‘As The Crow Flies’ Season 3 Recap: Everything That Happened In Final Season


The conflict that we saw in the second season of As the Crow Flies was carried forward into season 3, and in fact, things became even more complicated for everybody on the professional as well as personal front. Lale had opened her own online channel where she connected with people, whereas Asli was happy with the reality program that she was doing with Gul. Yusuf had climbed the ladder of success, and he had become the face of the famous program The Other Side. Another development that happened in Yusuf’s life was that he had started dating Guliz, something he regretted doing later on in the series. So, let’s find out where the lives of all these characters take them and if they are able to resolve the conflicts that exist between them. 

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How did Gul, Muge, and Lale start working together? 

At the beginning of As the Crow Flies season 3, Lale started her own online channel, and she was quite invested in it. She was living with Kenan, whereas Gul and Asli were working together on a reality show. All of a sudden, there was news of a huge conglomerate coming to Turkey and opening a network called RedW. They were hiring all the experienced campaigners, and that’s why Gul and Lale both got offers. Lale was skeptical about it because she liked the freedom that came with working for her own channel. She didn’t have to abide by whatever the sponsors said; she was free to present the truth in front of her people, and she could do everything else, too, as she pleased. But Kenan told her that there was no harm in going and talking to the concerned party and getting to know what they were offering.

Lale went there, and she accepted the offer, though she put in a condition that she wouldn’t be forced to shut down her online channel, which they agreed to in the end. Now, Gul was offered the post of COO, and she was very curious about the fact that who was the CEO of the company since she wanted that position. The company made it feel like the CEO was somebody from a foreign country. But it was not so. Lale, Kenan, and even Gul got the shock of their lives when they realized that it was Muge who was made the CEO of the RedW network. Muge had a lot of vengeance inside her, and she had already made up her mind to give Lale a very hard time. Gul was very sure that all of them were indispensable assets, and for the network to work, they would have to combine their efforts. She didn’t want Lale or Kenan to back out just because Muge had become the CEO. Gul tried her level best to make things easy for everybody, and somehow, even after so many conflicts, they were able to work together. 

What impact did Lale’s leaked video have on her life? 

A girl named Ruhiye Demir spread the rumor on the internet that she had a video at her disposal of the famous anchor Lale and her colleague Emre. Everybody started talking about it on social media, and things became so much worse that even the media houses had no choice but to report on the matter. Emre’s reputation was never that good, but that day, he crossed all boundaries and passed out in his hotel room in front of the female escorts. The female escorts got paranoid, and they called the first number that was there in his call logs. Luckily, Lale picked up the phone, and she rushed to pick him up from the hotel. Emre was given proper treatment, but the problem arose when the press got a whiff of the news and captured Lale coming out of the hotel. During her show, Lale addressed the rumors, but she did so in such an idealistic manner that it all backfired for her. She told her audience that she was not going to defend or give any sort of explanation for that fact, as she didn’t believe that, even if it had happened, it was such a bad thing. She wasn’t married to anybody, and she was an adult, which was why she felt that people didn’t have any right to grill her or question her character. But just because she said that she was not going to give any explanation, the audience believed that she had actually done it. Society shamed her for being a woman of loose character, and Lale decided to leave Turkey forever and settle in Nice with her daughters and Selim. This decision of hers came as a shock to Kenan, and that’s when there was a rift in their relationship. Kenan obviously wanted her to stay back, but Lale knew that what she was doing was best for her children. 

What happened between Asli and Yusuf? 

Yusuf proposed Asli’s name for his show, as he had decided that having two anchors would increase his ratings. Guliz had no clue at the beginning of As the Crow Flies season 2 that Yusuf and Asli had had an affair in the past. Yusuf’s feelings once again came back when he saw Asli in front of his eyes. He resisted his feelings for quite some time, but then, one day, all of a sudden, he gave in to his impulses. Yusuf and Asli made love to each other, and over a period of time, Guliz got a feeling that her boyfriend was seeing somebody. Yusuf tried to hide the fact from Guliz, but eventually, he got too messed up in his head. He just couldn’t tell the truth to Guliz because of the kind of person she was, and that fact was eating him up from within. Guliz fired Yusuf, and he realized that it was probably the best thing, as he was not in the right frame of mind to be doing such a stressful job.

At the end of As the Crow Flies, Guliz gave an offer to Asli: she told Asli that if she was able to find out with whom her boyfriend was having an affair, then she would increase her contract of employment by three years. Asli was in a fix, and she didn’t know how to react to it. To make matters even more complicated, one day, Asli got drunk, and she went to Yusuf’s house. That night, Yusuf told her how much he loved her and that, apart from her, he had never felt that way for anybody. Asli and Yusuf started spending a lot of time together, and they were naive enough to believe that Guliz wouldn’t ever come to know about it. One day, Asli came to the office with her hair tied with the same thread that was on the box of the watch that Guliz had gifted Yusuf. Guliz realized that it was Asli who had gone behind her back and indulged with her boyfriend. Guliz chased Asli’s car, and she nearly crashed into it. Asli told Guliz that Yusuf loved her and she would have to move out of the way. Guliz fainted on the road, and after she woke up, she made it the mission of her life to make Yusuf and Asli repent for what they had done. Guliz’s entire legal team sat together and figured out ways to screw with them. Things became so bad for Asli that she had to ultimately sell off everything and go back to her hometown, as she knew that Guliz wouldn’t let her be a part of the media industry. Yusuf never apologized to Guliz, though he also had to make do with a job that didn’t pay him that much. 

Will Asli and Lale make a comeback? 

In As the Crow Flies, Muge got the job that she had dreamt of her entire life. She was made the host of the show, and she finally took Lale’s position. But she couldn’t deal with the pressure that came with the job and became so miserable that, eventually, she decided to quit. Muge started experiencing hair fall due to an infection or disease. That lowered her confidence and hampered her mental health so much that it became evident to the entire team. I believe life would become better for her because she made peace with herself and also got rid of all the negative feelings that she was harboring within. As for Asli, she went back to her hometown, and she started staying with her family as she realized that she didn’t have much of an option. But knowing the kind of person Asli was, one thing was clear: she wouldn’t have been able to put up with that kind of life, and there would have come a time when everything else would have backfired. Lucky for her, Lale reached her house and told her that she needed to come back as they were both not done yet.

If there is another season of As the Crow Flies, I am quite sure that Lale will find a way to surpass these oppressive moguls and do what she always wanted, i.e., real journalism. Lale was a woman who had a lot of integrity, and she understood the responsibility that a journalist had. She not only wanted to be honest in her approach, but she also wanted to teach the upcoming generation the real meaning of being a journalist and the kind of responsibility that was on their shoulders. I believe that even Yusuf would come back at the helm of affairs, and together with all the powerful ladies, he would have to balance the scales and resolve all the conflicts once and for all. 

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