‘The Killing Vote’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Kwon Seok Joon Related To Gaetal?


The Killing Vote should release two episodes at a time because not much happens in each episode. Lim Ji Yeon makes us love her a lot, and we wish that the MUA had not made her look so pale. Park Hae Jin is good as usual, but it is Park Sung Woong who emerges as the potential show-stealer. Right now, our dominant thought is that Gaetal made an unfortunate choice with the dog mask. It is just funny and not in the way that it can turn scary. The ears hanging off it are the worst touch ever. Maybe it is a tactic to make people like and support him. People respond positively to dogs, not caring that a fox may be hiding behind them all. Sorry for the bad metaphor, but here is a recap of The Killing Vote Episode 3.

Spoiler Alert

What is there in Kwon Seok Joo’s house?

First things first, Kim Mu Chan is not dead, and he was not in the car when it blew up. Joo Hyun managed to get him out of there just in time and drag him away, though the woman with him was not so lucky. Mu Chan has suffered minor injuries and is in the hospital for treatment, but it has been announced to the public that he is in a critical condition. As the reporter Chae Do Hee puts it, even the police need some marketing, and this is for that benefit. Ever since Gaetal started his operations, the police have been derided for not doing their jobs properly, either in gathering evidence against the criminals or in stopping Gaetal, but most of all because they believe that Gaetal is the right person and the police are just hindering him. This move by Mu Chan is to turn public opinion away from Gaetal and in favor of the police. Gaetal needs public support and validation for his actions, and Mu Chan takes it away from him by showing him as a ruthless murderer who is reckless with his actions and doesn’t really care for justice.

Joo Min, Joo Hyun’s sister, was formerly part of Gaetal’s fan club but had been questioning his actions and her loyalties as of late. Seeing him do this to Mu Chan turns her away from him, similar to a lot of other people. Meanwhile, Joo Hyun is furious at Mu Chan for this whole charade and worries about what would happen if this got out. People are rallying in support of the death of the woman, and her husband is not likely to collect her body. Her stepchildren are relieved that they won’t have to deal with her again, and the officer watching this knows that the woman’s death may have been a blessing. But on the other hand, the public is a little delusional with their support of Gaetal and ends up creating a bit of a riot by taking things too far. This makes it hard to negate the necessity of Mu Chan’s move.

Back with Joo Min, she finds that her sister has come home tired and dull in the early hours of the morning. Min wants to be a reporter in the future, and she shares her sister’s spunk in the way that she is already shaping herself up for the job. The previous night, she took pictures of two kids giving some photos and videos to a man in exchange for money. Min doesn’t know what it is about, but she has kept a record of it. She does quite a few things like that, and she describes it as “reporter’s intuition.” We wish that intuition worked with her teacher, Lee Min Soo, who seems to bring some sort of trouble. A police officer had called him Lee Yun Seong and mistaken him for a student, but surprisingly, Min Soo had started walking away upon hearing that name, as if it were his real identity.

At his house, his mother, Min Ji Yeong, sees an opportunity with Gaetal. She feels that he has the capability to influence people, and we don’t understand what or why, but she plans on using that for her own campaign. It has been established that she may be a villain, but whether she will join hands with Gaetal or become one of his targets remains to be seen. It could also have something to do with her son, who is being shady not just at home but also at school. It is not okay for a teacher to put their hands on a student’s shoulder and squeeze it, but sadly, only Ji Hoon notices it. At least Ji Hoon’s interest in Joo Min is far more decent and obvious, enough for her to trust him and ask for his help. These two are cute together, and when Min sneaks into her sister’s room to watch Gaetal’s first video from her laptop, Ji Hoon points out that this could have serious repercussions.

Joo Hyun finds out what the kids are up to, and it is the first time we have noticed that it is funny when she screams. If we ever rewatched The Glory, we would be unable to take her seriously, no matter how good of an actor she is. The three of them figure out that Gaetal shot that video in Kwon Joo Seok’s house, once again bringing up a connection between these two individuals. Joo Hyun sends a message to Mu Chan about going into the house, and he escapes from the hospital in disguise to assist her. That was a wise call because there was someone else in the house who managed to escape from them.

How is Kwon Seok Joon related to Gaetal?

When Joo Hyun and Mu Chan meet Seok Joon, they ask him whether he knows anything about Gaetal and why he would be using his house for his activities. As a reply, Seok Joon tells them the meaning of the writing on the wall of his house. His daughter had been stabbed 22 times by the murderer, and as revenge, Seok Joon had done the same thing to him. But his hand had slipped due to the rain at the 13th stab, and it wasn’t in the exact same way as his daughter’s wound. He feels the writing on the wall could be indicative of that. Seok Joon had never said it out before, and it wasn’t even in the autopsy reports, but if the killer really knew Seok Joon, then he knew this secret of his as well.

Seok Joon ends by saying that Joo Hyun shouldn’t trust Mu Chan too much. He doesn’t offer any explanation for this, but Joo Hyun wonders if this has anything to do with the fact that Mu Chan was the investigator in Seok Joon’s daughter’s kidnapping case. While it is a mystery for another day, Gaetal makes his move during The Killing Vote‘s ending, by revealing to the world that Mu Chan was unharmed and had been rescued by Joo Hyun right before the blast. This had all been a trick by the police, and this video puts them in the negative spotlight once again. Mu Chan is unperturbed and promises to hunt down Gaetal at any cost.

Final Thoughts

The Killing Vote is not that great a drama, and the pacing of it is absolutely terrible, considering the decision to release only one episode per week. But the police officer who keeps taunting Seok Joon seems to hold some promise to create chaos. Maybe he will be the next clue to Gaetal for the police officers. Let’s see where it goes.

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