Brigitte McCann And Damien Marsic: How Did They Expose Rael? Where Are They Now?


In Rael: The Alien Prophet, we saw how the self-proclaimed messiah brainwashed people into believing that the aliens had contacted them, and he got to know that it was not some supernatural power or God behind the creation of life on earth, but the aliens who had created everything. Rael, whose real name was Claude Vorilhon, claimed that he saw a UFO land on the ground in front of his eyes. He had written a book titled “The Book That Tells the Truth,” in which he mentioned his bizarre and absurd theories about how the aliens manipulated DNA and created humans. One would believe that the world would not pay any heed to such a person and consider him a lunatic, but no, that’s where the twist comes in. There were people according to whom the book that tells the truth enlightened them and made them feel that they were not the only people who believed in such things. Now, there are a few things that every fraud godman says or does, and I believe that if you look closely, you will realize they follow the same template. Firstly, they are perverts of the highest order, and they find ways to legitimize their actions. Often, under the pretext of devotion or some bizarre, unsubstantiated theories, they influence young and vulnerable women to get intimate with them. Secondly, in almost every case, they are the only ones who can hear or get in touch with the supernatural powers. In this particular case, Rael said that Elohim constantly communicated with him, and his followers blindly believed in him. The most bizarre claim made by Rael was that he was taken by a UFO and that he met all the prophets that graced the earth with their presence in the past. He said Jesus told him that he was his brother, and he also met the likes of Buddha and the prophet Mohammad. I mean, I don’t understand how the interviewer did not laugh at his face and still talked very seriously to him.

Why did Damien Marsic lose faith?

Damien was an important member of the cult, and he worked very closely with Brigitte Boisselier and was the mind behind whatever happened in Clonaid. Damien was shocked when Brigitte declared in front of the world that they would be able to develop a human clone soon. In Rael: The Alien Prophet, Damien Marsic very clearly said that Clonaid didn’t have the technical know-how about making a human clone, and he quashed all the claims made by Brigitte and called it a big hoax. Damien had been a part of the cult, and there were a lot of things he knew were quite objectionable. He never complained about it, but when the entire clone theory was put in front of the world, and he saw how Brigitte was giving her testimony in the congressional session as well as during the trial, he realized that it was his duty to first keep himself out of their mess and tell the world that the so-called messiah was a fraud.

What did Brigitte McCann find out about Raelsim?

Before Brigitte McCann came to the helm of affairs, Christophe Dechavanne, who hosted a show called Ciel mon Mardi, called out Rael for being a pedophile and a fraud. He had a witness with him too on the show who told the audience how Rael committed adultery and just wanted to find ways to validate and justify his lecherous intentions in front of the whole world. The best thing was that for the longest time, he was able to do that, and nobody raised any objection to it.

Brigitte McCann was a journalist from Quebec, and she infiltrated the cult premises, pretending to be a devotee and somebody who believed in Rael’s theories. There was a screening process where the officials wanted to make sure that there was no undercover agent who wanted to sabotage their agendas, and once they were sure, Brigitte was given the green light. What she saw shocked her beyond any measure. She saw through the real intention of the godman and how he treated women. There were groups that were given specific tasks inside the commune. There was a group called the Pink Feathers, and the women who were a part of it were told to do as the prophet said, i.e., Rael, and get physically intimate with him. The girls willingly did that because they were brainwashed to that extent and believed that they were serving the almighty. Rael took advantage of his position, and he had a great time. From girls to money, he got whatever he wanted even after he gave such theories all the time. A tenth of the salary of each and every person was to be given to the cult, and some percentage of it was kept by the messiah for his personal use. Brigitte saw that Rael lived an opulent life, and he somehow managed to make his followers believe that his intentions were very pure and that he was trying to help them connect with their higher selves and understand the true purpose of their lives on Earth. Brigitte published her report, and after that, the cult’s reputation was tarnished. A lot of people left the commune, and a lot of outsiders requested the government do something about the issue and put him behind bars.

Where are Brigitte McCann and Damien Marsic now?

Damien Marsic studied biotechnology at the University of Alabama, and as of now, he lives in Suzhou, China, and works as the Executive Vice President for a company named Maibo Biotech. Brigitte McCann, on the other hand, went on to write a book about her experiences when she had infiltrated the commune, and it went on to become a bestseller. She was also given many awards for her investigative work. At the end of the documentary, we saw how Brigitte McCann was surprised by the fact that Rael still preached in Japan and that he faced no legal consequences for his actions, even when it was blatantly clear what he was doing in his cult. Brigitte studied journalism at Concordia University, and in 2008, she started working for La Semaine. She continued to do her other freelance work for various prestigious media houses.

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