‘Moving’ Episode 11 Recap & Ending, Explained: How Does Juwon Join The Secret Agency?


We absolutely cannot believe that we missed this connection in episodes 8 and 9 of Moving, that Bongseok and Huisoo’s parents already knew each other. Doo Sik’s partner was Juwon, and he and Mihyun had a few wars of words regarding who was more senior. This is the reunion we are looking forward to more than Mihyun and Doosik’s. Regardless, episode 11 of Moving was a long, action-packed episode with some romance, much like the novels that Juwon likes so much. The characters are all turning out to be show stealers, be it Mihyun, Doo Sik, Juwon, or Jihee, and the actors who play their children can only hope to catch up to their brilliance. The expectation is undeniable since the bulk of the story is definitely going to be about Bongseok and Huisoo, and their “parents” have raised the bar in a certain way that we don’t want to go back from. Either way, let us look at the recap of Moving episode 11.

 Spoiler Alert

Juwon And Jihee’s Love Story

We feel that Juwon doesn’t realize it, but he is living his best life. Unemployed, making easy money with his powers, and spending all day reading books and watching television is what most employed people dream about. He should be counting his blessings, but life is never that simple, and this man has suffered trauma. Luckily, he meets Jihee, and there is a silver lining bright enough for him to see. We once read an essay, the title of which we cannot remember, but it described in detail the fun and beauty of the way a man loves, and Juwon’s actions remind us of that. He not only cleaned his room and trimmed his beard but also had three cups of coffee before Jihee showed up with the fourth cup. We wonder whether his body heals insomnia as well or if he just doesn’t care because he is unemployed anyway. We are not throwing shade; in fact, we are envious.

Moving on, it doesn’t look like Juwon and Jihee have much in common, but she certainly enjoys talking to him. However, when he suggests that he wants a ticket only to talk to her more, she is immediately put off by the idea. Maybe she doesn’t want to become his emotional armrest. It looks like she has gone through something like this before. But when her boss tells her that she is the only person that Juwon spent all that time with, she starts believing in him a little bit more. Both of them spend more and more time together, and he ends up using all of his money on getting coffee from her, so much so that he has no money to pay rent. Whenever he calls the coffee shop, they know to only send Jihee if it is his order. The bosses of this show, be it Young Jun or the coffee shop owner, are really invested in their employees’ love lives and are actually making winning matches. They make the Moving universe worth being in.

While Juwon is enjoying what we are sure is his first love, Minki is scouring the country looking for him. His cheek had been sliced some four months ago, and he is burning for revenge. Ever since he met Young Jun, he has also had more incentive to look for the “monster”. Now that we have used that word, we are reminded of just why Korean dramas are experts at love. They have a way with words, and Jihee saying that Hulk was a monster, but a good guy is what makes Juwon sure that he can pursue things with her. She did not deny his doubts or negate the taunts he had faced his entire life, but she just told him that they did not have to be taken in a negative context. Jihee probably did not know what she was doing at that time, but a man was far deeper in love with her than she realized. But the moment she recognized her own feelings was not far away.

How Does Juwon Join The Secret Agency?

In Moving episode 10, one of the residents of the hotel tried to take some favors from Jihee, but she turned him down. In Moving episode 11, he once again tried to do the same, and Jihee found herself in a very dangerous situation, but thankfully, Juwon saved her at the right time, revealing his strength and power. We are not quite sure whether Jihee registered those, but she would do so again not long after. The men who had attacked her were part of Minki’s gang, and they brought down about 100 members, all for the sake of pushing Juwon into a corner and possibly killing him. This was according to Young Jun’s instructions. We don’t think he wanted him dead, but he wanted Juwon to commit to a brutal display of his strength so that his humanity could be erased and he would be rendered a monster, a weapon.

Juwon is fighting these men and trying to escape from them as he is clearly outnumbered, and thankfully, Jihee shows up on her bike to rescue him. When he called for her at the coffee shop that day, he discovered that her name was Jihee. When Jihee came back from the hospital, it was with a new confidence in him and an awareness of the feelings she had. That is why, when one of her friends told her that he was probably in danger, she took her scooter and set off, finding him just in time. He doesn’t want to risk her life, but she insists on taking him along, announcing to the others that she is his girlfriend, so that he would have to get on her scooter. It is a good thing that she came, or he would have been meandering through the lanes forever with his terrible sense of direction. As they are escaping, they are not able to go far since a car crashes into them. Juwon protects Jihee, though she ends up passing out. An angry Juwon attacks the car, but no matter how strong he is or how fast he heals, there are some things that are still stronger, and Juwon is injured and trapped under a car. Minki is excited since he has Juwon where he wants him, but before he can pull the trigger, someone else does it from the sky. Doo Sik saved Juwon, and they both got a good look at each other.

Jihee is in the hospital, and she has no idea where Juwon is. But she is firmly in love and is ready to wait for him. Thankfully, it is not for long, and six months later, he walks into the coffee shop once again. He has also become a part of the secret agency and teamed up with Doo Sik. The latter was a humanist who had saved a romanticist, and years later, their children were going to be in love. Some relationships are meant to be.

Final Thoughts

We don’t want these storylines from the past to end. But there is still one more left, that of Kang Hoon. Maybe his parents also have a wondrous story that will add to Doo Sik and Juwon’s to create whatever disaster we are about to witness. A few more secrets are decidedly left to unfold, and we need a better read on Young Jun, who has established his menacing presence but has not answered exactly what makes him a villain. The next few episodes may bring us that part of the story.

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