‘The Marked Heart’ Season 1: Ending, Explained: Does Simon Save His Daughter & Avenge His Wife?


“The Marked Heart,” a Netflix Colombian thriller drama series, examines how organized crime operates as a broad network attempting to benefit from human trafficking and illegal organ donation. The Duque family is caught off guard when their car tire bursts, and they collide with a tree after Simon tries to gain control of the car. When Valeria Duque is forcibly removed from the passenger seat, Simon Duque, her husband, who is delirious from the impact, goes to extraordinary lengths to avenge his missing wife and uncover the truth.

When Simon meets Camila, they both feel a mutual attraction that feels so natural to them, as well as Simon’s children, that reality changes for the both of them. Camila is hiding a grave secret, and worlds collide only when the truth is revealed. “The Marked Heart” makes sure to keep us captivated as we learn about a lady who inherits a particular human organ from an unknown person. Instead of the heart accepting the new body, it begins to move towards its previous life rather than accepting a new body and life. 

Major Spoilers Ahead

‘The Marked Heart’ Season 1: Plot Summary – What Does Camila Do When She Learns Of The Donor Of Her Heart?  

Cardiomyopathy is a sensitive condition caused by a congenital heart defect that prevents the heart from adequately pumping blood. This causes weariness, shortness of breath, and weakness. Our protagonist, Camila, was born with this disability. Her narrative begins as she is running late for a wedding after photographing the Marathon. While her to-be-husband Zacarias waits for her at the altar, she runs home and tries to get ready. When she collapses at the altar, Zac rushes her to the hospital, where the doctor orders a heart transplant immediately.

With her challenging and delicate condition, Zacarias has negotiated a risky arrangement with an organized crime group to illegally obtain a heart. Sarmiento, who works with three doctors, is the organization’s leader. Drs. Robles, Caraassco, and Montejo are all doctors involved in this group. Mariachi, his attaché, is in charge of all activities alongside Garabato and Rojo. Camila’s condition eventually stabilizes, and she returns home. The same night, Zacarias returns to tell her that he has a new heart for her. She is astounded, and she goes through the surgery fearful of not waking up the next morning.

When the transplant happens, she wakes up feeling well for the time being. She is breathing normally, and all of her vital statistics are correct. She returns home and resumes her photography career. When she returns to the office the next day, she becomes increasingly intrigued by the donor and begins to ask questions. Some people say that asking these questions is risky since the person who has the heart could return to the donor’s life and assume their identity. It’s also why they don’t reveal the names of their donors. Camila begins to suffer horrific nightmares that cause her to wake up shaking. It’s almost as though it’s taking over her reality.

When her office assistant named Alvaro, reminds her that there is another method to find out after informing her that going down this road is a poor idea, she persists. Alvaro tries to bribe Karla, the surgical assistant who assisted Carasco. Carrasco finds out and informs Zac, who warns Alvaro not to pursue this any further. When Alvaro says he can’t go any farther, Camila confides in her closest friend Tata about seeing a seer and doing an Ayahuasca ritual to help her see and understand her dreams.

Camila’s first encounter with the astral realm occurs during the ceremony, and she begins to converse with her consciousness about why her body’s heart is speaking to her so strongly. She hears of a woman who has suffered in these visions and dreams, and she is told that this heart is not hers or for her. After the ritual, Camila falls unconscious in Tata’s car to awaken in the hospital. When Zacarias arrives at the hospital to find her, he loses his cool with Tata, but Camila tells him to calm down because it was her idea. Zacarias’ anxiety levels begin to soar.

When Camila receives the new heart, she begins to see Zacarias from a new perspective and grows distant with him. She attends a concert and snaps a photo of Simon Duque, who is also attending the event. They become buddies after she starts talking to him. Camila feels a great sense of love and passion when she is with Simon, as the two of them begin to bond. Simon offers to get to know Camila better because he sees this as an opportunity to go on with his life after the devastating loss of his wife, whom he will not forget.

‘The Marked Heart’ Season 1: Ending Explained – What Does Simon Do To Save His Daughter And Have The Accused Arrested?

Camilla can’t stand the nightmares she’s been having. After her consciousness transforms, she begins to take greater action. She realizes that it’s past time to learn more about Valeria’s photograph. She has yet to discover her name, but the sight is all too familiar. She invites Simon to her exhibit after meeting him. He finds an excellent photograph of Valeria running her Marathon near the finish line at the exhibit. He informs Camila right away that it’s a picture he wants before anybody else. Her instant attachment to the photograph surprises her, but she accepts it.

Camila begins learning to cook and create pizzas after Simon invites her to his pizzeria. Simon eventually informs her that something terrible has occurred to his wife. Slowly, she understands that it could be his wife’s heart in her body that is triggering vivid feelings of love for Simon. She has no control over it because Valeria’s heart is reaching out to her husband.

Camila’s dreams don’t just affect her; they affect Simon and his son as well. Lucas starts wetting his bed, and Simon has a lot of intense dreams. Everyone is ignorant that a link has been established. Camila’s dreams are mirrored by Zacarias’s, who develops a fear of water. Camila is drawn to the lake one day, where Valeria’s body is discovered, and she encounters Valeria’s lifeless body floating in the water. Simon is still searching for answers regarding his wife’s death. He tells Camila that he is growing increasingly impatient to learn the truth about his wife’s heart. He begins to have faith in Inspector Renteria’s investigation.

When Simon decides to go after the organized crime unit himself, he sets himself on a risky path. The first time he is forced into a van and beaten up because he is desperate. He tries again to locate a nurse who aided in the operation. When they locate a means to contact one of the doctors, Renteria assists him. When Valeria’s postmortem is completed, they discover that she was pregnant. He is even more enraged now that he has lost two people: his wife and his unborn child. He succeeds in locating Karla, a nurse who aided in the procedure to extract his wife’s heart, but she is unable to be protected from Sarmiento’s men with the help of police protection.

Simon gradually reveals everything he knows to his brother-in-law and Valeria’s sister, who occasionally looks after the children when Simon is on the lookout for Sarmiento’s men. When Karla mentions a doctor who may have operated on Valeria, Simon’s suspicions are confirmed. Simon keeps a close eye on him once he learns his name. Samantha, Simon’s adolescent daughter, struggles to find a constructive outlet for her grief. She meets Tomas, a sweet guy whom she falls in love with after he overdoses and returns home from the hospital. Tomas has a shady relationship with Mariachi’s men. These men try to catch hold of him to have Tomas pay them back, but their threats backfire when Tomas’s grandfather begins a shootout at home when Samantha is present with Tomas in the house. One of Mariachi’s men, Rojo, is killed by Samantha, and she runs back home petrified.

Camila is aware of the reality but is unable to inform Simon. She holds her tongue even though she wants to scream it from the rooftops because the anguish she feels is unbearable. Valeria seems to be screaming through Camila’s body. Only now is everyone starting to notice. With the help of a hacker, Camila confirms that Zacarias is behind the whole plan and selects Valeria as a donor candidate.

Camil’s relationship with Zac is deteriorating, and she finds it difficult to be near him. Sarmiento enters Zacarius’ life smoothly and strongly, demanding that his organization be recognized by potential presidential contender Braulio Cardenas. Zac tries to hold off as long as he can, but once Cardenas wins, Sarmiento makes his way to the election party.

Sarmiento has formed a dialogue between himself and Camila at this party, and Camila is wary of him. When Simon finds his way to Mariachi’s group near the end of the season, he pulls off a brilliant disguise. He informs them that he is looking for a job and is eager to join his group. Simon is running out of time, yet he understands the need for patience. Simon, disguised as Mariachi, is welcomed into the group and begins performing odd chores.

Camila tries to tell Simon they can’t see each other anymore when she returns after a long time due to Zacarias’ continual suspicion of her being unfaithful, but the truth is she and he both want him more than anything. At Simon’s house, they both indulge in a moment of desire in the shower. But then something happens. When Simon sees her scar, he asks Camila when she had her heart transplant, and Camila almost passes out. He rushes her to the hospital, where the doctor informs him that Camila’s heart is rejecting her body. His entire world starts to whirl.

Tomas is in serious difficulty with Mariachi’s right-hand man, Garabato. Garbato and his men bind him with a rope and hang him from the ceiling, asking that he summon his lover so they can extract her liver after inspecting it. After great physical suffering, Tomas eventually makes the call, but she shouts she has to get away at the last minute of the conversation. This informs Sam that something is amiss with Tomas and that she must intervene.

While Tomas is still dangling from the rope with his hands tied over his head, Simon is in the hospital attempting to persuade Renteria that Camila may have Valeria’s heart, but no one has proof. When Zac realizes Camila is not at home, he rushes over to Simon’s house to see whether she is there, knowing she is a frequent visitor and about the affair she is having with Simon. Sam informs him that she has been admitted to the hospital. Simon runs up to Zacarius in the hospital, asking him every question he can think of about his wife’s heart and demanding an explanation for how Valeria’s heart ended up inside Camila.

Simon is still obligated to Mariachi and must resume his duties. When Sarmiento arrives at the spot, he instructs his men on a new operation to be carried out, but only after the blood of the new donors is tested, with or without their consent. Zacarias is also present at the encounter, which Simon records on his phone using a video camera. However, he is surprised to see Samantha there with her boyfriend, Tomas. Tomas and Samantha were attempting to flee when Sam’s pizza delivery scooter became stuck, and they fell off, only to be discovered by Garabato.

Simon’s fortitude is pushed to the test as he sees that the situation is far more serious than he had anticipated and that he must act swiftly. When he gets the chance, he frees Tomas, and the two of them prepare to hunt Mariachi and Garbato. On Renteria’s orders, the cops arrive, and Sarmiento’s men are apprehended after a major gunfight. Before Dr. Montejo can even attempt to slit her insides open, Simon must still rescue his daughter from the operating table. Montejo locates a rifle and shoots Simon in the abdomen, rendering him immobile. Montejo’s medical team is terrified and they run out of the Freight container acting as an operating room. 

However, Simon wakes up in time and shoots Montejo, killing him. Samantha is saved, and they emerge from the operating room. Renteria is hoping Simon will inform him that justice has been done.

Final Words

Renteria never had control in the end because Sarmiento met him before his possible arrest, threatening him that his family would be in danger if he did not do what he was ordered. When his female assistant, Inspector Bracho, discovers that Renteria shot Policeman Jiminez to free Mariachi and his men after they were jailed, she arrests Renteria. When Garabato and his gang member notice Simon’s pizzeria emblem on Samantha’s pizza delivery scooter, they go straight to the pizzeria to threaten Simon. Camila has changed her hairstyle and obtained a new passport. A body that resembles her is discovered in a lake, but she has already flown to another city.

At the end of the day, we know there will be a “The Marked Heart” Season 2 on the road. One could wonder what new lengths Simon will go to attain justice. Is Samantha going to see Tomas again? Will Camila return to Simon now that Zacarias knows she is alive and after Bracho arrests Sarmiento? Season 2 may show Camila’s true motivations, ending hopes that she will stand up for herself and modify the entire scenario to put Zacarias in jail where he belongs.

“The Marked Heart” is a 2022 Drama Thriller Series streaming on Netflix.

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