‘Wolf Pack’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained: Is Connor Dead Or Alive?


To be honest, there isn’t much to say about Episode 2 of “Wolf Pack.” Episode 1 was about the teenagers understanding their new identities, whereas Episode 2 was just the aftermath of their previous day with “non-werewolfy” people. Blake is not as annoying as we found her in the previous episode, but Harlan has started giving off future-villain vibes. Our suspicion about Everett’s parents being anti-mental health has found some more solid ground, and overall, it just looks like the wolf pack might be bigger than what we had previously anticipated. Let us take a look at everything that happens in “Wolf Pack” Episode 2.

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens After The Teenagers Discover Each Other’s Identities?

Picking up from “Wolf Pack” Episode 1, Blake starts running from the group, saying that she has to get to her brother. The others run after her, that is, until they find their way obstructed by the rangers and the fire brigade, who send them back on their way. In the car, Luna wants to ask Everett and Blake some questions, but Harlan doesn’t trust them. Nevertheless, Luna asks them why they ran into the woods, and Everett tells them that he heard a howl. He also tries to show them his bite mark, but it is already healed. This confirms something for the twins, though they say nothing further. When they drop Everett off at his house, his parents are waiting for him. Everett’s dad cautions his wife to keep a check on her temper, which she tries to do but ends up slapping her son anyway. They decide to talk about it the next day, realizing that she has taken it too far. As for Blake, she receives a message on the motel’s phone telling her that she is not safe. Meanwhile, the twins are warned by Prisha to stay safe, and she reassures them that efforts to find their father are going on, keeping the variable conditions in mind.

Both Everett and Blake have nightmares, with the latter hearing a voice in his sleep that something must kill him before the next full moon. Well, the day of the full moon arrives anyway, Everett’s mother tells him that they should move past the slap. Seeing the way Everett acts makes us think that it is a bit of a regular occurrence that he has grown desensitized to. His mother asks him to speak with the investigation officers downstairs, whose line of questioning makes it clear that Everett is a suspect, especially after he disappeared from the hospital the previous night. Later, he goes to study with his friend Connor and finds that even he was bitten. Everett asks to see his wound, but seeing the marks still there, he figures that it must not be a werewolf that got him. Nevertheless, he asks Connor to tell him what the doctor says and if he receives any weird phone calls.

Back in the motel, Blake hears her dad’s conversation on the phone and realizes that since they missed the payments, they don’t have insurance anymore and are pretty much homeless. Not knowing what to do, she tries to test whether she still has the ability to run fast, as she discovered last night. Turns out, she is not able to but finds the police at the end of her run, waiting to ask her some questions. She is visited by Everett later, and he asks her if she is feeling anything as well. It is the night of the full moon, and we believe it enhances the drives and abilities of the werewolves, as we see Harlan struggling in the gym to stop himself from thinking about his “distractions.”

‘Wolf Pack’ Episode 2: Ending Explained: Is Connor Dead Or Alive?

We saw that while Harlan was struggling with himself, Luna had hallucinations of being stalked by the werewolf. We don’t think it happens to them every full moon. Something was changing this time around. Either way, they get a message that their father has been found, and they rush to his side. As for Connor, when he goes to the hospital, the injection given by the doctor sends him into a frenzy of pain. He is given sedatives, but what should have knocked him unconscious just doesn’t work. While he is resting, he gets the dreaded phone call that urges him to find a safe space, telling him that he is in danger from the doctors. But that turns on him because when he tries to run and protect himself, he has to break his cast to escape from the fence. While in pain, he sees the werewolf, and we believe it would be safe to assume that Connor is dead.

Everett and Blake arrived at the hospital after getting a panicked phone call from Connor. But all they find is his broken cast. Inspector Kirsten, who has already taken Blake in for some questioning, finds Everett with the cast and asks him to come with her.

What Should We Expect From ‘Wolf Pack’ Episode 3?

Everett and Blake will be taken in for questioning, and it is evident that these two are the strongest suspects in the case of arson. Harlan and Luna are in the same hospital, and they might get involved. It is also the night of the full moon, so it is highly likely that the werewolf might wreak havoc without any care for discovery. Now that Garrett has been found, he might take some steps to protect his children. We would like to see some more of the backstory of the twins revealed and parts of the myth as well. “Wolf Pack” episodes have been good so far, and we hope they keep up the consistency and pace.

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