‘Yoh! Christmas’ Season 2 Predictions: What Can We Expect Next From The Netflix Series?


Since we have already seen the second season of the show that Yoh! Christmas is based on, it is very easy to guess what lies ahead in Thando’s universe. Yet, for the sake of the few differences that we spotted and because of our own hopes of seeing something different, we will try to understand if we can expect something else.

Spoiler Alert

Who was at Thando’s door?

Please remember that we will be discussing spoilers (from I Hate Christmas and Home for Christmas) while trying to predict what happens next. The person at the door is Santa Claus, the one that Thando has been irritated by the whole season. He will have a message from someone, and it will be based on Thando’s favorite movie, Brown Sugar. We haven’t watched the movie, so we don’t know how that will play out, but Thando will believe that Ben sent that message since he is the only other person she knows who has the same love for the movie. This will lead to Thando and Ben being in a relationship. However, maybe something different can happen. Maybe it is Charles at the door, and he has come to confess his love for Thando. Minnie hinted at it when she was talking to Thando previously. But if it is Charles, Thando will not be able to accept it easily since she has only seen him as a friend for the longest time. That may be a completely different journey for her. However, it is also likely that it is Xolani or Motheo at the door. Xolani has been vying for Thando’s attention and forgiveness for a while, so maybe he will use Christmas as a suitable occasion to earn it. Or perhaps Motheo has decided to stay back in the city, for Thando’s sake. It could be any one of the boys. Another possibility is that Santa was sent by one of them, and Ben is not Thando’s natural conclusion. Essentially, Yoh! Christmas season 2 will begin with the presence of romance in Thando’s life.

Will Riri and Bheki be together?

In I Hate Christmas Season 2, Didi and Marco (counterparts of Riri and Bheki) had broken up at the beginning of the second season. It may be the same or different for this couple. Riri is not written the same way as Didi. While the confidence is the same, Riri seems to come with a greater degree of self-awareness. This reading of her character could change in season 2, and that remains to be seen. What we can say is that Riri will be going on her own journey of self-acceptance and learning to be more authentic with time. She may or may not have Bheki with her on this journey. We would say that it would be interesting to see him with her. There is something rather delusional about him, and it is perhaps a defense mechanism. It would be interesting to see how he learns self-love while making his confidence more authentic.

Is Minnie heading for a divorce?

Minnie’s arc is rather different from Margherita’s, so it is hard to say if she will choose reconciliation with her husband the way Margherita did. Maybe she will start dating and find that the market looks very different for her than it does for her sister. Honestly, if self-love is supposed to be the theme of the show, can we see how the journey differs for each individual? For Thando, it was about her work and her friends. For Riri, it was in the freedom of her own choices, and for Mel, it was in appreciation from her family. Therefore, for Minnie, it may be her husband rendering a genuine apology, or it could be being a single mother with a supportive partner who she finds in Yoh! Christmas season 2.

Will Thando’s parents separate?

They don’t separate in the previous shows, but they do go through a period of separation that is uncomfortable for Thando. Yoh! Christmas already has Sam dating around, and Nellie may also step into the field herself in the second season. After all, the minister was still very fond of her, so he may make a comeback in season 2. Or Nellie realizes that she has still got it, and she tries dating different people. Hopefully, she may also try to relax and focus on herself, since she has already spent her entire life taking care of others instead of herself and finds that she likes this life more than her husband. There are a lot of possibilities for Nellie, and we want to see her explore something different from how her counterparts’ stories were written.

Will Thando be with Charles or Ben?

Sadly, we don’t have the definitive answer to this, though we will give the spoiler that Motheo will come back into Thando’s life and he will have very strong feelings for her. Coming back to the choice between Charles and Ben, maybe Yoh! Christmas season 2 will choose to show some of the courtship between Ben and Thando, so that we get a deeper peek into Thando’s personality than just being told what she is like. Also, Charles is not out of Thando’s life. But since he is not around her constantly, she may realize that she feels more deeply for him than just as a friend. We love the trope of meeting childhood friends after a long time and discovering hidden feelings for them. Charles will not be easy to handle, especially because he has slept with Minnie, and that brings a level of awkwardness. Additionally, he chose to move out because he did not want to deal with his growing feelings for Thando. What if, when they meet again, he has gotten over them? That would mess up the timing of their love story. The thing about Thando is that she gets obsessed with what she wants, and the spiral she will go through when trying to pursue Charles will be very icky, in case she is already seeing Ben, is being pursued by him, or is on a break with him.

Yoh! Christmas Season 1 is very close to its source material, and Season 2 is likely to do the same. But we at least hope that the fun will be dialed up, with some unpredictable elements. 

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Divya Malladi
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