Matias In ‘Good Morning, Veronica,’ Explained: Is He Dead Or Alive?


Matias Carneiro, who made his first appearance in the second season of Good Morning, Veronica, was a narcissistic godman who believed that he had healing powers that worked in crooked ways. After brutally killing the antagonist of season 1, Claudio Antunes Brandao, Veronica faked her own death so that she could investigate the human trafficking ring without putting her loved ones’ lives at risk. While investigating the racket, she came across Matias, a missionary leader who ran an orphanage through which he took children from impoverished backgrounds under his wings to brainwash them. Matias, through his organization, House of the Saints, would either sell these children on the international market or turn them into loyal servants who would later become a part of the justice system and favor Matias’ cause in any capacity they could. In short, Matias had unlocked a way to become invincible in the eyes of the law, but his days of glory were short-lived.

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What Was Matias Accused Of?

In the second season, Veronica arrived at Matias’ orphanage, looking for a mysterious individual named “The Doum.” As the events unfolded, we found out about another missionary leader named Monsignor Davila, who ran an organization named “Order of Faith,” through which he used to sell the babies of the women in his orphanage. Both Matias and his brother, Claudio, ran from their village of Maranhao and ended up becoming a part of Monsignor’s cult organization. However, like any other criminal leader, Monsignor, too, was arrested by the police for his vicious crimes and put behind bars, where he was poisoned by none other than Matias. As the series mentioned, Matias was an ambitious man who wanted to achieve great things, and after the police shut down the doors of “Order of Faith,” Matias re-established the organization under a new name and did exactly the same thing as his master. The reason why Matias killed Monsignor was that he always wanted to replace the man on the throne, and Monsignor’s arrest was a golden opportunity.

During the mass meetings, Matias would target women who were suffering from life-threatening ailments and, therefore, invite them to his house with the promise to heal them. Inside the closed walls, Matias would intoxicate these women and sexually abuse them, and when his desires were fulfilled, he would let them go, only to choose his next target in another church meeting. Hilda was one of the few victims who tried to speak up about the crimes he had committed against her, but as usual, Matias was let go because he had the entire justice system working for him. From the judge to the defense lawyer, everyone was once a part of Matias’ orphanage and had sworn loyalty towards him, and it was how the missionary was able to evade law and order every time.

Matias not only continued the legacy of his master but also followed his ideals. Throughout his lifetime, Monsignor believed in the superiority of his blood and maintained the purity of his bloodline, as it was the only way to transfer his “gifts” to his successors. Matias had the same belief, which was why he married his own daughter, Gisele, and, through her, brought up a daughter named Angela, whom he considered to be pure blood. But that wasn’t the end of Matias’ delusions. He wanted to marry Angela so as to make his blood purer, or maybe Matias was just a disturbed individual who lost his way while blindly following the order of the faith.

How did Matias get arrested?

Throughout Season 2, Veronica infiltrated a number of locations, including Matias’ house and his office, to find incriminating evidence against him and finally found out about five girls whom Matias was sending to an international human trafficker, Pablo Albacete, aka Tenor, who also made an appearance at the end of Season 3. However, even though Veronica had caught Matias’ associates red-handed, the missionary put the entire blame on Olga Ribeiro, the director of his orphanage, and got away with his crimes. At this point, Veronica needed a solid witness who could testify against Matias in a court of law, and in the end, it happened to be his two daughters, who were subjected to sexual abuse at the hands of their father. Angela and her mother, Gisele, came forward and decided to become state witnesses, which led to Matias’ arrest, but even though he committed such a grave crime, he was only put under house arrest at the end of Season 2. However, falling prey to his nature, Matias approached Angela in Season 3 in order to convince her to change her deposition before the final trial in court. But Angela refused to hear a word and called the police, after which Matias was finally put behind bars.

What led to Matias’ death?

In season 3, Jeronimo Soares kidnapped Angela and her lover Carol and brought them to his horse farm with the intention of selling them in the international market, but as soon as Matias found out about his daughter’s abduction, he quickly planned his escape from the prison and ended up at Jeronimo’s farm looking for his daughter. It could be argued that Jeronimo staged the entire thing in order to lure Matias into his den, where he could slay the monster without any suspicion. Or maybe Jeronimo didn’t intend to do it and just wanted to make Matias suffer, but the missionary leader was one step ahead of him. He knew that Jeronimo loved his mother, Diana, a bit too much, and therefore, he slept with her in order to heal her womb. But at the back of his head, Jeronimo always knew that Matias was a fake messiah, as he didn’t share his father’s blood and, therefore, had been fooling people throughout his life. Matias’ act of getting intimate with Diana was the final nail in his coffin, after which Jeronimo killed him on his horse farm and made him disappear overnight. It was the end of Matias, and with him went his missionary group, the House of the Saints. 

Even though Matias died at the end of Season 3, the numerous children that he had put into the legal system were still a part of it. Matias’ death might create a power vacuum that might be filled by one of his orphans or disciples, and therefore, Veronica, at the end of the series, started a rebellion group with the victims of the human trafficking ring to track down these orphans and kill them one by one so as to cleanse the system from within. It is confirmed that we are not going to get another season of Good Morning, Veronica, but maybe the creators shot a closing scene to keep the possibilities open for a spin-off or another series set in the same universe.

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