‘Under The Bridge’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened Between Cam And Rebecca?


In the second episode of Under the Bridge, we saw that Reena’s body was finally found floating in the water, and the entire town was shocked when they learned about it. Josephine had a very disturbing conversation with Rebecca, where she told her that she was the one who killed Reena. Josephine described in detail how she assaulted the poor girl the second time near the bus stop. But something happened at the end that made us realize that maybe Josephine was not telling the whole truth. Josephine saw on the news that Reena was not alive, and she was very shocked. It proved the fact that either she hadn’t assaulted her the second time or that she probably had some other reason to believe that her batchmate was alive. Meanwhile, Rebecca realized that whatever Josephine told her, she would have to inform the authorities. Dusty felt guilty that she couldn’t help her friend, and instead, under peer pressure, she acted selfishly that day. Dusty had been giving blank calls to the Virk family, and she hoped that one day, Reena would pick up the call and the former would get to know that she was alive. Cam found out about Dusty’s calls, and she went to interrogate her. Dusty agreed to tell the truth, as she could no longer bear the guilt. So, let’s recap the events of Under the Bridge episode 3 and find out if the police were able to catch Reena Virk’s murderer.

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Why was Josephine lying to Rebecca? 

The look on Josephine’s face told us that she was lying to Rebecca when she narrated the entire incident and told her how she had killed Reena Virk. Josephine, Kelly, Dusty, and others got a bit paranoid, as they knew that if the police came to know about their involvement, then their entire lives would be spoiled. Josephine told everyone that she didn’t think that Reena would die, and Dusty, who was present at the time the former was narrating the incident to Rebecca, asked her why she was lying. That’s when Josephine accepted that she had made up the entire story. Later, Josephine met Rebecca, and that’s when we learned that she was lying because firstly she wanted Rebecca to write about it, and secondly, it made her feel like her idol, John Gotti. Rebecca was shocked to hear that, but she realized that Josephine, who had lived in foster care her entire life, probably had so much anger inside her that she felt that becoming a criminal was the only way out of the mess. Rebecca realized that she wouldn’t be able to make any fake promises to the girl about taking her to New York, so she told her that she wouldn’t be able to promise her that even if she narrated the events truthfully. Josephine was shattered, and she also knew that she was in a mess.

At the end of Under the Bridge episode 3, we saw that Kelly brought the Steve Madden boots that Reena was wearing on the day she was killed and placed them in Josephine’s cupboard. Josephine just couldn’t say anything because the realization that she was involved in the murder of a girl seeped into her. Josephine probably understood that it was not a crime thriller but real life, and she would have to bear real consequences.

What did Samara come to know about Warren? 

Warren was dating a girl named Samara Bailey, and unlike Josephine and her mean girls gang, Samara was a really sweet and kind girl. Warren Glowatski didn’t have a place to stay at that point in time, and things were getting really difficult for him to handle. Warren took his clothes to Samara’s house to get them washed and that’s when the latter noticed blood stains on his trousers. Samara had a gut feeling that Warren was involved in the entire incident that had taken place, but at that moment, she didn’t say anything to him. Later, when Samara reached her school, she asked one of her friends about it, who was also present at the time Reena was being beaten. That friend told Samara that Warren had beaten the girl, though nobody understood why he had to do that, considering he wasn’t even in the same class as Reena, as he was a year older than her. Samara confronted Warren, and he agreed that he did beat Reena. Warren’s defense was that he had not been himself for the past few months and was having a very tough time coping with life in general. His father left him for a woman, and Warren was having the hardest time going on. Rebecca also chatted with Warren a second time after the party, but she didn’t learn anything about his involvement in the incident. 

What happened between Cam and Rebecca? 

The biggest revelation that was made in Under the Bridge episode 3 was that Rebecca and Cam were romantically inclined towards each other, and a lot of issues were unresolved between them. Rebecca told Cam that she was writing a book on the issue and that it would be great if both of them could help each other’s cause. Cam was hesitant at first, but later, she agreed to it. During the memorial service, Cam saw Rebecca talking to Raj, Reena’s uncle, and she went up to Rebecca and told her how he despised the police officers and abstained from talking to them. Rebecca and Cam decided to meet in a bar that day, where they got a bit drunk, and then one thing led to another, and they found themselves in an intimate situation. The spark that was lost after Rebecca’s brother’s death was once again rekindled. 

Scott Bentland, Cam’s father, felt very strange when Manjit didn’t come to identify Reena’s body in the mortuary and instead sent Suman to do it. Scott had asked his associates to do some background search on Manjit, and it came out that the man had a criminal record. Now that nobody from the family was ready to talk to the police, Cam felt that it would be best if Rebecca went and talked to them since she had a good relationship with Raj. Rebecca agreed to it, and the end of episode 3 left us on a cliffhanger, where we are yet to know what Raj had to say about the issue. We got to know in the previous episode that, due to a lack of evidence, Manjit was acquitted by the court of law, but I believe that wouldn’t stop Scott and other police officers from investigating his past in the subsequent episodes.

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