martha, at the end of Silo Season 1, came to the realization that she would have to come forward and help Juliette in whatever way she could because hiding in her room and not doing anything was no longer an option. Martha had lived her life in fear, and she had even told Juliette not to mess with these powerful people. But things had changed now and it was about time Martha realized that if she just sat there waiting for a miracle to happen, Juliette would most definitely die as soon as she went out to clean. That’s when Martha came out of her room and met Carla to convince her to use the heat tapes from the mechanical for the suit that Juliette was going to wear. Martha’s efforts didn’t go in vain, and the unthinkable happened: Juliette was able to survive. People gasped in disbelief as they hadn’t imagined that she wouldn’t clean the lenses, and secondly, they hadn’t expected that she wouldn’t perish like Holston and Allison.

We believe that after this episode, Martha will form an alliance, which will mostly consist of people from the Mechanical who love Juliette and are ready to do anything for her. Shirley and Knox would also play a crucial role in Season 2 and would probably join forces with Martha. Knox might have informed the Judicial about Juliette being in Martha’s room, but that was not because he hated Juliette. He had realized that there was no way out, and if he hadn’t informed Bernard about her, he would have put the lives of a lot of people in jeopardy. Bernard and Sims might have thought that they had fooled the people by telling them that it was Juliette who had asked to go outside, but the people were not as naive as they presumed them to be. Rumors travel fast, and it wouldn’t take long for the people to know that there was something fishy with the entire scenario, and Juliette hadn’t asked to go out. We believe that we would witness a civil war-type situation arising inside the Silo, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Martha is the one to lead the army of rebels.

Can Paul Billings And Lukas Kyle Join The Rebellion?

From our viewpoint, Paul Billings and Lukas Kyle are dark horses whose involvement in the rebellion (assuming that it would happen) would totally impact the outcome. Both of them were people with exceptional knowledge; where Paul knew the system and the rules and even held the position of the Sheriff, Lukas’ curiosity and intelligence were his strengths. But the thing is, both of them were quite docile by nature, and they would have to stop being so submissive and make up their mind to fight for the righteous cause. We believe that once things start to weigh on their conscience, they will feel the urge to join the rebellion and make sure that Juliette is able to come back to Silo 18.

Lukas was being sent to the mines, and there is a high possibility that he might discover the underwater door that George Wilkins told Juliette about. We believe that the door leads to a tunnel that connects all the Silos in the region. If Lukas is able to discover that, then maybe Juliette will be able to make a return to Silo 18 using that very route. Paul, on the other hand, would be working closely with Bernard and Sims, and if he is able to win their trust and make them believe that he is on their side, then he could have access to information that no one else does. We believe that for the mutiny to be effective in Silo Season 2, Paul, Luke, Martha, and all the other like-minded people would have to join forces and fight for the cause.

How Will Sims And Bernard Control The Situation?

Bernard and Sims had a lot of damage control to do after what happened at the end of Silo Season 1. Though Sims was still unaware of a lot of things, Bernard knew that all the secrets that he had been able to hide from people could be compromised now. Juliette had escaped, and the look on his face made us realize that he fully understood the consequences that it could have. We saw Bernard hurriedly going inside what was supposedly a server room. We believe that Bernard was in touch with other leaders from the different Silos, and he probably went inside the server room to issue a warning and inform them about what had happened. Bernard would try his best to keep the people in the dark and suppress the rebellion. Bernard is obviously at an advantage as he has the army and all the other resources at his disposal. He knows about things that others don’t, and as long as the people working for him stay loyal, Martha and others would have a hard time waging war against the regime.

Bernard knows that if the people from Mechanical wage a war, they might turn off the generator that provided electricity to the entire Silo, and we believe that he was mentally prepared to tackle that. As for Sims, we believe that for now, he will follow Bernard, as he wants to climb the ladder of success and he doesn’t care much if he is destroying people’s lives in the process. Sims was blinded by his ambition, and maybe he didn’t like Bernard, but that desire to be powerful will act as his fuel, and he will make sure that he does everything to stop the rebellion. Also, the conflict between Juliette and Bernard would be interesting because Bernard never believed himself to be the villain. He believed that whatever he was doing was in the best interests of everyone. Bernard had a lot of faith in the ideologies of the founding fathers, and his strong beliefs will not allow him to give up so easily.

What Will Be Juliette’s Plan Of Action In Season 2?

Though Juliette was lucky to pass the first phase of the conflict, we believe that she has many more obstacles to conquer and numerous battles ahead of her. She was out in the open world, with no knowledge whatsoever about what lay ahead. Now, according to the book, Juliette will meet a man named Solo, and go to Silo 17, which was probably the closest to Silo 18, where she was staying. We don’t know if, in Season 2, the makers will follow what’s mentioned in the book or take a different route, but it seems probable that Juliette will try to seek help from the nearest possible Silo, as we have no clue how long her oxygen supply will last. This is another concern that Juliette would have to find a solution to. We are presuming that the suit she was wearing only had a limited supply of oxygen, and before it ran out, she would have to find a place where she could at least get clean air to breathe. There could be a million things that could pose a threat to her life, and she knew that it was an uphill battle.

It is imperative for Juliette to find help, as she also knows that she cannot stay outside for very long. She would have to find a refuge and also find the means to contact people inside Silo 18, because eventually, we believe that she would return and fight for her rights once again. At this moment, we don’t know if there is anybody else alive or not in the other Silos, and Juliette will have to figure everything out from scratch. Apart from the people inside Silo 18, we believe that Juliette would have to look for an ally in the outside world as well. It is possible that people residing in some other Silo might not perceive her as a threat and take her inside for the time being, but that being said, it is a very long shot, and before that, Juliette would have to find means to survive on the uninhabitable terrain. Juliette wasn’t scared anymore, but we think the worst is yet to come. Juliette was a warrior, and unless and until she has exhausted all her options, she won’t lose hope and definitely won’t stop. We hope that we see her making her way back to Silo 18 in Season 2 and taking charge of things by dethroning Bernard and Sims.

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