Shows Like ‘The Uncanny Counter’ To Watch After Season 2 Finale


The premise of The Uncanny Counter was that some people in hideous red tracksuits, which were later changed to a slightly better black version, fight ghosts. People have loved this show for the comedy, for the characters, and for the amazing action. If this was a show or a genre that you loved, here are some more recommendations for you now that season 2 of it has come to an end.

1. Bring it on, Ghost

It is fitting that this drama is the first recommendation since it is one of the breakout dramas of Ok Taecyeon, and the OG audiences of the Hallyu wave would be aware of this. In this drama, a ghost and a ghost hunter fall in love while hunting other, more powerful ghosts. There are enough sweet moments with some captivating action, and for those who were left dissatisfied that So Mun and Ha Na’s ship did not sail, they will be left very happy with Ok Taecyeon and Kim So Hyun. There is a newer, Thai version of this series as well, titled Let’s Fight Ghost, and some people might enjoy that more.

2. A Korean Odyssey

There is something so recommendable about this drama. The love story at the center, the banter between the characters, or how they all end up fighting ghosts and evil spirits themselves, is very captivating. It is the female lead of the drama who can see ghosts, and the male lead is a god of sorts, and he helps her because he is unwillingly in love with her. That wasn’t a comment on feelings but an actual plot that will have you laughing and crying in equal measure. It is a beautiful drama, and we often wonder why it isn’t talked about more. A side note: while Lee Seung Gi may be the protagonist, it is Cha Seung Won who ends up stealing the show. For those who have watched A Korean Odyssey, they can never forget just how iconic he is.

3. The Alchemy of Souls

Despite the emergence of nostalgia for 2016 dramas, we cannot oversee the breakout hits of Korean drama land that have come out more recently. The cinematography of this show is excellent, and the story will have you wanting for more, enough that there are two seasons of it. The love story, or triangle, as you wish to see it, is truly magical and is one of the finer examples of good writing that has stayed consistent over a long time. We don’t say this often, but it was one show that left us in two minds with the decision to make a second season instead of ending it on a high note with The Alchemy of Souls season 1. However, the story is made all the richer by that decision, which is what has placed this so high on our list right now.

4. Sweet Home

There is no sweetness or comedy in this show, but if you want to see ghosts, spirits, or evil beings not just gently summoned but brutally murdered and eliminated, this is a show to watch. After all, evil shouldn’t always have a lawful end, such as being sent to an afterlife prison, the way it is in The Uncanny Counter. Sweet Home brings the slashing and the blowing up to them just as much as it does to the trapped humans. We believe it is also one of the first times Go Min Si and Lee Do Hyun have worked together, even though they played the roles of siblings before becoming a beloved lead couple in Youth of May

5. The Sound of Magic

We have mixed feelings about this drama. In fact, we might even say that it is better to read the manga it is based on than watch the series. However, if you love good cinematography and want to see Ji Chang Wook be his ever-charming self, there is nothing better than this drama right here. It is debatable whether there is any real magic in The Sound of Magic, but the demons to be fought were the troubles of a child in a difficult situation and how a magician, Annara Sumannara-ed them away. Whatever opinion you may form, let this drama be on your list.

6. Tale of the Nine Tailed

This is yet another drama where humans and supernaturals team up to fight the bad side of their worlds. Tale of the Nine Tailed is heavy on comedy, unlike a lot of the other recommendations on this list, and that is mostly because of Lee Yeon and his half-brother, Lee Rang’s interactions. They are what has made this drama so iconic. In fact, we would go as far as to say that the second season is skippable because they changed Lee Rang’s personality in it. This drama is a must-watch, if only for the sake of keeping up with the times.

7. Lockwood and Co.

When it comes to the genre of ghost hunting, it is unfair to limit ourselves to Korean dramas and films. In Lockwood and Co., the entire world is out fighting the evil ghosts, and the absolutely careful world-building of the show, with a proper look at how ugly yet stylish a place can be (London), is sort of addictive. Additionally, even bad stories are made good if the actors are charming, and there couldn’t have been anyone better than Cameron Chapman to play the flawed yet mysterious Anthony Lockwood. He is the uncontested star, no matter how powerful the others were, and we only look forward to a second season because of him.

8. Wednesday

This show quite literally took the world by storm when it was released. Supernatural beings fighting other more supernatural beings, with a lot of human and magical tools available and dark humor that is a little too literal, was a recipe for success despite having a generic base. Wednesday is very easy entertainment, and it is a look at the hierarchy of good and evil within the world of the supernatural itself. What probably made this show so unique is that the “good magical people” were not deemed so because of their concern for humans. They were just seeking to live their lives in peace and quiet, and that made them nice. It is a distinction we respect more as we grow older, and Wednesday was born an old soul.

The Uncanny Counter season 2 was fun, and so are these shows, so you should give them a try.

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Divya Malladi
Divya Malladi
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