‘Parish’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Gracian Kill Horse?


In the previous episode of Parish, we saw how Gracian, with his life at risk, saved Horse without having even an ounce of clue that the men who came to kill Horse were from Anton’s gang. Anton was equally shocked when he learned that it was Gracian who had saved Horse’s life, considering that the man had decided to lead a life without any hassles. So, let’s find out what Anton does and if he actually decides to kill Horse to save his family.

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What happened between Gracian and Anton?

In a flashback sequence, we saw that Gracian, 7 years ago, had decided that he wouldn’t be a part of the underworld and would rather focus on his family. Gracian’s wife and daughter had no clue what the man had done in the past, and he wanted to keep it that way. Gracin didn’t know that, once again, life would bring him to a crossroads, and he would be forced to do something for the safety of his family. In the previous episodes, we saw that Anton’s men attacked Horse, and Gracian had no clue that both men knew each other. Basically, Horse used to provide labor to Anton, and over a period of time, the latter felt that he was trying to betray him with the sole motive of taking his position and having the same authority that he enjoyed. Now Anton had given clear orders to his men, and he told them that he wanted Horse dead at all costs.

But Gracian came as a surprise package, and even Anton was shocked, as the man had earlier taken a vow not to indulge in the business. Anton reached Gracian’s house, and he told him that he would have to kill Horse for him if he wanted his family to survive. Gracian had no option, and so at that point in Parish Episode 4, he went to Horse’s house. I don’t think that Gracian would have ever killed Horse, but at that moment, he just didn’t know how he should deal with the situation. Gracian was in a fix, and he was just done dealing with everything. Gracian made up his mind that he was going to solve the issue once and for all, as he didn’t want his family to bear the repercussions of his past life. Gracian was in a freefall, and for the first time, he had no plans whatsoever. He had decided that he was going to improvise when it was needed and that he would make sure that his family was safe and sound. 

What did Zenzo do to Colin?

Gracian had no clue that Zenzo and Horse had already come to know that there was a tracker put on Horse’s car on the day Gracian drove him. Obviously, Greece’s allegiance was put into question, and Zenzo tried to prove to his brother that he was trusting a traitor. Horse obviously respected Gracian, and he also knew that if he had been there on the day of the shooting, he wouldn’t have been able to come out of there alive. Luke, Horse’s son, loved Gracian, and even Horse saw the kind of affection the old man had for the little boy. Horse wanted to treat Gracian in a better manner, and during the conversation, he stopped Zenzo many times when he felt that he was disrespecting the old man. But the reality was that a tracker had been found, and even Horse wanted to know who was behind it. The man from Anton’s gang, who had been captured by Gracian, was interrogated and tortured by Zenzo. He told Zenzo that Colin had been feeding them information for a very long time and that he was betraying everybody. Zenzo asked Gracian to call Colin over, as he wanted to know the truth. Gracian told them how they could trust a man from the enemy’s side, but Zenzo was in no mood to listen to him. Gracian gave a phone call to Colin, and he asked him to come to Horse’s mansion. 

Colin denied that he had anything to do with Anton. Things got a bit heated up when Zenzo lost his temper and almost killed Colin with his machete. That’s when Horse intervened, as he wanted to deal with the situation and come to a better conclusion. Zenzo was obviously a very insecure man, and he felt really jealous when his brother gave him the same importance he gave to Gracian. Zenzo didn’t like it when Horse asked Gracian to drive him, but he couldn’t do anything as that was what his brother wanted. Gracian, time and again, explained to Shamiso and even Zenzo that he had no plans of replacing them, and he was quite content with not having to do anything with the Tongai family. Horse understood the dynamics, and that was why he, at times, intervened and asked his hot-headed brother to step back. 

Did Gracian kill Horse? 

At the end of Parish episode 4, Horse asked Zenzo and others to leave him, Colin, and Gracian alone, as he felt that he would be able to deal with them in a better manner. Gracian pretended to be angry at Colin, and he asked him in front of Horse why he had betrayed his trust. Colin also played along, and he told Gracian to not force him to say things that would spoil everybody’s cause. Gracian told Horse that he was going to kill Colin with his own hands because he was done dealing with people coming and trying to destroy the life that he had created for himself. Gracian took the machete in his hand, and then all of a sudden, he turned towards Horse and put the blade on his neck. Gracian didn’t hurt his Horse, but he told him that he was done being the passenger in his own life. He told him that he wouldn’t give anyone the power to govern his life and that he would have to sort out the issues he had with Anton on his own. Meanwhile, at Gracian’s home, Rose killed Anton’s men, and she went and hid with Michaela. Gracian came back to his house, and the way he dealt with the situation made Horse think about a lot of things.

In Parish Episode 4’s ending, Horse went to meet Anton, and he told him that if he wanted to kill him, he should stop beating around the bush and do the needful. It was a surprising move, even for Anton, and I believe it would change a lot of things from hereon. In the subsequent episodes, we would get to know if Anton’s and Horse’s relationship improves and if Gracian is able to return to his normal life and leave the ghost of his past behind. 

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