‘Indian Police Force’ Season 2 Theories: Will Kabir Be Able To Catch Rafiq?


Indian Police Force left us on a cliffhanger, and though as of now we don’t know if there will be a season 2 or not, I personally think Rohit Shetty is going to come up with another season as the story hasn’t finished yet. I don’t know about others, but I did expect something more out of the show. I know Rohit Shetty makes a particular kind of film, and not a lot of people might resonate with it, but one thing that we cannot deny is that he knows the nerves of the masses. He knows what the majority of the audience would like, and he caters to them unabashedly, even at the cost of going over the top and unrealistic in his approach. Recently, his films have faced significant criticism due to the characters resorting to extrajudicial killing, which is not appreciated by a civic society and should be condemned. But personally, if you ask me, I don’t think we can hold him accountable for that. If we apply the rule of relativity, then there are far worse precedents being set by films of all genres. I am not saying that Shetty’s film set a good precedent, but I don’t believe it has an adverse impact on society either, and if someone is getting validation to do those kinds of things, I think they would do it nonetheless, even if there was no film. So let’s find out if there is a season 2, what would be its probable storyline, and what’s left for Kabir, Tara Shetty, and Jagtap to achieve?

The cliffhanger that Indian Police Force season 1 left us on was that Rafiq was still out there, and the Delhi Special Unit, under the leadership of Tara Shetty, was not able to catch hold of him. He was somewhere in Nepal, and considering the kind of man he was, I believe he would definitely plan a new attack after staying inactive for a few months. Rafiq was a dangerous man, and it was because of him that Zarar and Sikku became who they were. Rafiq had a knack for spotting vulnerable souls when they were young. It was an important task and a lot depended on it in the film and also in the real world. Obviously, people could get brainwashed at any age, but the point is that if you catch hold of them when they are young, you know that you can completely change their thinking and mold them the way you want. Probably, that’s why Rafiq was teaching in the madrasa, as he would have been told to observe each child and take them into his custody if he considered them to be an asset or a potential asset. People like Rafiq search for people who have a void inside them and who have become hollow due to the grief they have experienced. Zarar had gone through a lot, and he was searching for some answers. The answers that he was getting from his home were not enough for him, so he wandered like a lost soul, and unfortunately, he reached the doorstep of a man who was going to spoil his life forever.

I believe that Rafiq, just like Zarar, would find some innocent soul, fill him with hate, and through him, try to achieve whatever the Indian mujahideen ordered him to do. For the Indian police force, it would be a difficult task to track Rafiq down in season 2, as he was not going to commit any mistakes like Shadab did in season 1. Rafiq would be cautious at each and every step, and he would give the Indian authorities a hard time till he was alive. I believe, considering the predictable nature of things in season 1, that Kabir and Jagtap would be able to catch hold of him, but not before he gives them a run for their money. Rafiq was a seasoned campaigner, and he was not going to make it easy for the Delhi special unit. I believe there are other masterminds who are above Rafiq and on whose orders he has been acting up until now. There was a person who Rafiq used to call the principal, and he used to update him on a regular basis. I believed this person would be the one who was pulling the strings, and as of now, Kabir, Tara, and even Jagtap do not have any clue about him. There might be a syndicate functioning from outside the country, and the Delhi special unit might get to know about it in Indian Police Force season 2. We saw in the first season how difficult it was to get permission from the ministry to cross borders and enter Bangladesh, and if this unit of Mujahideens were operating from the Middle East, then it would be quite a task for the authorities to catch them and bring them back.

Kabir, since Vikram passed away, wanted to take revenge on the Mujahideens, and after he caught Zarar, we realized that he was still not done. Jagtap wanted to celebrate, but Kabir told him that unless and until he removed the existence of the terrorist from the face of the earth, he was not going to stop. Kabir would probably be told by the seniors that if the terrorist did not pose any imminent threat to the nation, he should probably let it go. But I don’t think Kabir is going to agree with them, and he has people like Tara and Jagtap around him who are going to support him in his endeavors. It would be interesting to see where Rohit Shetty takes this cop-verse from here on. He needs to find new and authentic conflicts for season 2, and I personally feel that at least it shouldn’t look like a copy of his films. There was a reason why the Indian audience liked something like Sooryavanshi: it was probably the first time they were seeing two worlds collide. Also, the respective films, be it Singham or Simmba, were able to carve a niche for themselves, and seeing them come together was probably fun to watch for the masses. There is no denying that the Indian Police Force was lackluster, and probably in season 2, he would amp up the scales and do something more intriguing and entertaining.

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Sushrut Gopesh
Sushrut Gopesh
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