‘Silo’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Juliette Being Watched?


Douglas Trumbull had been found guilty of murdering Mayor Ruth and Deputy Marnes in the previous episode of Silo, but Juliette was not satisfied, and she still believed that there was something more and that things were not as simple as they seemed. In Silo Episode 6, Juliette went to Douglas’s house to get some evidence that could tell her more about his intentions because it just didn’t make sense that a man would want to kill the mayor and deputy Sheriff all of a sudden, knowing that he would be caught eventually and wouldn’t be spared. Juliette had a gut feeling that Douglas had not acted on his own accord and was being commanded by somebody higher up the food chain. To her surprise, she found the same relic at Douglas’ house that she knew was in the possession of Wilkins, and before his death, he had left it for her. Juliette didn’t know how it had come there, or maybe she did know about it and just pretended that she was as surprised as anybody else. Also, the relic was so rare that nobody knew what it was used for. It looked like a toy, but Juliette knew that there was some significance to it, and that is why she decided to keep it with her and not hand it over to the Judicial.

According to the Pact, keeping a relic beyond 12 hours was considered a serious crime. Juliette went to meet Judge Meadows to get permission to conduct a relics investigation. One thing became very evident: though Judge Meadows was the chief of the judicial division, it was Sims who was running the show, and Meadows did exactly as he told her to. Also, we noticed in Silo Episode 6 that Judge Meadows was not feeling very well, and we don’t know if Sims had some role to play in it. Obviously, Sims knew that after Meadows, he would be made head of the judicial division, or at least, that is what he believed at that point in time. Just to hasten the process and sit on the chair, he might have done something that he shouldn’t have. Sims allowed Juliette to investigate the matter and asked her to take Paul Billings with her.

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Why Did Juliette Want To Resign From Her Post?

Juliette had learned the tricks of the trade and realized that if she tried to play by the book, then people would take advantage of her and never let her find the truth. In Silo episode 6, we learned that the relic that was found in Trumbell’s house was planted by Juliette, and she had made sure that Paul found it so that nobody could blame her later. Juliette knew that if a relics investigation was sanctioned by the Judicial, she would be able to find out more about Wilkins’ death. Paul had felt betrayed as she had thrown him under the bus even after he had gone to such an extent to prove his loyalty. Paul told her that the reason Holston and Marnes worked so well was because they trusted each other. He felt bad that Juliette didn’t even think once before telling Sims and Bernard that it was Paul who had found the relic, even when she knew that he had a family to support and that if anything happened to him, nobody would look out for them. Juliette argued that Paul kept talking about doing things in accordance with the rules and regulations mentioned in the Pact, but he himself hadn’t told anybody that he was suffering from a disease referred to as the syndrome. A person suffering from the syndrome had to inform the authorities and was probably kept under supervision in a quarantine zone. Paul was scared of what the authorities might do if they got to know about his condition, and moreover, he didn’t want to be separated from his family.

Juliette had become a bit disheartened at the end of Episode 6, as she somewhere believed that whatever Regina was saying was not entirely false. She didn’t feel like finding out who murdered Wilkins after the seeds of doubt were sown inside her subconscious, and she started feeling that maybe Wilkins was just using her as he had other women in his life. Juliette called Martha, and she told her that she was done being the Sheriff as she had started feeling that she never belonged there as nobody wanted her there in the first place. She had thought that Martha would be happy to hear that, but on the contrary, she judged Juliette’s choices and didn’t want her to come back before finishing what she had started. Martha told her that she didn’t care what kind of man Wilkins was, but she knew that Juliette’s love was pure enough that it had pushed her to do the right thing even when she knew there would be a lot of challenges and obstacles in her way. Juliette was up for the challenge because she wanted justice to prevail, but now it seemed like her entire belief system had changed. Juliette was just tired and confused, and she didn’t know what to do or who to trust. She had started entertaining the fact that maybe she would never be able to know the truth, and eventually, she would have to make peace with it. But after talking to Martha, she did realize that she couldn’t just run away from the battlefield, even when that was what she felt like doing. 

Why Did Regina Give Wilkins’ Name To The Judicial?

Juliette wanted to contact some relic dealers, and she knew that Kenndy might know a few. She was aware that no one would give her the name of a dealer easily, but she knew that Kennedy was indebted to her and that she would be able to compel him to help her cause. Kennedy gave her the name of a woman named Regina Jackson, and Juliette reached her house to interrogate her and ask her if she knew anything about the relics. Regina saw the watch in Juliette’s hand, and she told her that it belonged to her boyfriend. Juliette was a bit startled, as Wilkins never talked about his past life, and she had no clue that a relic dealer was his girlfriend. Regina said that she had become a dealer for Wilkins, and now she didn’t have any relics in her possession. Regina told Juliette that she had a big family, so it was easier to justify the purchases and pretend as if there was no malafide intention behind them. Also, one very surprising thing that she revealed about Wilkins was that he was a selfish man, and he only ever dated a person when he knew that she could help his cause. Regina said that he used people, and once his agenda was fulfilled and he knew that the woman wouldn’t be able to help him any further, he moved on to the next person.

The Wilkins that Juliette knew about was nothing like that, and that is why Regina’s words confused her. The thought that Regina must be lying came to Juliette’s mind, but she was speaking with so much conviction that it was creating doubts in Juliette’s mind. Juliette met Regina once again, and that’s when she got to know that she was petrified of an unknown man who used to come to her place in the night and threatened to kill her family if she didn’t give him the information. She said that he knew whatever was happening in the lives of the people living in Silo. This unknown man kept a watch on the residents, and nothing was hidden from him. Regina told Juliette that in exchange for the hard disc, Wilkins had given her something that the Judicial probably didn’t even know existed. It was a travel guide for kids, and the book had all sorts of images, from the lush green forests to the deep blue sea. Juliette was mesmerized, as she was born years after the great rebellion, and she didn’t have any clue what the planet Earth was like before or how the flora and fauna were back then.

Is Juliette Being Watched Through CCTV Cameras?

The ending of Silo Episode 6 made us privy to yet another revelation, as we got to know that Juliette was being watched by someone through a CCTV camera. Up until now, there was no evidence of any sort of recording device being present inside the Silo. The residents didn’t know that anything of that sort could happen also, and we had seen in the earlier episodes how Juliette and Martha were astonished and confused after they found a camcorder. One thing that was ascertained in Silo Episode 6 was that there was a bigger conspiracy at play. We already got to know about the unknown man who used to threaten Regina, and it could be possible that the same person was violating the privacy of the individuals. Whenever any regime goes to such lengths and violates the right to privacy of the people, you know that they are scared of something, and in this case, it could be the threat of a rebellion.

Maybe this man wouldn’t have wanted the people to know the truth and, additionally, would have had a role to play in the deaths of Mayor Ruth and Marnes. We can assume that he was definitely scared of people knowing what lay outside the Silo. There were certain anomalies that nobody could explain, and that is why we suspect that apart from the cameras installed throughout the Silo, there were many other secrets that the residents were unaware of. Juliette had no clue till the end of this episode that she was being watched, but we believe that sooner or later, she would get to know that truth. Till now, she thought that once she entered her living quarters, she would be safe and secure, but it doesn’t seem like it now. Also, all her attention was focused on the Judicial up until now, but Regina’s testimony would bring about a change in her perceptions. Regina had told her that Judicial asked the easy questions, the obvious ones, but this man’s motives seemed quite dangerous.

Silo Episode 6 left us on a cliffhanger, and Juliette realized that she was still miles away from the truth. She was getting to know things about the outside world, and in addition to that, she now had to find out who this mysterious man was who was keeping tabs on all the people irrespective of who they were and what they did. We think that Juliette would take Martha’s advice, and in the episodes to come, we will see her carrying on with the investigation and bringing the real identity of this perpetrator to light.

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