‘Tulsa King’ Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained – Did Dwight Get His Money Back From The Macadam Gang?


In the fourth episode of “Tulsa King,” we saw that Dwight not only tried to expand his territories and find new ventures for earning money, but he also made a constant effort to get back on good terms with his family. The world might see Dwight as a hardened criminal, but people who were close to him knew that he had a lot of affection and love for his family. He had not been there for 25 years, and his family blamed him for that. They had learned to live without him, and now they didn’t have any place for him in their lives. Apart from his botched up personal life, Dwight was also well aware that he had competitors in the area whom he had to outrun to keep his business flourishing. It felt like Dwight might have underestimated the rival groups and what they were capable of. So, let’s see what Dwight is able to accomplish in this episode of “Tulsa King.”

Spoilers Ahead

Dwight Attempts To Reconnect With His Family

Dwight finally went to confront Armand, a.k.a. Manny, and ask him the name of the person who had hired him. Manny was already mortified by merely looking at Dwight, and he told him truthfully that he had tried to kill Dwight of his own accord. Manny told him that he had presumed that Dwight had come to Tulsa to kill him, and that is why he was just trying to protect him and his family. Soon, Manny and Dwight both realized that it was one big confusion. Manny told Dwight that a guy named Tico Tavares had plotted to kill him in prison years ago. Dwight was shocked to learn that Pete Invernizz was the one who had orchestrated the whole thing. Pete had thought that eventually, Dwight would go against him, and to avoid that situation, he had decided to kill him. Dwight survived somehow, and Pete, Chickie, and the whole mafia family were surprised to see that a man could be as loyal as Dwight. Maybe that is why they had their guards up when Dwight came to meet them after he was released from the prison. Maybe they would have presumed, just like Manny, that Dwight was coming to take revenge on them. But after meeting Dwight, they realized that the man knew nothing about the betrayal that they had committed. Dwight now knew who to trust, and he commanded Manny to work for him like in the old days. Manny’s wife, Clara, didn’t know anything about her husband’s past, and she just couldn’t process what Manny told her. Clara started looking for a place outside of Tulsa, and Manny told her that he would move out of the city if that was what made her feel safe. Though Manny was reassuring his wife, deep down, he knew that there was no escape.

Dwight got to know from his sister, Joanna, that their brother, Joe, was suffering from lymphoma. We had seen in the earlier episodes of “Tulsa King” that he had tried to get back on speaking terms with his daughter, and now he was trying to ask for forgiveness from his sister. People in his life had a lot of complaints about him not being there when they needed him. He hadn’t been there for 25 long years, and people had moved on with their lives. Dwight had become inconsequential for them, and he felt helpless about the whole situation. That is why, when Dwight met Tyson’s father, Mark, he understood why he was unhappy with his son. Mark had imagined his son doing a white-collar job and earning his livelihood in a respectful manner. Instead, Tyson decided to join a mobster and started seeing his future in the mafia world. Dwight himself had asked Tyson time and again to complete his studies and not get involved in the dirty business. But Tyson had made up his mind, and neither Mark nor Dwight could do much about it.

‘Tulsa King’ Episode 4: Ending Explained – Did Dwight Get His Money Back From The Macadam Biker Gang?

In the fourth episode of “Tulsa King,” we saw that Dwight had procured a few nitrous oxide cylinders from Mitch and had asked Bodhi, Fred, Clint, and Tyson to sell the same at the music festival. Coalan Waltrip’s gang members arrived at the festival and asked Tyson and Bodhi to stop selling gas in their area. Tyson shooed them off, and they went directly to their boss to inform him about the developments. Rochelle “Roxy” Harrington, who had become the right-hand of Waltrip, bashed the gang members for coming back without doing anything and blamed them for setting up a bad precedent. Waltrip sent his trusted men to teach Dwight’s men a lesson, though, till that point, he had no clue for whom Tyson and Bodhi were working. The Macadam gang members came and ruthlessly thrashed Bodhi, Tyson, and others. Dwight got to know about it, and he gathered as many people as he could and decided to attack the place from where the Macadam gang used to operate. Mark, Tyson’s father, also voluntarily joined their group, as firstly, he wanted to teach the people who had beaten his kid a lesson, and secondly, he wanted Tyson to open his eyes and see for himself what he was signing onto. Dwight’s group went and took their revenge. They took all their money, which they earned by selling the balloons, and also made a statement through their actions that they were not going to get scared and leave the battlefield so easily.

After the fight, every body came back to Mitch’s bar to have a drink. Mark while leaving told his son to make a wise choice about the kind of life he wanted to choose for himself. Stacey Beale had been trying all sorts of things to get over Dwight. She met a guy named Colton in a bar and shared an intimate moment with him. When that guy left her house, Stacey realized that even after the hookup she didn’t feel any better. Stacey realized that the void inside her was much bigger than she had imagined. The time she had spent with Dwight had impacted her way too much. No matter how much she tried she couldn’t get over the ex-felon. 

What Should We Expect From ‘Tulsa King’ Episode 5?

In the mid-credit scenes of “Tulsa King,” we see that Dwight goes to his brother’s funeral, where he meets all the members of his family. His daughter still held a lot of grudges, and she had become accustomed to leading her life without him. It really pinched Dwight to see how she hated him, but more than that he repented for not being there for her when she needed him the most. The Macadam gang will surely not leave the matter just like that and will want to retaliate with full force. Waltrip was a history sheeter who had been accused of a triple homicide, though all the charges against him were eventually quashed. The man was dreaded throughout Tulsa, and nobody liked messing up with him. Knowingly or unknowingly, Dwight had entered a Hyena’s territory and now there was no going back. Dwight always referred to Tyson, Bodhi, and others as his children. He felt that it was his duty to protect them at all costs. In the upcoming episodes, we will definitely see a gang war in Tulsa, and it will be interesting to see how Dwight deals with the situation and ensures the safety of his people.

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