‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2, Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happened To Shauna’s Baby?


After taking a week’s break, “Yellowjackets” season 2 is back with episode 6. Shauna went into labor in the previous episode, and Taissa was reunited with Van after years of staying apart. Misty managed to enter Lottie’s wellness center, and she was hellbent on rescuing Natalie. Since Taissa’s alter ego wanted to travel as well, it was evident that the wellness center would become the reunion spot for the Yellowjackets. The present timeline desperately needs saving. The writers seem clueless about the fate of the characters, and it has become quite boring to watch. Perhaps the reunion will add to the drama, but nonetheless, with a third season in the works, the series is bound to stretch beyond what is necessary. Let’s walkthrough the detailed recap of Episode 6 of “Yellowjackets” Season 2. 

Spoilers Alert

Natalee and Missy

Natalie blamed herself after realizing that she might have influenced Travis to take his life. He believed in her vision and wanted to confront the wilderness by going as close to death as possible. Travis did not intend to die, but the wilderness took his life, and what he saw before dying remains a mystery. After revisiting her vision, Natalie started to see things more clearly. When she came across Misty at the wellness center, she remarked how they were all the same. Each of them carried a darkness within them that made it impossible for them to connect with anyone else. It was their shared trauma that always brought them back together. Misty enjoyed the attention she received at the center. The fact that she was friends with Lottie and Natalie made her an instant favorite. She initially wanted to confront Lottie and bring Natalie home, but when Lottie asked her to stay to help Natalie recover, she considered the option.

Taissa And Van 

While we do not know what happened between Tai and Van in the past, Tai continues to hold a soft spot for her. Van chose not to entertain Tai’s advances. She was not ready to delve into the past and instead strictly focused on helping Tai. She communicated with her alter ego and found that the other side of Taissa believed that they were meant to be somewhere else. While Taissa wondered where her dark side wanted her to go, she instantly received a call from Misty. Misty informed her about Lottie’s wellness center and that she and Natalie were staying there. Lottie was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and it seemed almost impossible that she was allowed to leave the rehabilitation center she was admitted to. Van agreed to drop Taissa off at the location. She was not interested in finding out about the wellness center. While driving to the location, we get to know that Van is single and only believes in casual dating. Even though she says that it has nothing to do with Taissa, it is possible that she is lying. She did not wish for Taissa to think any less of her, and maybe that was the reason why she wanted to prove that she could take care of herself. In reality, she was suffering physically, financially, and emotionally. Van surely is not much of a sharer, but it seems something tragic happened to make her lose complete faith in Lottie. It is also possible that after Lottie was diagnosed with schizophrenia, Van regretted supporting her whims in the wilderness.

Shauna and Callie

Shauna Shipman and her daughter Callie were called in for police interrogation. In the previous episode, Callie discovered that the guy she had developed a crush on was a police officer. Even though Shauna tried to divert the attention of the police, Matt Saracusa was not easy to get rid of. He was so invested in the case that he did not shy away from examining the protection left behind in the hotel room. The fact that it was stuffed with lotion confirmed his doubt that Shauna Shipman was lying. While Jeff was the one who created the mess, he had no idea that it would go this far. Not only was his wife in trouble, but Callie too was now involved in the situation. Shauna tried to be calm during the police interrogation, but she ultimately lost her cool. She was frustrated with her life. She had no intentions of marrying Jeff, yet she did it out of social obligation. She did not wish to become a mother, yet she did not have any say in it. She believed that she started out as a good person, but life made it impossible for her to be good. Shauna agreed that she had an affair with a man she met accidentally. Matt Saracusa had somewhat of a confession.

Meanwhile, Callie refused to give any details to Kevyn. She instead accused Matt Saracusa of forcing himself on her. She was a minor, and her accusation could destroy him. Shauna had unintentionally planted the idea in Callie’s head, and she used it to her advantage. With Shauna’s somewhat candid confession at hand, the police might be tempted to continue their investigation, though Callie’s accusation can be a minor hurdle. Perhaps with the help of Walter Tattersall, they might solve the mystery. But will the citizen detective submit his findings to the police?

What Happened To Shauna’s Baby?

Giving birth in the wilderness with the assistance of a bunch of teenagers is exactly the kind of horror that you would expect. With blood on her hand, Misty was reminded of her best friend, Crystal, and she could not focus on helping Shauna. Not only were the teenagers struggling, but Coach Ben was equally clueless about the entire process. While some focused on helping Shauna give birth, another group decided to pray to the spirit of the wilderness to protect Shauna and the baby. They sacrificed blood and offered whatever little they had to the spirit. Shauna woke up to the cry of her baby. She held her healthy baby boy closely, promising to never leave his side. Shauna initially struggled to feed her baby, but after apologizing to him for her hateful behavior, the baby finally latched on. The bliss that Shauna experienced at that moment was incomparable. Shauna woke up from a nightmare in which she watched her teammates devour her baby. After waking up, she realized that the joy and the trauma that she experienced were all dreams. Her baby died inside her, and she passed out after losing blood. The traumatizing and horrifying reality scarred Shauna for life.

The creators tried to trick the audience in episode 6 by making them believe that Shauna gave birth to a healthy boy. The death of Shauna’s baby was the most obvious prediction, and maybe the creators wanted the audience to believe the outlandish theories for a second. I was surprised and, at the same time, a little disgusted thinking about what the Yellowjackets might have done to the baby, considering the boy was not part of the present. I assumed that the baby was perhaps taken by the darkness, or maybe Lottie offered him to the spirit. One of the possibilities was depicted in the scene where the Yellowjackets devour the baby, to Shauna’s horror. But thankfully, it was all a dream, and the theory that Shauna lost her baby in the wilderness turned out to be true.

Episode 6 of “Yellowjackets” ends with the much-anticipated reunion. Tai, Lottie, Natalie, Misty, and Van were finally reunited after staying out of touch for years. They did not have much going on in their lives, and it only made sense for the writers to bring them all together for the drama. Will they finally face the darkness within them and overcome their trauma? What does the darkness want from the Yellowjackets? Will there be another bloodbath?

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