‘Elite’ Season 7 Ending Explained: Is Raul Dead? Will There Be A Season 8?


Elite is back with yet another season of love, lust, jealousy, and betrayal. Every season usually ends with a murder, and season seven is no different. Students at Las Encinas have always been more interested in grand parties than education, and even with the new batch of students introduced in the previous season, the trend continues. Ivan is still in love with Patrick, and he has a tough time getting used to his absence. The fact that Patrick could have been responsible for the accident made things all the more difficult for Ivan. It was a challenging year for him, considering the two people he loved the most were no longer by his side. Ivan found a friend in a pizza delivery boy, Joel. There was an instant connection between the two, and Ivan decided to pay for Joel to study at Las Encinas. Omar makes a return to Elite this season as Joel’s boyfriend. He was struggling with his mental health after Samuel’s death, but it was Joel and therapy that kept him sane. Meanwhile, the police figured out that Isadora’s parents were involved in the school shooting, and Luis, masquerading as the school’s academic director, tapped Didac’s phone to gather evidence against the Artinian Goldstein family and the Ramos Vico family.

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Did Ivan and Joel end up together?

When Ivan found out that Joel and Omar were together, he agreed to remain friends. Ivan needed someone he could trust, and Joel became his close confidant. Omar was afraid of losing his partner. He was not on board with Joel when he decided to join Las Encinas. The school had taken from him one of the most important people in his life, and he was not ready to lose Joel. He soon realized that he was suffocating Joel by always watching over him. He needed to trust his partner, and it was important to let him fly. Omar accepted an internship opportunity at Las Encinas that involved an app that could be used by students who needed support for their mental health. Sonia offered to help Omar with the app, and over time, the two became good friends. Omar realized that it was him who was holding Joel back. Clearly, there was a connection between him and Ivan, but he was too afraid to leave Omar, especially after finding out what he went through after Samuel’s death. Omar and Joel had been together at their lowest, and Joel thought it would be unfair if he left Omar all of a sudden. It was only after Omar advised him to follow his heart that Joel expressed his true feelings for Ivan. The two made love, but their relationship did not last long.

Omar was visibly in distress after Joel left him, and he felt it was unfair that he was always the one people chose to leave. Ivan realized that it was too soon for him and Joel to be together. The three of them needed time to figure out what they wanted, and until then, they decided to put a pause on their relationship. Once Joel shifted back to Omar’s apartment, the two ended up sharing an intimate moment. Omar became hopeful about their relationship once again, but Joel was not ready to get back together. A part of him thought he was responsible for keeping Omar happy and did everything according to his liking, but at the cost of his happiness. Dalmar helped Joel realize that he had to make his own decision instead of pleasing Omar. It was important for Omar to find his own happiness instead of relying on Joel to make his life better. Joel decided to get back with Ivan since, deep down, he had been looking forward to being with him. But even with Ivan, Joel felt incomplete.

Omar decided to move in with his parents, and the apartment felt emptier than before, to Joel. Moreover, Ivan, too, was traveling to South Africa on an exchange program, and he was afraid of being alone. At the end of Elite season 7, Ivan invited Joel to join him in Cape Town, and as sweet as the deal sounded, Joel was not too sure about his decision. He talked with Omar and Dalmar since they were the only two friends he could rely on. While Omar felt he must travel to Cape Town for love, Dalmar believed that Joel needed to be his own person. All this time, Joel had been shuttling between Ivan and Omar, and for once, he needed to prioritize himself. Joel had packed his bag and was ready to join Ivan, but a voice in his head stopped him from doing so. He realized Dalmar was right after all. He needed to make his life better and focus on himself, and if Ivan was truly in love with him, he would want to be with him after he returned from Cape Town.

What happened to Eric?

In Elite season 7, we are introduced to Nico’s cousin, Eric. The two shared a beautiful bond, and Nico was glad to have him back. Eric was an addict, but Nico’s mother was hopeful that he would change if they provided him with a good life. He joined Las Encinas, and his eyes were on the new student, Chloe. While Eric wanted to develop a meaningful relationship with her, Chloe was not interested. She believed it all came down to sexual favors, and she was brutally honest about the way she felt. Eric used to live at the social center that the authorities were trying to take down. He was caught on camera during the police-occupant conflict, and that was when Maria decided to bring him home. Eric was no longer in touch with his family, and he preferred to keep it that way. Alfonso was not pleased with Maria’s decision; he believed Eric would take Nico down with him, but Maria thought it was their duty to help him. Nico was in awe of Eric, and he always tried to be supportive of him. Eric was not stable, and his mood fluctuated often. When he realized that he was hurting Nico and his family, Eric decided to consult a therapist. The medicines helped to keep his nerves calm, but they did not last long.

After Rocio got into an argument with her mother, she crashed at Nico’s place. Rocio noticed how different Eric seemed after taking the medications, and she expressed her concern. Eric once again felt uncomfortable with himself, and he spent the night drinking alcohol and taking drugs. The next morning, when Eric returned, Nico was extremely heartbroken and disappointed. Even after providing him with the support and love that he needed, Eric went ahead and did what he thought was the best. At the end of Elite season 7, Nico asked Eric to leave their house. Eric was disappointed in himself and decided it was best if he ended his life. He not only harmed himself but also the people around him. He truly cared about Nico, and he could not bear the thought of causing him pain. Before taking his life, Eric reached out to the app. He wanted to confide his truth in someone, and that person happened to be Sonia. Through their conversation, Sonia figured out that the person on the other end was Eric. She informed Nico and his family, and they found Eric in a vulnerable condition. Nico and Eric sorted out their differences, and Nico explained that he would always be there with him, and together they would overcome the tough times.

Why were Martin Artinian Goldstein and Catalina Duran arrested?

Isadora and Didac were madly in love, but they had to stay apart because of their families. The Artinian Goldstein family and the Ramos Vico family were rivals. From the school shooting to blaming Didac for the death of Isadora’s favorite horse, Amazona, Isadora’s family did everything in their power to keep the lovebirds away. But Isa and Didac always found their way back to each other. Isa’s father, Martin, decided to name Isa the owner of their nightclub after the place was shut down by the police. Didac’s brother distributed drugs at the club to destroy their reputation. After seeking advice from High Court judge Catalina Duran, Martin’s only option was to reopen the business under Isadora’s name. Isa was over the moon when she was handed over more responsibilities, but she soon realized that her father was using her. She had signed an eviction notice, trusting her father, only to realize that he had been lying to her. Omar, Joel, and Dalmar lived in the area that was to be cleared out, and they spoke to Didac about it. Isa canceled the eviction, but the decision did not sit well with her parents. Their competitors were trying to buy off the land that their daughter decided to let go of. Roberta tried to speak on behalf of her daughter, but Martin did not care. Isa thought her mother did not believe in her, and she always tried to prove her worth.

Luis was spying on Isa and her family, and he soon figured out that Rocio’s mother, Catalina Duran, was deeply involved in all of Martin’s wrongdoings. Catalina used her foundation to traffic infants, and Martin was using the information to blackmail her. Luis had information, but he needed evidence, and eventually, Didac introduced Isa to the police force. Luis asked for Isa’s help, but she refused to go against her family. Isa confronted her father about all his illegal activities, and she announced that as the new owner of Isadora House, she would approach things differently. She planned to hand back the incriminating documents they had on Catalina. She wanted their business to be fair, and she texted Catalina the location where she intended to hand over the document. But Martin would not let his daughter ruin his plan, and he texted a different location to Catalina. The judge was well aware that she had to abide by Martin’s decision. At the end of Elite season 7, when Catalina reached the terrace with Rocio by her side, three gunmen approached her. Meanwhile, Isa and Martin were seated face-to-face at a restaurant. Martin informed Isa that he had taken care of Catalina since she was no longer useful to their business. He was unaware that Isa was recording him at that moment, and soon, the police arrived to handcuff him. Martin took his daughter for a fool, but clearly, Isa was determined not to follow the path that her parents chose. Isa and Didac decided to go against their family for their love and the values that they believed in.

Why did Chloe and Raul get together?

Sara suffered from immense guilt, knowing that she was responsible for Ivan’s accident. Her relationship with Raul was abusive, but she was too afraid to leave him. Raul was her accomplice, and she was scared of offending him. When Raul proposed to her, she said yes on livestream, fearing that she would dishearten their fans otherwise. Sara realized that she could either stand up to Raul or fight back if he ever dared to hurt her. When she came across Chloe, she realized that she did have an option to get out of the mess easily. After a sex tape scandal, Chloe had an ill reputation at school. Sara expressed her admiration for the headstrong woman that Chloe was, and Chloe was pleasantly surprised. She did not have any girlfriends, and she grabbed the opportunity to bond with a girl. She arrived at Sara’s place only to realize that Sara wanted to use her to get rid of her fiancé. Chloe was shocked when she saw Sara pull out her phone and record her intimate moment with Raul. Chloe felt insulted and humiliated, and she left the room.

Sara later discussed with Chloe how important it was for her to shoot Raul in a questionable position. With the help of a scandal, she intended to show the world how problematic Raul was and how she was right to leave him. Chloe agreed to help her, but the next morning, she was devastated when she came across Sara’s livestream. Sara insulted Chloe and questioned her character. Chloe realized that Sara never had the right intention after all. She wanted to portray herself as the victim, and she used Chloe in the worst possible way. Once Raul realized that he and Chloe were in an equally terrible position, he decided to change the narrative. He conducted a livestream and discussed how his relationship with Sara was on the brink and that he was hopeful about the bond he shared with Chloe. Chloe was extremely lonely, and she was tired of the way people treated her, so Raul was a pleasant addition to her life. Even though she was changing herself to please him, she did not mind as long as she had someone to go back home to.

How Did Raul Die?

Chloe’s relationship with her mother, Carmen, had turned bitter. After finding out that Carmen shared an intimate moment with Ivan even though he was her son, Chloe lost her respect for her mother. She refused to talk to her, and she was not ready to accept her back into her life. Meanwhile, Sara suffered from jealousy whenever she came across Raul and Chloe. She created a fake account to keep a check on them, and Raul soon figured that out. Raul enjoyed making Sara suffer, and it did not take Raul much convincing when Sara invited him to the school washroom. Raul was unaware that Sara had recorded their moment together, and she used it against him when he acknowledged Chloe as his girlfriend.

At the end of season 7, Sara had a word with Carmen. She warned Carmen of Raul, accusing him of being an abuser and a manipulator. Carmen had lost her son, but she refused to watch her daughter suffer. Sara had sent the video of her and Raul to Chloe. When she refused to listen to all the lies Raul had to say, his controlling, abusive nature was exposed. Carmen was at the door asking for Chloe, and Raul instructed Chloe to handle her mother. Chloe pretended to be alright, but Carmen saw through her act. She forcefully entered the house and asked Raul to walk her to the terrace. Carmen instigated Raul, and once again, he lost control of his temper. He choked Carmen, and she somehow managed to get him off. Just when Raul thought everything was under control, Carmen pushed him off the terrace.

In the end, Chloe was asked about Raul’s death, and both the mother and the daughter stated that it was a suicide case. Chloe and Carmen lied about being together when the act was committed, and Carmen assumed that she had gotten away with the crime. We do not know how Chloe feels about the steps her mother took to protect her, and we can expect Sara to not let go of the case as easily. As much as she hated Raul, a part of her could never get over him.

During Elite Season 7’s ending, we find out that Dalmar captured the entire incident on his phone camera while he was delivering pizza. Carmen’s face was clearly visible in the snippet. Elite will return with another season, and this time, Dalmar will have an important role to play, considering the evidence that he is carrying. Ivan is off to Cape Town, and we are left to wonder if he will make an appearance in Netflix’s teen drama, Blood and Water. Can we expect Joel and Omar to get back together in the meantime? Well, we can only find out about it in Elite season 8.

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