‘Moving’ Episode 10 Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Does Young Jun Meet Minki?


Moving is as whack as it can get, and we are loving it. It makes sense that we are getting to know the love stories of Bongseok and Huisoo’s parents. They are certainly more interesting than these two teenagers’ puppy love. The chemistry between Han Hyo Joo and Jo In Sung was outstanding, and we also loved the banter between Ryu Seong Ryeong and his soon-to-be wife. Why aren’t their stories full-fledged K-dramas? We would pay good money to watch that, provided that these were the very actors playing those roles. Episode 10 of Moving is primarily about Ju Won and his descent into depression, hopefully with a way out that is going to be his wife. The timeline of it alternates from here to there, but we may get more clarity on that in episode 11. Until then, here is the recap of Moving Episode 10.

Spoiler Alert

Juwon’s Time As A Gangster

It is unclear to us whether Juwon, and by extension, Huisoo, feel pain or not. Juwon’s Boss said that he didn’t, but was that his assumption or a fact, considering how willing Juwon has always been to get hurt for his sake? We believe that pain exists for these two, but knowing their healing abilities is what gives them the courage to overcome it. After all, fear enhances the pain, and knowing that you won’t feel it for more than a few seconds has to make you stronger and braver. That is what Juwon does, and he is formidable. After all, not everyone agrees to cut open their stomach to show someone their gallbladder. This literal interpretation of the villain’s threat was a way of turning the tables on him and getting him to sign over the nightclub to Juwon’s Boss. Juwon says that he always used the shortest way to do anything, and that is why he made a career out of a show of his strength. Getting hurt and healing, again and again, was easy for him, but he was also a very naive man, so naive that we don’t understand if the series was actually trying to paint him as being right or just simple.

Juwon had always been ready to fight hell and high water for his Boss, and ever since they had been willing to take Ulsan, he had been even more dedicated. But when Boss joined hands with the villain, in front of whom Juwon had made the spectacle of cutting his stomach, Juwon is furious, as it is now a matter of his pride since it was his action that had gotten them the deal that they wanted. But Boss is adamant that he wants to go ahead with this collaboration, and he says some very hurtful things to Juwon, specifically calling him a “monster”. Juwon doesn’t show it, but he is a bit sensitive to that term, and it coming from the person he risked himself for, so many times—hit in a way that would be difficult to heal.

We suppose this is where he started getting phased out of his organization. Work wasn’t coming his way, and his teammate, Minki, got promoted over him even though it was Juwon who did the worst tasks. According to Juwon, he never worked for money but for the other members and for some sense of pride and security. He was supposed to help the Boss take over Ulsan by fighting it out with other gangs. But the Boss joining hands with them felt like an unnecessary show of subservience, especially since a lot of their gang members had been killed by the villain’s gang. We agree with the Boss when he says that there is nothing wrong with money being a motivating factor. Juwon comes across as being a bit headstrong here, and unreasonably so, because his conversation suggests that he has no future plan and is just going to live life in a show of strength. He is called into another meeting where the villain gives him the ultimatum to acknowledge him as his Boss, but Juwon refuses to do that, and that is where things go south.

Why does Young Jun meet Minki?

Juwon had a price to pay, but it is safe to say that he was not the only person responsible for it. When Minki organizes a dinner with him and the Boss so that they can come to a truce, the food is laced with a sedative. The Boss nods off, but Juwon wakes up because of his healing powers. However, the real shocker for him is that he has been tied to the seat of the car and cannot escape as the villain and his gang get ready to push him to the bottom of the sea. Juwon begs to let his Boss go as he was the only resistant force, but that is when the villain reveals that it was the Boss who had approached him with a truce, and the people of Juwon’s gang dying was a result of the boss’ actions. The person by whom Juwon had stood this whole time was the one who was constantly letting him down.

At the end of episode 10 of Moving, Juwon manages to free himself from the car, and when he gets out, he kills the gang members except for Minki. But Minki still gets a split cheek for his betrayal. We presume that six months later, when Juwon is fighting his depression alone in a motel room, Minki meets Min Young Jun, who has tracked him down due to his interest in Juwon. He wants the man for his powers and whatever operation he is running, and it won’t be long before he finds Juwon.

As for Juwon, he is living hand to mouth by extorting money from drivers after deliberately getting in their way and staging a hit-and-run. It is during this time that he meets Hwang Ji Hee, the coffee delivery woman and the one who will soon be his wife. She seems to like him as much as he likes her, though both of them are hardened people who will do a little dance before they say anything to the other person. One time, when Juwon gets lost while trying to find his way back, he breaks down in tears as it reminds him of the time he was trying to get out of the water. Back then, a fish or the vision of one had helped him, and right now, Ji Hee is there for him.

Final Thoughts

It was a good episode, and we are surprised that Moving is not being talked about more. The storyline and release schedule are still better than what we have seen with a lot of other current dramas, so that alone should get it a few points. Moving Episode 11 will also be about Juwon, but we want things to hurry up and tell us what happened to Mi Hyun and Doo Sik.

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