‘Moving’ Episode 13 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Juwon Leave The Secret Agency?


When we got an insight into Jang Juwon in Moving Episode 10 and Episode 11, we did not notice the part of him that wanted adventure. We had assumed that he was just a simple man who was struggling with depression after being betrayed by the people he trusted the most. But Moving Episode 13 introduced us to a whole new side of him, one that craved danger and excitement and a desire to put his abilities to their utmost use. Unlike Kim Doosik in Episode 12, Juwon was not happy with a quiet family life, and this episode’s recap is about how his priorities changed over time.

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Did Juwon Start Working With Yongjun Again?

For all of his life, Juwon had quite literally gone where the wind had taken him, but he had no complaints because he had always enjoyed his work, and that is something he grew keenly aware of only now, when he had to sit behind a desk constantly. He was already married to Jihee, and he wanted to keep this job so that he could provide for his family, but a part of him could not stop missing the excitement and anticipation he used to feel when he went on his missions with Doosik. When he has to renew a housing contract as a civil servant, Juwon’s new life really hits him hard with the fact that every day is going to be like this. Meanwhile, Jihee is trying to be there for him through it all, but even she can sense his dissatisfaction.

At Juwon’s workplace, while his co-workers are nice enough, they can sense that he might not be cut out for the job. But again, it is a desk job, and what does it even mean to be born to do it? After Juwon’s colleague gives him the cold shoulder for not knowing how to work something on a computer, Juwon is a bit annoyed at having to do all of his work again. That is when he sees that Yongjun has come to meet him, and he wants Juwon to go on a mission. Someone from North Korea is causing trouble, and he needs Juwon to join the armed forces on that mission and help out in whatever way he can. Juwon is excited about this and agrees. Jihee is a little scared about him going, but she knows that her husband has been craving work like this for a long time, so she chooses to wait for him.

In the army, there are rumors about Juwon’s credentials from the ANSP, but everyone has been instructed not to inquire about his identity. This is when one of the most mysterious characters in Moving, the man with the prominent ear hair, Jo Raehyuk, joins them on their mission. He was also a part of ANSP, but since 20 years, his rank has not changed. He claims that he has no powers, though we know that isn’t true. However, he reveals that he can track people like nobody else can. That makes sense since he was able to locate Kim Doosik and even Mihyun after they had done everything in their power to cover their bases.

Raehyuk helps the armed team track down the person they are looking for, but he only tells Juwon that the person likely has some powers. North Korea has been training people similar to the way South Korea has, and it is high time we got a complete look at this conspiracy instead of just glimpses of it. Rauhyuk suggests that he let the team be in danger first so that Juwon can swoop in as the hero. As expected, Juwon is furious at this thinking, and he goes to rescue the members regardless. He finds that the rocks in the mountains are falling on the soldiers, and someone up there is causing this destruction. Juwon manages to reach up there and stop him, but the boy slips away, vowing to take revenge in the future.

So far, Juwon has been looking for his daily hit of adrenaline through his job, but this is the first time that he has realized how politics revolve around other people’s thirst for adventure. When he was part of a gang, he could right away categorize them as good or evil. Next, when he was working with Doosik, the latter was a good man who looked out for Juwon. But right now, even though Raehyuk and Min Yongjun were the supposed good guys, their way of working was based on the philosophy that the ends justify the means, and Juwon was having trouble accepting it. Nevertheless, he continued working with the agency.

Why Does Juwon Leave The Secret Agency?

Jihee had always tried to be a supportive wife, but in the process, she had neglected to share her own troubles with Juwon. Jihee wanted to be a mother, but she kept herself from expressing this wish of hers to Juwon. After years of disappointment, she finally opened up to him. Since Juwon was struggling at his job, he used to spend a lot of time in his office, which is why she organized barbecue nights so that he would come home on time, at least once in a while.

But when Juwon starts his new job and responsibilities, he gets even more distant from her. Finally, Jihee reveals to him that she has been trying to get pregnant for a long time. She had not told Juwon this because she had blamed herself and her past lifestyle for not getting pregnant so far. Upon hearing this, Juwon finally realizes how much his wife has been needing him this whole time. It takes him only a second to make the decision to be with her in whatever way she needs, and for however long she needs. It is now his turn to support her. Jihee gets pregnant, and Huisoo is born. A few years pass with them spending their lives as a happy family, until one-day Juwon gets the news that his wife and child have been in an accident. Huisoo is all alright, but Jihee has passed away.

At the end of Moving episode 13, it is a really heartbreaking scene as Juwon gets ready, through his tears, to fulfill his responsibilities as head of the household so that he can start giving Huisoo a happy life. This is perhaps the point where he puts his agency life behind him and starts to go on the run to protect his daughter and give her a good life.

Final Thoughts

Next week will likely bring us back to the present timeline with Bongseok and Huisoo. After all, we would need at least seven episodes (the leftovers) to resolve the conflicts that started in the past. Moving has been a great show, and we are at that point where things need to happen in the present day instead of just letting us know the secrets of the past. Hopefully, we will get that now.

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