‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2, Episode 5 Recap And Ending Explained: Who Is The Antler Queen?


After searching for weeks, Misty finally found Natalie in the fifth episode of “Yellowjackets” Season 2. She was quite surprised that Natalie was staying at a facility run by Lottie. She refused to believe that Natalie was willingly staying there, considering Lottie’s mental health history and Natalie’s personal conflict with Lottie. Meanwhile, Callie realized that the man she had been going out with was a police officer. To protect her mother, Callie lied to Jay (Matt Saracusa) about Shauna having an affair with Jeff’s best friend, Randy. Callie confessed the truth to her parents, and Shauna decided to make the lie all the more convincing to the police.

Spoilers Ahead

Is Walter Tattersall Dangerous?

Walter Tattersall tries to convince Misty that his interest in her life is purely innocent. He simply wanted to accompany her while she tried to make sense of her ever-complicated life and friends. But is Walter truly innocent? Considering how he is always drawn to mystery, it is impossible that he never had any interest in the Yellowjackets. He was possibly obsessive about them, and he realized that he and Misty were quite similar. Even if he is not a Yellowjackets fan, he is deeply interested in finding the perpetrator responsible for Adam Martin’s death. He did not trust Misty when she mentioned that she was friends with Martin’s mother, and she downvoted his posts to protect her from further harassment. Walter dug out information about Adam’s mother and found out that she had died. 

According to Walter theory, Misty lied to him because she had killed Adam for her friends. Misty was dumbstruck when she heard his theory and decided to part ways with Walter. But he will not be easy to get rid of. His interest in Misty and her friends is quite concerning. Even though he seemed unbothered by her involvement in a murder case, he might as well have pretended to find some evidence to prove his theory. It is too soon to consider Walter Tattersall innocent. He seems to have an ulterior motive, though we are yet to find out whether it is driven by romantic obsession or a sense of justice.

The past revealed that the first person Misty killed was her best friend in the wilderness, Crystal. The two had become inseparable, and they trusted each other enough to disclose their deepest, darkest secrets. Misty went on to reveal that she had destroyed the emergency transmitter. This was not just another silly secret that Crystal could joke about and forget. Crystal realized that Misty was a psychopath who was responsible for ruining their lives and that the group deserved to know about it. Misty threatened to kill Crystal if she dared to share her secret with others. As Crystal tried to walk away from Misty, her feet slipped, and she fell off the cliff. Partly accidental and partly intentional, Misty blamed the blizzard for Crystal’s sudden disappearance.

What Did Tai’s Alter Ego Want From Van?

Adult Van owns a VHS store that acts as a safe space for queer people. While she was considered legendary among the teenage members of the community, the mortgage letters and the stale doughnuts explain her financial condition. It was just another day at the store when Tai entered through the door. She was startled at first, but eventually realized that Tai was suffering once again. We do not know yet why Tai and Van parted ways, though there seems to be no hatred between them.

Van was the only person Tai could be completely honest with. Tai explained the reason behind her desperation to seek help from her. She was a public figure with a strange altar in the basement that she could never disclose to anyone except Van. While Tai went to sleep, her alter ego woke up. She walked up to Van and kissed her passionately. Van had seen the other side of Tai several times and was not afraid of her. Van demanded to know the reason for her sudden visit, and she answered that they were not at the right place. It seems Tai’s alter ego wants to join Lottie and the purple people. Clearly, there is a driving force that is in some way bringing the surviving Yellowjackets to the facility. It is important to remember that Van lied about her physical health. She mentioned that the medication was for her mother, but she was the one who consumed it. Maybe Van, too, needed saving, and they were heading to the one place that they believed could cure them.

Ending Explained: What Happened To Shauna’s Baby? What Is The Significance Of The Antler Queen? 

Natalie stole the key to Lottie’s cupboard in the previous episode. After sneaking into her office and going through her documents, she found out that Lottie had personal information on every member living at the facility. With the document in her hand, she tried to prove that her followers were being scammed by Lottie, but they spoke in Lottie’s defense. Natalie was surprised to know that the members willingly provided Lottie with their personal information. Lottie reminded Natalie that the entire purpose of their reunion was to find out the meaning behind Travis’s note. By trying psychological therapy, Lottie helped Natalie remember what she had said the last time she met Travis. Travis and Natalie were high on drugs the last time they were together, and Natalie overdosed. She had some disturbing visions when she was on the verge of dying. In her vision, the entire team died during the plane crash. She realized that there was someone else or an unknown dark energy that stayed with them while they lived in the wilderness. And they had brought that darkness with them. I slowed down the video to get a better look at her vision, and at one moment, it looked like she saw herself as the antler queen with black beady eyes. When Natalie described her visions, Lottie was terrified. She noticed her shadow take the shape of the antler queen. The visions indicate that the darkness was not an entity but it was what they carried from the wilderness within themselves. It seems that the darkness wants something from the Yellowjackets, and it is using its power to bring them together.

While the entire team had become Lottie’s followers, Shauna was not convinced of her power. She was irritated by how obsessed Lottie was with her baby. Shauna simply wanted the support of her friends instead of the group prayers and meditation they took part in. Tired of Lottie’s strange behavior, she walked out of the cabin one morning, and Tai followed her. She was disappointed in her new best friend for seeking Lottie’s help. After spending several nights sleepwalking, Tai joined Lottie’s circle to find peace. She was not sure if she believed in her power, but she realized that meditation helped her sleep. Shauna and Tai’s argument was interrupted by a blizzard. “Yellowjackets” Episode 5 ended with Tai focusing on the technique Lottie had taught them to be in sync with nature, and she managed to guide them to the cabin. Shauna was going through labor, and the preview to the next episode shows that she lost her child during birth. Callie’s age explains that she was not the baby Shauna was carrying. Maybe Shauna will blame Lottie for her loss. However, it might be the dark “someone” responsible for it. The darkness wanted blood; it constantly pushed the teammates to the edge, and the baby, in a way, had turned Shauna brutal.

In episode 6 of “Yellowjackets” Season 2, we can expect Shauna to be in trouble after Matt Saracusa finds the lotion-stuffed protection in the hotel room. It confirmed his doubt that Shauna wanted to divert the attention of the police. Jeff chose to keep the police interrogation a secret from the Yellowjackets. The wilderness will reunite the Yellowjackets, and maybe they will confront the darkness one last time. Javi mentioned a friend who had asked him not to return to the cabin; was the friend just a whisper, or did the darkness take on human form and interact with Javi?

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