‘The Gentlemen’ (2024) Cast And Character Guide: Who Brings Life To Guy Ritchie’s TV Show


Guy Ritchie’s latest venture into the television realm is a fantastic crime drama that is equal parts hilarious and gruesome. The show centers around one man and his journey into a shocking world after he inherits his father’s massive estate without warning. You’re right, this all sounds fantastic, but the man soon discovers that he’s been dragged into the hazy world of cannabis and its production. Along the way, he’s meant to befriend (or unfriend) Britain’s biggest criminals while trying to extricate his own family from the weeds. The show, though set in the world of The Gentlemen, brings an entirely new cast and characters—British legends and younglings—for this massively addictive gangster showdown. So, if you’d like to immerse yourself in the world of The Gentlemen, here’s a simple guide to the main cast and characters of the show. 

The Duke: Theo James as Edward Horniman

Firstly, I love to see that actor Theo James has made a proper comeback after his long break thanks to his appearance in shows like The White Lotus. It turns out the Divergent star is actually British (which left me quite shocked, honestly) and seems to have a knack for all things gangster. There’s no denying this casting was purposeful, as Theo’s innocent face and posh accent drive the viewer to follow his every move patiently, even if it may be with the intent of committing crimes. Eddie is the second son of the Duke of Halstead, and his father breaks a 150-year-old tradition of handing over the estate to the eldest son and makes Eddie the new Duke of Halstead when he passes away. For good reason, Eddie never expected to inherit any part of his father’s fortune, so he went on to become a captain in the British Army. This doesn’t seem too bad, no? But Eddie quickly realizes that under the 15,000 acres of farmland, there’s a secret business that he had never known of—the marijuana business. Now, Eddie takes center stage in the criminal underworld, and soon we realize he might actually have a taste for it. 

The Boss: Kaya Scodelario as Susie Glass

For a show called The Gentlemen, there are certain expectations when it comes to female characters and their presence in this “man’s” world. Susie Glass breaks convention and puts everyone in this world in their place. The Maze Runner star (we’ve got some dystopian buddies in this show) is the epitome of British calm and style. Also, she leaves us with this urge to emulate her appearance in this show, just to feel like “The Boss.” Kaya was also previously seen in the British teen show Skins, 2019’s Crawl, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Lies, amongst others. Susie Glass is the cold-hearted daughter of Bobby Glass and looks after her father’s criminal organization while he sits in prison. Susie is omnipresent; she knows everything that’s going on, and she knows exactly how to take care of those who aren’t fit for her father’s organization. While at first Eddie, seems to be a kink Susie needs to straighten out, as the show progresses, that changes quite drastically (no spoilers). 

The Matriarch: Joely Richardson as Lady Sabrina

At first, it appears that Lady Sabrina, the mother of the family, doesn’t have much to say, but it is she who sets things straight for Eddie when he’s in deep water. She’s like a secret weapon of the family, and you don’t really know when she’s going to strike. Being the Dowager Duchess of Halstead, Sabrina’s got an air of authority to herself, perfectly expected of a royal blood, and this makes it seem as if she’s cautious about how she presents herself, but it’s all part of a disguise that allows her to look after her family as needed. You could say most of Eddie’s strategic thinking comes from his cool and collected mother. The veteran actress is a vision of perfection and is best known for her roles in the FX drama Nip/Tuck. You may have recently seen her in the Netflix films Lady Chatterley’s Lover, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and much more.

The Liability: Daniel Ings as Freddy Horniman

For the most part, Freddy is the comic relief in this show. The coked-up elder brother of the Horniman family is what you find inside an eggshell when you ask for a hard-boiled one and get gooey insides. What I mean is that Freddy appears to be a hot-headed mess who does everything on his whim; however, in reality, he’s just got a fragile ego that continues to be bruised when his younger brother inherits his father’s riches. Of course, at this point, Freddy doesn’t know everything else that comes with taking over. While at first, Freddy is still a pompous prick who hates his brother for taking what’s his, he soon realizes that he’s good for nothing except impulsive mistakes and rash decisions. While Eddie tries to figure out how to bring his family back to normalcy, his brother finds a creative spark like never before. I suppose this is a sibling duo you will vouch for by the end of the series. English actor Daniel was previously seen in the popular English show I Hate Suzie, recently in Sex Education, Netflix’s Lovesick, and many more shows and films. 

The Gamekeeper: Vinnie Jones as Geoff Seacombe

If I had to compare, Geoff is like the “Littlefinger” of this world, minus all the weirdness. Geoff silently observes everything and knows exactly what’s happening in every corner of the estate. He’s a man to rely on in every way. He’s also got an unhinged love for any sort of creature that he’s meant to kill on the estate, and he brings them up as pets of his own in his little cottage. Rather than the “Gamekeeper,” he should be known as the “Reliable,” since he’s always there for Eddie and the Hornimans, no questions asked. Though he appears to be a quiet man, there’s also a melancholy around him, and you’ll probably understand why as the show progresses. Actor Vinnie Jones has been on the scene for many years, but he’s also a former professional football player. You may remember him from the 2006 superhits She’s the Man, Gone in 60 Seconds, The Midnight Meat Train, or Vinnie Jones in the Country, where the man takes 2000 acres of countryside land to host a farmyard build project from last year. 

The Grower: Michael Vu as Jimmy Chang

The Glass Empire can’t work without men like Jimmy. The Cannabis Lord (JK), Jimmy, is consistently high as a kite. Despite his important role in cannabis manufacturing, Jimmy’s naive mind can be quite distracted, leading to some unintentional missteps for the whole business. I suppose it’s not uncommon in the world of The Gentlemen, but some are more overtly problematic than others, Jimmy being one of them, though he’s quite the fun guy to hang out with otherwise. The actor has been credited as a writer on Anuvahood and Smutherhood and seems to have appeared in the former as well. 

Ray Winstone as Bobby Glass 

The ring leader, the real boss, and a hardened criminal, Bobby Glass, runs Britain’s countryside weed business with ease. Despite being in prison, he lives in privilege; you’ll know only when you see him. Bobby is the perfect businessman because he knew the problem the British aristocracy was facing: lots of assets but no cash. He presented them with the perfect solution, getting them cash from his cannabis business by using their land as a disguise for his manufacturing units. A lot of what Susie does is clearly inherited from her father, both of whom display high intelligence and a lot of patience in their work. The veteran actor has appeared in many popular films, such as The Departed, Edge of Darkness, Sweeney Todd, and more. 

The Fighter: Harry Goodwins as Jack Glass

Susie’s younger brother and the apple of her eye, Jack, is a boxer who, despite his father’s endeavors, plans on making his own name within the ring. For the most part, Jack steers clear of the business end of things, but whenever Susie needs help, he’s there to lend her a helping hand. I suppose, while their interests are different, Jack and Freddy have one thing in common: their personal exploits do affect their siblings’ plans tremendously. I suppose that’s the charm of loving your siblings in the criminal underworld. There’s no denying this man oozes charm and sensuality, and British model and actor Harry Goodwins seems to be the perfect candidate. 

The American: Giancarlo Esposito As Stanley Johnston

Stanley Johnston (with a “T”) is the rich American here to take the estate off of Eddie’s hands. He’s willing to offer an obscene amount for the Halstead estate. I suppose his posh taste is to blame. Johnston is the outsider that everyone has an eye on; he’s got some tricks up his sleeve that he uses as needed throughout the show. For an American, he knows exactly what he’s doing in the British scene of things and has a special place for the English architecture, specifically owned by the British aristocracy. With exclusive watches and tailored suits for special occasions, he truly lives the life of a gentleman. The American actor is a well-known face, having acted in shows such as Breaking Bad, The Boys, and more. 

Peter Serafinowicz and Pearce Quigley as the Dixon Brothers 

These Scouse brothers are the epitome of drug criminals. Cocaine is their life’s work, and early on, Freddy gets caught in his scary net. Tommy is known as “The Debt Collector,” a reasonable individual when you’re in his good books but big on grudges otherwise. A connoisseur of brightly colored tracksuits, he may appear as just a rich man who likes to sell fish, but in reality, he’s got a brutal streak. On the other hand, his brother, Gospel John, is the more openly violent of the two. He thinks loyalty to Jesus will save him from any crime, even murdering people. So, you can imagine Eddie and Freddy are about to get a biblical treatment of sorts after accidentally crossing these two. Peter Serafinowicz is well-known as an actor and comedian. He voiced Darth Maul in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Pearce Quigley is a stage and screen actor, known for Pie in the Sky, Rovers, The Full Monty, and more. 

The Promoter: Max Beesley as Henry Collins

Collins appears in the show much later, but he has a massive presence. The ex-army man is Susie’s brother’s boxing promoter. There’s an unpredictable nature to the guy despite his military background, and there’s a chance Susie and Jack’s association with him may or may not come back to bite them later. Nobody is as they seem in this world of drugs, crimes, and gentlemen. Beesley is a musician and actor seen in Hotel Babylon, Bodies, The History of Tom Jones, and more. 

While these are the characters to keep an eye out for, some other minor characters are just as entertaining. “Blanket” and “Keith,” the Glass’ loyal soldiers are a stoic duo that do the Glass’ bidding. Stevens is Johnston’s right-hand man. Tammy Horniman, Freddy’s wife, and Charly, the youngest Horniman are a rare sight but quite important nonetheless. Gabrielle is Jimmy’s love interest. The Gentlemen hits Netflix on March 7, 2024. 

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