‘Tokyo Vice’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Did Hayama Banish Sato?


Katagari got a glimmer of hope in the previous episode of Tokyo Vice season 2 when he found one of the shooters hiding in his house. The shooter knew that Tozawa, who had ordered the killing, wouldn’t leave him alive. Jake, on the other hand, had decided to go back to the US, as he got very disappointed after Kurihira wrote an article in which he accused Samantha of having ties to the mafia world. So, let’s find out what happened in the seventh episode and if Katagiri and Jake are finally able to build a strong case against the mafia boss.

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How was Jessica’s mental health? 

Jake finally, in Tokyo Vice season 2 episode 7, went back to his hometown, Missouri, and he met his sister, Jessica, who had been desperately waiting for her brother to come back. Jake’s flight was delayed, and Jessica waited there anxiously to finally hug her brother. Her brother was her biggest strength, and if it were up to her, she would have dragged him back to the US. But as much as she was suffering, she knew that her brother had created a life for himself and he didn’t want to come back. She missed him; she needed him, but still, she loved him so much that she didn’t want him to do something out of compulsion. Jessica was not doing well, and she had been through the roughest phase of her life. She was trying her level best, but she was just not able to cope with the various mental health issues that she was facing. Jessica, for the first time in a long time, was excited about a project where she had to interview a journalist and ask them questions. She asked her brother to volunteer for it, and Jake eagerly agreed.

It was Jake’s father’s 60th birthday, and Jake gave a heartwarming speech, telling everybody how he had always looked up to his father. He told the guests that he had learned from his father to be passionate about one’s profession. He said that he had learned the value of asking the right questions and how the world would be a much better place if people cared for others. He said that his father had a big heart, and even though he had not been the best son, he knew that his father loved him with all his heart. That night, after the guests left, Jake told his father about how he had fallen in love with a girl and the kind of problems she was encountering in her personal life. Jake’s father told him that in a world where nothing was certain and people didn’t even think once before hurting others, he was glad that he had raised a son who had his heart in the right place and, moreover, who was a good man. Jake’s mother obviously wanted him to come back to the US, but this time around, it seemed like she had made peace with the fact that he probably didn’t want to do so at that point in his life. Jake felt a bit overwhelmed by the kind of understanding his parents showed. After a long time, Jake was away from all the chaos. He loved the tranquility; he loved how there was no sense of urgency and how he could just sit idly and enjoy a chilled beer with his father. 

Why did Hayama banish Sato? 

In the previous episode of Tokyo Vice, we saw that Samantha and Sato got intimate with each other, and they both felt at peace in each other’s company. Samantha asked him if they could continue seeing each other. Sato asked her if she was sure that she wanted to do that, as he knew that she didn’t want any involvement with the mafia world. But Samatha wanted to see him, as he was probably the only person in whom she could confide. In Tokyo Vice episode 7, Sato had a talk with his brother, and he told him that the mafia world was a swamp where, if he entered once, he wouldn’t be able to leave. Sato told his brother how Hayama tricked him into believing that Sato’s life was in danger when, in reality, there was no such thing. A Chihara-Kai member overheard their conversation, and he went and told Hayama about it. Hayama, in front of the members, assaulted Sato and told him that he was being banished from the gang. Hayama made it very clear that Keito, Sato’s brother, would stay in the gang, and he had no intention of letting him go. Hayama made a declaration that he wouldn’t stop before he killed Tozawa, probably even if it came at a huge cost. 

What did Katagari find out about Tozawa? 

Katagari was hopeful at the end of the previous episode of Tokyo Vice, and he knew that he might be able to put Tozawa behind bars. He had one of the shooters, who shot at Ishida, in his custody, and he knew that he could make him a state witness and initiate legal proceedings against Tozawa. He convinced the shooter to testify against Tozawa, and he said that he would make sure that his sentence would be reduced. The shooter agreed, and Katagari and Nahato felt as if they had the case in their pockets. Very discreetly, they were taking the shooter to court when two bikers came and shot at their car. They killed the sole witness to the case, and a frustrated Katagari stood there, knowing that he would have to start from scratch.

Katagari, in Tokyo Vice Episode 7, was once again able to make a breakthrough when he got a call recording of Tozawa’s phone, where a lady was calling him from Southern Minnesota. Katagari got to know that somehow Tozawa had flown to the US, and got his liver surgery done there. Katagari called Jake and told him to go to the doctor and try to find out if Tozawa had actually gone there. Jake went there and met Edward Walker, the head of the organ transplant department. Firstly, Edward did not reveal anything, but then Jake saw the watch he was wearing, and he knew that he had been bribed by Tozawa since it was not possible for anybody to get an organ transplant done in such little time. A commoner generally had to wait for an average of five years to get the transplant done, but Tozawa made sure that he got it in a day’s time.

Jake threatened the doctor, and he told him that if he didn’t cooperate, he would make sure that his name would be mentioned in the article that he would publish. The doctor gave in, and Jake told Katagari that his speculations were right. Katagari wanted Jake to immediately fly back to Japan, and the latter was in a fix as he had promised his sister that he would help her in the school activity. Katagari told Jake that many lives depended upon his decision, and that’s when he decided to fly back to Japan. Jake called his father, and the latter was very disappointed with the decision his son had made. Eddie knew that he couldn’t do anything, but he told Jake that he was being very selfish. In my personal opinion, I think these decisions are going to backfire on Jake in the long run.

Often in life, we give so much importance to the work we do that we forget the people who are a part of our lives. For Jessica, her brother meant the world to her, and she was really looking forward to him coming to her school. But now she would have to make peace with the fact that he wouldn’t be around for a long time. In the subsequent episodes of Tokyo Vice Season 2, we will get to know if Jake and Katagiri are able to procure enough evidence to build a strong case against Tozawa or once again the mafia boss gets the better of them. 

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