‘The Afterparty’ Season 2 Episode 8 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Feng Poison Edgar?


After interviewing Ulysses in episode 7, Danner and Aniq came to the conclusion that interrogating Zoe’s father, Feng, was crucial to solving the murder mystery. In episode 8 of The Afterparty Season 2, Zoe contacts the wedding videographer, Kyler, to gather evidence. Kyler, an amateur skater boy with an interest in creating viral TikTok videos, was invited to the wedding by Feng. The idea was to shoot the wedding as well as promote his ‘Bing’ (Baobing) business. The Afterparty Episode 8 consists of a collection of found footage (thanks to Kyler) that Danner and Aniq analyze to determine whether or not Feng is a possible suspect.

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What is Feng’s story?

After hearing about the murder, Kyler immediately sent the videos he had taken. As it turned out, most of them were promotional videos for “The King of Bing” (the Baobing company founded by Feng). The vertical videos were a testament to Feng’s desperation to convince his affluent son-in-law to invest in his new company. He had borrowed money to invest in the catering truck, and he struggled to pay it back. Feng’s only hope was Edgar, but Edgar was not too convinced about the business. As excited and emotional as Feng was about his younger daughter’s wedding, the constant fear of a failed business kept him on his toes.

Feng knew that the only way to win hearts and money was by serving his delicious baobing at the wedding. But unfortunately, during the rehearsal dinner, he found out that his truck was being towed. His lender wanted him to return the truck, and even though he tried to reason with them, nothing worked in his favor. With the truck gone, Feng decided to make his dessert in the kitchen using his old ice-shaving machine. Even though luck was not on his side, Feng did not lose hope. Since he could not tell Vivian that his business was in jeopardy, he blamed Aniq for his truck getting towed.

Danner had her doubts about Feng the moment she realized he had trouble with his business, but Feng insisted that his business was legitimate and that he was not the crooked man she was assuming him to be. One of the videos shot by Kyler showed Feng requesting Edgar to invest in his business, but his would-be son-in-law was visibly disinterested and walked away. Edgar did not believe that the business would scale enough for him to get good returns. The fact that he had never tasted baobing also contributed to his decision. But Feng was not ready to give up yet. He was confident that once Edgar tried baobing, his opinion would completely change.

The videos not only captured Feng’s desperation but also his need to prove himself to his family. Ulysses had always taken the spotlight away from him, and he believed that by building a successful business, he would finally get the love and attention that he yearned for. Feng’s world revolved around Vivian. Since she loved baobing, he decided to start a business around it. Feng wanted to exhibit his adventurous side through his business. He wanted his family to celebrate him like they did when Ulysses returned home after several years. The baobing business was not just about money; there were a lot of emotions invested in it.


With the only skilled server unavailable, Feng decided to make the baobings for the wedding all by himself. It was challenging, but there was no other way out. According to Kyler’s video, the dessert was quite a success. Most guests loved it and were asking for more. But the success story would make no sense if Edgar rejected it. Feng waited with anticipation as Kyler offered Edgar the dessert. Unfortunately, Edgar was busy conversing with his mother and refused to try baobing. Disappointed and disheartened, Feng was about to give up, but after seeing Vivian and Grace enjoying the baobing he made, he decided to try once again. The business was all about proving himself to his family, and he refused to give up until he tried his best.

At the afterparty, Feng offered Edgar the baobing. He assumed that the personal touch would convince Edgar to give it a try. But his son-in-law was not as easy. Feng was persistent and finally persuaded Edgar to give it a try. After tasting a spoonful of the iced dessert, Edgar remarked that he did not enjoy it. Feng was devastated, and as his last hope, he asked Edgar to offer the dessert to Roxanne. Roxanne could change the game completely, but the lizard’s taste was just like his master’s, and he ended up barfing it up. Feng’s dream was crushed, giving him all the reasons to murder Edgar. But Feng believed the last video exonerated him of the crime.

During the ending of The Afterparty episode 8, it is revealed that Feng had called Kyler the morning after the wedding. He had spent the entire night thinking about ways to make his business profitable, and he video-called Kyler to discuss all the events they could cover in the future. During the video call, Ulysses informed Feng and Vivian that Edgar had passed away. Feng believed that the video call proved that he had not given up hope after Edgar’s rejection. Instead of planning a murder, he stayed up that night and came up with an honest way to build his business. Danner was not quite sure if the video evidence was enough to prove innocence. He needed money, and Grace had not signed the prenuptial agreement; therefore, murdering Edgar was all that they needed to do to get access to his fortune. He could have easily added the poison to Edgar’s dessert, and since Roxanne tried it as well, they both died. Feng had the motive and the opportunity to kill, but he refused to admit that he was the murderer.

While Feng was being interviewed by Danner and Aniq, Vivian came clean to Zoe and Grace about her affair with Ulysses in The Afterparty episode 8. The truth was quite shocking for her daughters, but in the end, they were glad that Vivian was honest with them. Zoe was surprised to find that her parents did not have a perfect marriage, something that she looked up to. The truth helped Zoe understand how every relationship has its own complications, but at the end of the day, it was all about finding someone who celebrated her and who she enjoyed being with. Zoe realized how important Aniq was in her life, and Grace admitted that she was in love with Hannah. Vivian was a little surprised to find out about Grace and Hannah’s relationship, but she decided to be non-judgmental and support her.

Towards the end of The Afterparty episode 8, Danner had enough reasons to doubt Isabel. The interaction between Isabel and Edgar at the wedding dinner piqued Danner’s interest. Isabel seemed to know an important secret about Edgar (perhaps related to his crypto business), and he pretended to divert the conversation. Kyler interrupted them with the dessert, and Edgar seemed quite irritated. Edgar never minced his words, and by episode 8, it is evident that he was a self-centered man who was occasionally arrogant as well. But why was his mother upset with him? Was it because he married someone she did not approve of? Or is it something else altogether? With just two episodes left in The Afterparty, it still feels like we are nowhere close to solving a murder mystery.

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